German Fetish Ball Weekend

German Fetish Ball Weekend Germany’s largest international fe**sh ball is the highlight of an extended weekend. Impressum: http://www.german-fe** Veranstaltet von der

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Due to popular demand, the FE**SH CRUISE on River Spree will be back!

Thursday, May 30th 15:30-17:30 departing from Eastside Gallery / Mercedes Benz Arena Pier.

Limited to 90 fe**sh people! Tickets will be available soon and must be purchased in advance, since we don't want to leave anyone behind, when booked out.

This will also be the official group photo op (participation not required). So come and join the fun!


Tickets for the German Fe**sh Ball are now on sale:



Anyone up for an Xklusiv FE**OM weekend at a German castle or palace?
Please let us know!



Since we are currently flooded by emails, here is a short update on the GFB 2019.

1. Tickets
Tickets will be on sale soon! We have all prices for all events and calculated the number of Full-Weekend-Tickets available according to venue capacities. We are currently designing the tickets and as soon as they are ready for print, we open the online sale.

(If we would start right now, we just trade in the ‚When and where can I buy tickets‘ mails into ‚When will my purchased ticket being shipped‘).

2. Fashion Shows
We have so many requests from designers who would like to do a fashion show, it is a hard struggle to find the right line-up. They are all lovely and we wished we could have the chance to show all of them. But expect the line-up fo be announced the next days.

3. Models
Of course we will need models for all the fashion shows. As in the past it is up to the designers to select their models. As soon as the designers are choosen, we are sure they start acquiring models for their show.

Thank you for a little bit more patience.

Your Xklusiv Team

Be a featured guest of the German Fe**sh Ball Weekend 2018The GFB is a community event and we care about all of you out ...
German Fe**sh Ball 2018

Be a featured guest of the German Fe**sh Ball Weekend 2018

The GFB is a community event and we care about all of you out there! You are all fe**sh stars, no matter if models, designers, vendors, dominatrixes, fans, guests, etc. and you make this GFB Weekends so special.

So this year we created something new, a GUESTS page. Here you can be featured to show the world that you are attending. It is the equivalent to the models page. It will feature a picture you send us and links to your website / facebook / instagram.

We hope you like the idea and from this second on, you can find it here:

Das German Fe**sh Ball Wochenende ist Europas größtes Fetisch- und B**M Wochenende und lockt eine Vielzahl an Gäste aus aller Welt. An 5 Tagen erwarten Euch eine Vielzahl von Veranstaltungen und ein abwechslungsreiches Programm.




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