The Dancers' Ball

The Dancers' Ball The Dancers' Ball is an event for Choreographers and Dancers. Let's celebrate our industry! Let's remember why we started dancing! Let's live our passion!

The Dancers’ Ball The dancers’ Ball is an event for Choreographers and Dancers. Our dance community has been in search of a way to bring dancers and choreographers closer together. In the past years our community has been burdened by the financial crisis leaving our branch with even less jobs. Unfortunately the side effects from this are the sense of having to fight alone for existence and this is what brings us to be protective, and defensive. Sometimes these side effects cloud our memory of why we came to dance in the first place. We, „The Dancers’ Ball” want to bring back the passion and pride we all have and remind everyone why we chose this business. The only way to make our industry strong again is to work together, support each other and respect each other. We want to realize that and more! The Dancers’ Ball will create a platform for choreographers and dancers to come together, network, share, be creative and most of all to have fun and celebrate our business. This event will happen once every three months. Not only can the choreographers and dancers have fun; but also the public who love watching dance can enjoy this wonderful evening. The Dancers’ Ball is open to all styles of dancing.

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****Attention Berliner!!!****
I am looking for about 15 people men and women from the ages of 20-35 years old as extras for a "Dreh" in Berlin on the 10th of June. from ca. 16uhr till latest 21Uhr this includes Make-up and costume. Filming will be in a club in Berlin, there will be a small pay. If you are interested please send me your picture to [email protected] please put in Betreff: Komparse „Kommissarin Heller“

Babytalk - ein Kinder-Krieg-Musical

Come and support our Musical!!! You laugh, you'll cry. you'll get angry and it will make you think!! Babytalk premiers 21st of November Theaterforum Kreuzberg don't miss it!!!

Babytalk - Ein Kinder-Krieg-Musical - von Peter Lund und Thomas Zaufke Premiere: 21. Nov 2014, 20 Uhr Vorstellungen: 22. u. 24. Nov 20 Uhr, 23. Nov 18 Uhr Ei...



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The Berlin Music Video Awards are almost here! Happening in Nuke Club from the 17.05.2017 to the 20.05.2017, it will present a variety of amazing videos, dj sets and performances! It's a great event to network as many professionals from the industry will attend and as dancers are a big part of music videos across the world! So don't miss your chance to come! You can WIN tickets by writing 'The Dancers Ball' in the comments of our facebook event! . Only the first ten people will win so act fast! You can also find more information about the event on our website. Don't forget to join our facebook event!