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GAZPACHO - & Iamthemorning

Herbstmusik. Melodische Songs, verträumte Welten - die Norweger GAZPACHO stellen ihr neues Album "Molok" live auf nur 2 Shows in Deutschland vor -

am 27.10. in BERLIN, Maschinenhaus
28.10. in ESSEN, Zeche Carl

Sie werden begleitet von einer russischen Band, die es noch zu entdecken gilt, Iamthemorning, einer fast klassisch anmutenden Band (deren neues Album gibt es auch erst am 23.10.).

Aber wollt ihr mal was hören ?
Iamthemorning muss man leider separat posten...

und Tickets gibt es hier - via AdTicket.

Inside Out Music

Inside Out Music

Enchant will return to Europe for the first time in nearly 10 years this October with Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion , and they have recorded a special video message in advance of the dates. Check it out here:

The full list of dates are as follows:
Oct 4 Baarlo, The Netherlands - ProgPower Europe (Enchant only!)
More info:
Oct 5 Berlin, Germany - Magnet
Oct 6 München, Germany - Kranhalle
Oct 7 Oberhausen, Germany - Zentrum Altenberg
Oct 8 Rüsselsheim, Germany - Das Rind
Oct 9 Stuttgart, Germany - Schocken Club
Tickets for all German shows:

Oct 10 Zoetermeer, The Netherlands - De Boerderij

Oct 11 London, UK - The Underworld

Oct 12 Bilston, UK - The Robin 2

Oct 13 Paris, France - Backstage

Dass ich das noch erleben darf - ein Artikel in der SPEX. Werden die dann doch endlich mal salon-fähig ?? http://www.spe...
Pillen schlucken, wie sie fallen: Tiny Fingers' Album The Fall vorab hören - Spex Magazin

Dass ich das noch erleben darf - ein Artikel in der SPEX. Werden die dann doch endlich mal salon-fähig ??

Man gibt sich ja nicht umsonst einen Namen. Tiny Fingers sind zumindest die Hälfte von dem, wonach sie heißen. Und darüber hinaus alles, woran sie bei der Namensgebung nicht gedacht haben. Finger: Gitarrist Oren Ben David könnte allein als Rechtfertigung herhalten. Klitzeklein: klang wahrscheinlich…


And because we all have a tendency to create some myths - before I even talked with melt!booking, I saw a band on TV, late night, Arte, and while I was torn between the feeling of simply enjoying the performance and thinking- sh*t, they're already with melt - - in the funny way life sometimes holds
surprises - the first live dates that I'm able to deal with in this context are just with these guys - who have again, today put a new song in the web, that has a really majestic vibe - so I'll share that here, just to have a soundtrack for today: enjoy - and maybe you take the opportunity to see them live in September:

At the Berlin-Festival Sep 7; Köln Studio 672 Sep 9,; Hamburg, Turmzimmer Sep 10 and Munich, Orangehouse Sep 12.

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Davide Martello (Klavierkunst) playing piano 13.06.2013 @Taksim Square - Gezi Parkı istanbul

For those who like to reassure themselves that music can restore spirit

and you are free to find out the story behind this...

Ünlü piyanist "Klavierkunst" Davide Martello Gezi Parkı direnişine destek için 2.kez Taksim Meydanı'nda konser verdi.

How technology is transforming live concert bootlegging
How technology is transforming live concert bootlegging

How technology is transforming live concert bootlegging

"If you put your cameras down you might be able to live in the moment," chided Ian Brown, frontman of iconic Mancunian indie band The Stone Roses. Those were among the ...

I just received a call from my old friend Ioannis Panagopulos (well who can spell these names right except natives) (tha...
Beady Eye

I just received a call from my old friend Ioannis Panagopulos (well who can spell these names right except natives) (thats why people used to call him Pana...) who told me that he just received confirmation of 4 BEADY EYE shows in July.
I got two comments to make to this:

One is, I appreciate that he called me anyway rather than just leaving this switch uncommented.
Second, good luck and I hope the new album due in June turns the tide again.
And as he was told that I am presently "not active" - thats not exactly true, Adele...

Cool cover photo, by the way...

BE is out now, available to buy here:


Kurstrasse 16


Set-Up and handling of live events of all sizes.

Pref.: dealing with artists that have a message beyond the urge of just becoming famous.
Tour-accounting Rammstein (amongst others) around the world since 2004. So, I'm not afraid of putting pesos up in an excel spreadsheet.


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