Queerdos Queer performance Ensemble working with spoken word theatre and live music with/for Berlin’s LGBTQI + community. Focused on creating a reliable platform for creatives whilst exploring the boundaries of social activism through art

Alice Danger

Our neext poet, talent and Queerdo is.... Mat S Alice Danger!! Alice Danger is Berlin's renegade high fem lovechild, they perform to answer questions they can't quite formulate. Alien spawn, queer hooker, inexpert masochist, they are here to make you uncomfortable - and they will succeed. They've performed here and there, written some poems, helped on some porn shoots. But if you remember them, it's probably from a darkroom. (They run @Whore Moans, an event in support of street-based sex workers.)

Sit back and enjoy our fire and flame ALICE DANGER!

Love & Action,

🔥„We do what we need to do to keep the shame alive. Work out guilt into an oroubouros ribbon, what I’m allowed to do versus what I’m not. What they don’t know is that I’m allowed to do everything. Cold late morning light: I let G. with the Moschino bathing suit stick her tongue down my throat, like a serpent swallower. I don’t want to explain. Debase it. Writhe, high, look at the angels battle it out in cobalt.

Do a line off the Woman on the Edge of Time. Sobriety requires something like inherent goodness. Nod when my roommate talks about how much better I’m doing. Fantasize about opening the backdoor and letting the dogs run away. Running away with them, or kick one of them in the head, just to see blood. It doesn’t count as evil if I don’t do any of it. The shame is just for me, a treat. Once I had a dream about two brothers killing dogs. I remember waking up with raw nerves and the sensation of stroking greasy hair.

‘I’ve had clinical depression since I was 12.’ Also a lie, somewhat. I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I got the diagnosis. I don’t even remember getting the diagnosis. I just started saying that. Maybe I never got a diagnosis. Maybe the old man telling me how unladylike my depressed thoughts were was also a fantasy. If I’m patient and dedicated, I can keep undoing my reality, deconstruct it thread by thread, until there’s nothing left. Then I would be empty. I could fill myself with all my favorite stories, stories that fit me, my personality—new lies. ‘We all have struggles. Guess what.’

Everyone is doing something to cope. Those who say they aren’t are lying. The ones who don’t do drugs get drunk and sway around the bar, hitting on people who don’t want to be hit on. Or they smoke joints in fishnets on the leather couches. They watch, trying not to watch. Some images sting. They scroll Instagram, letting their mind wander until the boredom settles. But the world is like a needle, with all its memories and triggers. It’s trying to sting you. The only way to not get stung is a) to lie about everything, and never open up, or b) to deaden yourself. You can recognize the people who do b). They look like the very sensitive carcasses of trees.

We do what we need to do. I watch people lie down on my carpet, feeling for the heat that comes from the ground. It never ceases to amaze them. I lucked out. Scrape the plant off the wall to appease the landlord. T. tells me to be careful not to kill the plant. I was taught this plant was a weed, and I admired it for that, for its tenacity and annoyingness. When are you going to organize a housewarming? It’s true, I meant to do that. I don’t want to go through my room judging which pictures I should take down, which artifacts are too precious to be left out. I wish I didn’t have this instinct of protection. The first time I saw a house get trashed I thought there was something beautiful in it. But it wasn’t my house. I wish I didn’t assume that my friends will drink and get f**ked up, knock everything over and leave me to clean up. But they will.

Now that I have friends, I want to forsake them all and get new ones, ones that fit the better me. I could tell myself this story in a nicer language: the language of levels and moving on, of letting go, of release. I have no pity for my deluded past self. Not out of cruelty, but I know that self-pity leads to complacency. I’m always fighting against an immanent paralysis. Take the dying plant up into the kitchen. Replace the bouquet on the table after lunch. I struggle to maintain order. The calm it incites in me is directly proportional to my urge to transform into chaos once again. R. pushes the bathroom door open and sits on the closed toilet. They touch two fingers to the edge of the bathtub I’m soaking in. I’m a bringer of chaos, they say.

When everyone’s done eating, undress the table. I put everything back in its rightful place, basil leaves & seeds swept, dissolved oil traveling up through the soapy water, damp scraps like colored clay... When all the guests are gone, the table is sponged, chairs racked up under the wooden table, peel back the skin of an orange. Inhale the sizzling, fruity mist. always dreamed of being a good housewife to my inner demon, that blood-guzzling child. I live by contrasts: oil and water, salt and skin, slices of greens and living things, oozing cuts of flesh.“ 🔥

Debi Vaught-Thelin

So happy to introduce our next Queerdo: Debi Vaught-Thelin! Debi is a translator by trade and has rarely in her life kept a “normal” schedule. Being a night owl means breakfast after the work and parties are done, followed by falling into bed and hoping the sun isn’t bright enough to ruin her sleep.
You got an idea? Let’s sit down and see how far we can take it!

Enjoy Debi’s video and see you soon!

Love & Action,

Pee Poem - Pussy Ranz

Let’s welcome on stage our newest Queerdo: Pussy Ranz!!! Pussy is a queer clusterf**k of things, originally from the United States, fortunate enough to get to call Berlin their home. As the newest member of Queerdos, they hope to entertain, to learn, to make a scene. To disrupt and find a new. To use their voices in combination with other voices and amplification to the max. To properly be improper and upright flithy. Does that smell right with you?

Release the pain, release the pee!

Love & Action,

💦 „I am in my bladder, between the outside and the S-Bahn at Köllnische Heide.

I have to pee.
So I’ll pee outside, and then I can go home.
Pee, and then home.
It’s pretty simple.
I’ll go pee behind this car.
Oh. That car just drove away
****Breathy eeeeehhh eeeeeehhhh****

Okay. Let’s go over here.
Here I can find a place to pee!

What if I just pee on those people.
We’re 70% water, but 95% pee.
There is so much space over here.
Over where?
Over nothing.
Oh.OH.oh.Oh.oh.oh.oh. No.
There is a furniture store.
Remember when you were too lazy to go to the bathroom so you comfortably took a big dump on your living rug?
Ah sts. Ah sts.
How did Mom ever sell that rug?
Those were the days

Why are people outside?
During the day!
None of them have to pee.
Why don’t they have to pee.
And if they could they would, they would just pee.
They could just pee,
They would just pee all over me and they wouldn’t even know it!

Oh J. Oh W. Oh P.
I’m at Köllnische Heide.
No one ever goes to Köllnische Heideeeeeeee
Ee. EE.

You know. There is a second of this that feels kind of good.
Like if Theodora were to step on me with their boot.

I can pee on the stair, right?


Oh but look here I go, walking up the stairs.
Maybe the train will come and I can actually Peeeee

Five minutes. I can wait five minutes.
I’ve only pee’d through my panties. Isabel will never


I can hide this. If I can hide being a trans vegan at BBQ

Lip trill
Lip trill

Why did I never try tap dancing?
It would be great for the Christmas time.

Ah. The train. Trains move fast
Will some go and f**k my bladder.
Please just someone f**k my bladder already.

I can’t sit down.
Even though every seat is open,
I can’t sit down.
They will know,
That I’ve
So I’ll stand on the—
Ee oh HAAAA*** firey breath
Does Satan have a bladder?

A pause

The train stops.
A lady asks me what is going on,
And I realize that I’m the one who is causing this pain.
That only reason I am in so much pain is because I keep holding it in.
I can stop this pain.
I shouldn’t have that much pee left, I’ve already released a lot, and, and

Where are we?


It’s more than a little left.

Liters of pee soak my pants all the way to my shoes right in front of this lady.

And I was so relieved.” 💦


And here we GO! Our next Queerdo is Jenny Browne. Jenny is a British/German queer writer/performer/student. Her writing intimately addresses the queer body, sex(uality) and mental health. She sometimes does stuff with radio, voiceovers, journalism and erotic apps. Post-Corona, she’ll continue developing creative workshops with Queerdos, aiming to build a platform for marginalised queer communities across Europe.

Enjoy the video, enjoy the words!

Love & Action,

✨“ i am carving myself from old knowledge with new tools
i’m in the thunder trying not to shake
eight years old dodging spears and snakes
before i learnt to stand on hind legs
to mark my territory
it hung sour on my tongue like licked stamps
i was swallowing apologies

where do i come from?
how does it haunt me?

how many times have i been told to bury it?
to normalise
it’s a phase
a lifetime untangling from the way i was raised
voices trimmed and made to measure
bulldozing affection

i learned to be small
a shell

so now i must be quick to unlearn
untangle the strangle that shackles me
from my homegrown british soil and history

i will fight
having been born into battle
shield my eyes from sun
my flesh from intruders

i’ve swatted away wasps and arrows for a third of a lifetime
so why is this my time to be stung?

i will sting back
i will learn to sidestep words of cruelty
run the length of your downwards gaze and not be afraid

do i look afraid ?

i will spit on you from up high
knock you out with exhausted sighs
line up an audience to watch me rise
for there a million ways to be loud with silence
directions in which to point your aggression
your violence

i will not feel small when the storm comes
i will not be put back on a shelf alphabetically
i will get to where i need to be
unapologetically“ ✨

Testosterone: Week 20. - HP Loveshaft

Ahhhh! We are more than excited to be back for you guys! As our dearest and newest member of our collective HP Loveshaft said, we will provide you the upcoming days with little videos of us sharing our diaries, texts and poems. Stay tuned!

Love & Action,

✨„ I slide into the train, nearly colliding with a group of revelers. One is dressed as Beetlejuice, with vivid violet eyeshadow, a bald wig & mouth sores.

After catching my breath, I plop down & compliment Beetlejuice. Faux pas to talk to strangers on the tube, but she seems delighted & asks where I'm from. Emboldened by my success, a drunk man across the aisle leans over a seat to chat up her friend, a loud redhead with bright smudged lipstick.

Our awkward friendly chat is interrupted by Red's obvious discomfort. She calls the man dull & asks him to please f**k off. I slide into the seat between them.

For a moment, it works. Red adds a few parting insults before turning her attention back to her friends. The scorned drunk starts insulting Red to me but I insist we charge the topic. He's trying to engage, but I'm laughing Beetlejuice's joke.

The wounded ego can't take it & in a fraternal whisper, he calls the women vapid. My patience snaps & I turn, looking him in the face as I call him a misogynist. He reels as though slapped.

Unfortunately, this turns attention back to him. Red gets up to give him a piece of her mind while the third companion, a round girl with long dark hair & shimmering eyeshadow, quietly takes pictures.

Red sits but the man lurches forward, getting into the photographer's space as though about to kiss her. I leap up, sliding between them, pushing him backward with my bulk. I fail to make him leave but something magical happens: a quiet pink-faced man joins us.

He stands in front of the drunk, the two of us forming a wall between him & the gals. For the rest of the ride, he tells the man off, trying to get him to go, challenging his victim blaming. A dark skinned man quietly joins in, still sitting but softly encouraging the drunk to stop harassing women, calling out rape culture.

Red has exited in a flurry of profanity, but the remaining pair are still en route. Yet another man has joined us, de-escalating the situation. At my stop, everyone moves to another car. I wave goodbye, my heart warmed by both gender euphoria & the feminist praxis of a group of strange men.“ ✨




This situation is an opportunity to stand in solidarity to ALL s*x workers, many of whom have lost their principal source of income in this crisis. Brothels have been closed in Germany citing public health grounds, another event to make "legal" prostitution more precarious than ever - not to mention a potential lockdown.

Now is the time to act. If you have a stable income, are able to work from home, or have enough personal wealth to stay afloat, please consider donating to one of those community charities:

This is a fund for all nightlife workers (including strippers), many of whom are precarious and will lose their income during this time. (also in collaboration with Berlin Strippers Collective)

This fund is organized by Karada House, whose head Caritia led a beautiful workshop at the last Whore Moans. This is in addition to Queer & Womxn Relief for Covid 19 (https://karada-house.de/2020/03/12/queer-relief-for-corvid-19/), which organises a network of assistance.

100% of the proceeds are donated will be distributed to people in need (in the case of the nightlife fund, allocated by a rotating panel of members from the signatories).



In addition, if you're in a difficult situation and you are a s*x worker, here are some resources (please don't hesitate to message me with more):

⚠️ The beautiful Sadie Lune is giving small grants to individual SWs, with a priority for "folx w no health insurance, immune compromised-chronic ill- disabled, trans, POC, queer, parents-caretakers and workers 40 and over".

You can also apply to both funds linked above to be a recipient:

⚠️ Berlin Collective Action: Nightlife Emergency Fund

Stay strong, wash your hands, stay inside if you can, and don't hesitate to reach out for support! Now is the time to stand for each other ✨👄

Tomorrow we go live with ALICE DANGER and Queerdos Violence on United We Talk

Tomorrow we go live with ALICE DANGER and Queerdos Violence on United We Talk

Lyra Pramuk - Fountain - HVALREKI17LP

Put your paws together for the life-giving musician Lyra Pramuk and clench your thirst by listening/downloading her debut EP Fountain.

Lyra Pramuk’s debut Fountain explores a post-human, non-binary understanding of life Lyra Pramuk fuses classical training, pop sensibilities, performance practices and contemporary club culture in what may best be described as futurist folk music. While the American operatically-trained vocalist a...

TDOV “People think they know trans people because they follow a trans person on Instagram, But what I’m trying to do wit...


“People think they know trans people because they follow a trans person on Instagram, But what I’m trying to do with my art is not just sort of say, ‘Trans people deserve rights,’ but, rather, ‘Trans people are emotionally complex, confused, loving, hating, depressed, wonderful, exquisite, boring.’ ” Alok Vaid-Menon -performance artist, writer, poet

Queerantine day#14Today we celebrate The Transgender Day of VisibilityMore than Organs           by Kay Ulanday Barett A...

Queerantine day#14

Today we celebrate The Transgender Day of Visibility

More than Organs
by Kay Ulanday Barett

A person is more than organs, more than skin cell flecks
on bedsheets when your whole Monday is fading
away, out of breath.

The average person breathes seven hundred million breaths in a lifetime, but what happens when each one might taste of blades, of pills. Between havoc and delirium, an inhale can carve you out when you are all alone. I sometimes think I am beyond statistics and that life is the trapdoor.

I think I collect knotted rust from bridges in my feet.
I bet warped twine is on a search party somewhere
just waiting to keep me together.

What do you say to limbs when they are good friends with scalpels? When you feel your insides grate through chemicals like a marathon with no winner? When the only metal comes from you, hours of bleeding creatures you have no names for, how do you answer those texts messages that ask How are you doing?

It’s the salt, the stained smell of iron, the sea of your body is
a wave that makes it impossible to stand. The body is a letter
folded backwards, all strange angles and confessions
bleeding through the surface, making no sense. Like this, I am something
that feels like it’ll always be there but
manages to get lost somehow.

If I told you that my life is basically cloud cover, between shade and safe haven,
between starling and storm, you’d get why each cough is the split broken back
of a palm tree, why my own palms

hold out to the air and
say hello,
say I missed you,
say please stay with me here


Transgender Day Of Visibility - 31st of March
is a day to show your support for the trans community. It aims to bring awareness to the accomplishments of trans people around the globe while fighting cissexism and transphobia by spreading knowledge of the trans community. Unlike Transgender Day of Remembrance, this is not a day for mourning. In essence, this is a day of empowerment and getting the recognition we deserve!


Frankfurter Allee 91



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Our Story

QUEERDOS is a transdisciplinary performative ensemble focusing on initiating discourses and dialogues in the frame of an LGBTQI+ narrative. By engaging in theatrical work using mainly spoken word with various artists belonging to queer minorities in Berlin and other cities where queer politics are often ignored or looked down upon, we hope to promote acceptance and understanding on a larger scale; to utilize its great potential for impact.

Challenging gender binaries (male/female) and exposing the social coercion at the base of the performative nature of identity is already a political act, but Queerdos aims at transcending beyond, through daring performances that mirror social or political misconduct, thus becoming an incentive towards proactive attitudes. Subjects such as abuse, trans and homophobia, racism, and xenophobia are very often addressed in our performances. We are aiming towards creating a platform for free speech and artistic expression in the queer community, emphasising tolerance, integration and awareness in/of our ever growing environment. Spoken word as a performance lightens up the sometimes hard-to-digest political contexts through the usage of elements (singing, dancing, spoken word, stand-up comedy etc) which can reach a mixed audience.

Queerdos aims at bringing the community of what society deems as ‘misfits’ together in a safe space for expression and learning.

QUEERDOS has a fixed cast and crew:

Performers: Alice Danger/Mr. Manic/Nicky Miller/Jenny Browne

Sound/stage/artwork design: Andrei Raicu/Luqua Bertini/León Allez

Artistic director: Cat Jugravu

Veranstaltungen/Veranstaltungsorte in der Nähe

Andere Bühne und Veranstaltungsort in Berlin

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WHAT A RALLY! last saturday we demonstrated in front of the polish institution and we are more than thankful for all those who showed up against poland declaring LGBT freezones! poland, you can’t sit with us! -love and solidarity
Hey Queerdos 💖 I'm organising a party this Friday - workshops and screenings, and party until the morning ✨🌸💋 all proceeds go to trans sex workers 👄 https://www.facebook.com/events/670277836782578/?ti=as
Spoken word artists ? Please pm