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First Look Palmarès
@NOTRE DAME by Valérie Donzelli
Die fruchtbaren Jahre sind vorbei by Natascha Beller #Locarno72 #LocarnoPro #PdPUBS #CrazyMidnight #LocarnoFilmFestival

First Look Palmarès NOTRE DAME by Valérie Donzelli DIE FRUCHTBAREN JAHRE SIND VORBEI by Natascha Beller #Locarno72 #LocarnoPro #PdPUBS #CrazyMidnight



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PAR, Performing Arts Review, Taiwan, November 2008, Edition Nr. 191 Great accomplishments by a multi-talented artist regarding international exchange − Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith This May I participated in a multimedia dance performance entitled, “Time Flies”, a collaborative effort with German and Japanese artists. Before our performance, we had the pleasure of attending a telecast of The Collegium - Forum and Television Program on the Open Channel Berlin. I was quite impressed by Donald Muldrow Griffith, The Collegium’s producer, director and narrator, who shared a stunning biography and list of accomplishments. I trust through this article, the readers in Taiwan and elsewhere, will be afforded the opportunity to familiarize themselves with and appreciate this great artist, who has a profound influence on international culture. Prof. Griffith was born in Chicago. His father was a psychologist, his mother a classical pianist. He grew up in a middle class, well educated family which afforded he and his sisters loving support, an excellent education and protection. As a result of his family experience, he developed into a positive, active and competent person. Donald Muldrow Griffith majored in psychology and education through his University training. After graduation, he entered the professions as a group therapist and teacher. He was also a probation officer. During his work as a therapist, teacher and probation officer, he began his studies in voice, acting and dance. After many years training and performances in Chicago, the experiences enhanced his abilities as a performance artist. Subsequently, he performed in many musicals and theatre productions for instance "Pippin", "Stop the World I want to get off", "Contributions", “Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadows" and he was awarded the most promising New Off Broadway actor award. He was also a soloist with the Rondo Dance Theatre and a member of the Fred Benjamin Dance Company. Donald Muldrow Griffith also served as a manager for the famous artist Oscar Brown Jr. With his handsome and tall appearance, he also became a favorite in the fashion and model industry. In time, he participated in a growing number of film and television productions, which expanded his performing skills and hence his career. He was also a narrator for international organizations, such as airline and automobile companies. In addition, he staged fashion shows for world famous fashion lines at many important locations such as Lincoln Center. As a result of his multiple professional abilities, Donald Muldrow Griffith became involved in many professional fields. In addition to his open minded character, he was very successful both in art and commercial fields. Although his career has reached high levels, he continues to explore creative directions in order to enhance his artistic possibilities. He accepted an invitation from Theater of the West in Berlin and arrived in Germany as guest artist for performing and choreography. In Berlin he established the company entitled Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre together with Ricky Powell, Linda Curry, a German colleague Detlef Bäcker and the very famous ballerina Gayle McKinney, who later became his partner. They devoted themselves to art, education and cultural exchange in Europe and America. Their aspirations are to confront racial discrimination, violence and prejudice through various cultural activities Prof. Griffith directed and choreographed "For Coloured Girls Who Have Considered Su***de When The Rainbow Is Enuf" for the American army, which also toured and was awarded "Special Judge’s Award” for choreography and music. Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre has produced additional great works such as "Fountainhead Meets Mombasa", 1980 and "The Crazy Horse Suite", 1980. The Theatre also organized the cultural festival "Fountainhead and Friends", 1983. Furthermore, he has choreographed the theatre pieces "Tucholsky in Rock", "Cabaret" and the film "Die letzte Rolle". In 1986, Donald Muldrow Griffith produced and directed the first European Black Cultural Festival which included the Black International Cinema Berlin, with the support of many friends. For the past 20 years, he has overcome many difficulties and continues the Black International Cinema Berlin film festival without financial sponsors. Although the festival is entitled Black International Cinema Berlin, the subject matter of the films is not limited only to Black issues, but is open to international artists who apply to the festival with their films. When the screening committee selects the films for the festival, the result is that many of the chosen films are documentaries with profound significance. The film festival is not focused on commercial considerations for filmmakers, but is mainly focused on issues the filmmakers wish to address. The film festival has also been presented in other countries. Furthermore, Donald Muldrow Griffith has also published five Black International Cinema anthologies relating to issues of concern to the film festival. American scholars have travelled to Berlin to document the achievements of Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith. The Space & Times Dance Company is a creation of Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre and subsequently Fountainhead® invited Nana Shineflug and the Chicago Moving Company to Berlin for a joint three day performance at the Hebbel Theater. In order to facilitate the creation of additional cultural activities, Fountainhead® founded Cultural Zephyr e.V. in 1990. During the same year Donald Muldrow Griffith co-operated with the director Michael Andre in the creation of the film "Crossroads". As a result of their astonishing achievements, Donald and Gayle Griffith were invited to create a dance theatre department at Indiana University South Bend and were honored with professorships. During their tenure at the University, they also travelled annually to Berlin to produce the Black International Cinema Berlin and other cultural activities as well. Expanding upon his ideas and cultural activities, Donald Muldrow Griffith entered the media activity of television. In 1995 he founded The Collegium − Forum & Television Program Berlin in which he interviews people from cultural, artistic, educational, political and economic professions and so forth. During the same time frame, the program also provides an open space for performing artists. The television program is also broadcast in additional countries such as Poland, the USA, Togo and other European countries. Besides his busy schedule with the film festival and television program, Donald Muldrow Griffith directed and choreographed the musical "Woah Woah" and he has also organized a teenage dance exchange "Interactive Mirror" as well as an exhibition and poetry reading entitled "Odyssey". He was also honored as chairman of the Berlin American United e.V. Between meetings and activities, Donald Muldrow Griffith is often invited as a consultant for the organization of film festivals, art festivals, speaker and as a judge and participant in panel discussions. As I survey the world, it is unusual to meet a person, who combines the qualities of many professions such as the host of a television program, producer, choreographer, director, publisher, organizer, performer, writer, speaker, etc. I was joking with Prof. Griffith at our last meeting and I said: "Although you are not yet sixty, you have accomplished the activities, experiences and achievements of someone over a hundred years old. Besides never ending energy, you have a powerful determination, as witnessed through your unending activity." Prof. Griffith said, the words of famous artists and friends such as Sammy Davis Jr., "Yes, I can...!" and Oscar Brown Jr., "I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won't if I don't" are the dictums which he utilizes as a source of motivation to achieve his goals and he does not fear difficulties and sees the problems that occur, as merely challenges. I hope that in the near future, the readers and viewers in Taiwan and elsewhere have the opportunity to view his work via The Collegium − Forum & Television Program Berlin and participate in and screen films presented by the unique and annual Black International Cinema Berlin. Shiu-Chin Yu September 7, 2008 Mottoes: "I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won´t if I don´t..." - Oscar Brown Jr. "Mankind will either find a way or make one." - C.P. Snow "Whatever you do..., be cool!" - Joseph Louis Turner “Yes, I can...!" - Sammy Davis Jr. “Yes, We can…!” - Barack Obama FOR INFORMATION Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre Black International Cinema Berlin The Collegium - Forum & Television Program Berlin Cultural Zephyr e.V. 12101 Berlin/Germany Fax: 0049(0)30 - 7863466 e-mail: [email protected] 0176-3808 5459 Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre/Black International Cinema Berlin/The Collegium - Forum & Television Program Berlin/"Footprints in the Sand?" ExhibitionBerlin/Cultural Zephyr e.V. We are an international, intercultural community of persons, engaged in achieving increasing understanding and co-operation between individuals and groups through art, education, culture and dialogue Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre/Black International Cinema Berlin/The Collegium - Forum & Television Program Berlin/"Footprints in the Sand?" ExhibitionBerlin/Cultural Zephyr e.V. We are an international, intercultural community of persons, engaged in achieving increasing understanding and co-operation between individuals and groups through art, education, culture and dialogue We are an international, intercultural community of persons, engaged in achieving increasing understanding and co-operation between individuals and groups through art, education, culture and dialogue 1