EXIT DOGMA Exit Dogma makes its debut with a free festival. Be part of our nonstop 3-day event including a stunning line-up, art and performances under open sky to wrap up your summer. Transcend old values and intrude the future. Exit Dogma



Every set has its story, such as every travel in every time of life and every place where I play. My debut in Colombia was thoroughly unforgettable and I could not imagine a better place with a warmer welcome. This experience and energy I will never forget and will definitely take with me, together with the strong connections I made with lovely locals. A real-life city that is ruff but amazingly full of creativity, big potential, and a true scene. I fell in love with Bogotá D.C. and the people, I can't wait until we meet again.
Big shout out to After Mood & Daniel Alvarez which made this happen for me, its an honor.

The main set I've played is online now:



Now the countdown started to make my way up and visit Mexico. Super thrilled for this!

19.02 - Azulik Rooftop, Tulum
20.02 - Azulik Indoor, Tulum
01.03 - Xibalbar, Tulum

We are still coming down after our Exit Dogma  Free Festival: what a dynamic first episode to exit your and our dogmas.....

We are still coming down after our Exit Dogma Free Festival: what a dynamic first episode to exit your and our dogmas... Formation of the next chapter is proceeding at full blast!
Meanwhile, make a wink to last month and check out the photo series shot by Felix Nathan Photography! On his page you'll find the full story: http://tiny.cc/iqj8dz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/felixnathanfuss/

Transcend old values...

Fraktion Nimmersatt - PROJECT∞eight - Pluspol Records

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One week to go for Exit Dogma Free Festival! Hyped to celebrate our debut with you and all the great artists. To have a inside view on the process, you can follow us on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/exit.dogma.festival/

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Exit Dogma  Free Festival

Exit Dogma Free Festival






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