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Ofen Concerts Ofen Concerts has spread loads of live music in Berlin. Right now it moved on YouTube. Please check it out and subscribe to the channel, there's a lot of good music in there www.youtube.com/RadioDarioBerlinRome

Ofen Concerts is a concept where headphones are used in order to create a respectful and intimate experience. It is similar to a silent-disco, yet with live music instead! Since Ofen Bar closed down in June 2017, the concept has been kept alive in venues all around Berlin.

Geschäftsführer: Dario Alfabeta

Hi everyone, since there's not that much happening around these days I would like to share with you a playlist with some...

Hi everyone, since there's not that much happening around these days I would like to share with you a playlist with some of the talented musicians usually playing in Berlin. Hope you like it, take care

Miss Walker Drew Langford Espin Alice Hills Dorothy Bird Emina Sonnad Thalamusic Harry Charles Sometimes With Others DEKO Lora & The Stalkers LEDA Liesl Sorry Wilson marta collica Herbstsonne Ana Patan Violet And The Butler Marlene.Music Abstrak Jaz


TG ROCK with I-TAKI MAKI (Berlin)

Hi everyone, hope you're all safe and healthy.
Here's my TG ROCK “News from the Rock World” 🌎, a new format hosting artists living abroad, sharing news from the world, about what's going on in the other countries. In this first episode I-Taki Maki talking about what's going on in Berlin and in Italy. Hope you like it, please share

Italian with Eng subtitles


Ospiti di questa prima puntata di TG ROCK il gruppo italiano I-Taki Maki in collegamento da Berlino dove risiedono. Con loro parliamo dell' attuale situazion...


A video filmed in Berlin in 2020 with the talented Miss Walker
Thanks so much to Loudness Production for the help with the sound. Hope you like it

Words and Music : Miss Walker Location : RadioDario (Berlin) Filming and editing : RadioDario Sound : Domenico Colucci at Loudness Production, Berlin https:/...

NASOV - Sneezes are Fun (SOUNDCHECK)

The lyrics of NASOV are pure poetry, everybody at RadioDario were in awe :o Thanks to Loudness Production for having us and for producing such a great audio

Words and Music : Francesco Bordo Location : Loudness Production/RadioDario (Berlin) Filming and editing : RadioDario Sound : Domenico Colucci at Loudness Pr...

The Ramones Museum Berlin with the founder Flo Hayler - INTERVIEW

There's the RAMONES MUSEUM BERLIN in the hearth of this city, in the district of Kreuzberg. Flo Hayler founded it in 2005 just because he needed a place to hang his Ramones memorabilia. After having changed location 3 times, it's now in Schlesisches Tor, opened 365 days a year and visited by several well-known musicians that, when in Berlin, wanted to pay tribute to the iconic punk band from NYC. Visitors include Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, Blondie, Portugal The Man, Tegan and Sara, SKID ROW, Johny Marr (The Smiths) and many more. I had the pleasure to talk with Flo a few weeks ago and came out a pretty interesting chat :) Enjoy!

We met Flo at the Ramones Museum in Kreuzberg, district of Berlin. In 2005 he had the first idea of the museum just moving 8 boxes of Ramones memorabilia to ...

Ofen Bar Video Portraits Gallery

Exactly two years ago, on June the 15th 2017, there was the [ofen] Bar closing party, here are some memories from those last days.
Thanks so much to all the musicians who played at [ofen] Bar, it was great meeting you.
Very special thanks to Mabloni, VERA Music, Nick Evans, Zou, Jamie Collier MUSIC, Viktor's Joy, Leelo, Chris Angel Walker, Joe Wilkinson Music, Sabine Holler, Katie Lou McCabe and Nik & the MOJOS.
And thanks to Andrea Buschak and Cristi Estanislao
Sorry, I got sentimental


Exactly two years ago on June the 15th 2017 there was the [ofen] Bar closing party, here are some memories from those last days. Thanks so much to all the mu...

®Photo credit: Miriane Demers-Lemay

®Photo credit: Miriane Demers-Lemay

Ofen Bar Closing Night - June 2017

It was definitely a strange year, a big and sad change but also a stepping stone for a new era.
Thanks so much to all of YOU for the big love and support, [ofen] Bar was such a great experience. Let's keep the fire of the music alive in Berlin together!
PS Subscribe our YouTube channel to be update about the upcoming videos, there will be some news soon


A huge THANKS to all of you for the love and support. [ofen] Bar was such a great experience, let's move on! Very special thanks to Tim Joppien "The Man in t...


Best jam session ever at Leuchtstoff tonight


Live from Leuchtstoff


Such a fantastic experience last Saturday at Noize Fabrik with the concept album and book "Nowhereland" performed live by Substereo with Poppy Rose reading from the chapters.
Special thanks to Blanks for opening the night and to all at Noize Fabrik for having us

Headphone-storybook-concert at Noize Fabrik Berlin

with Poppy Rose Music
Ofen Bar & Concerts

Filmed by Nausikaa Lenz - BARO

Fangirls in action for the Berlin Live TV show

Fangirls in action for the Berlin Live TV show

[ofen] bar - The Sound of Silence - Berlin Odd City filmed and...

This video was filmed one year ago, July 2016, by the brilliant James McBreen. We thought the noise's problem was solved by using the wireless headphones system but apparently we were wrong.
Some losers are allowed by the german law to spoil and waste the work done by the local music scene that tries to light the fire of culture and entertainment.
Berlin is changin' in a way we don't like

LuKKas - The Neighbors

LuKKas wrote the perfect song (picking up the words from a letter hanging on his flat's door) to describe the armwrestling between the music and the neighbors. Maybe in a few years Berlin will be another quite and boring city like many others in Germany where everyone can sleep in peace.

Filmed by Chris Walker


Sorry but we're forced to stop the music.
But we'll keep rocking in some way, updates will follow soon.
Thanks for understanding, stay tuned


Live from [ofen] bar


Live from [ofen] bar

...Irgendwo in Berlin-Kreuzberg 🙂

...Irgendwo in Berlin-Kreuzberg 🙂

This article on Spotify sounded interesting, so we clicked on it. And then we read the first sentence... 😂


Ofen bar will miss you Chris Cornell

Pic by Ana Santl

Pic by Ana Santl

Pic by Thomas Künzel

Pic by Thomas Künzel

14. Run For Your Life

14. Run For Your Life

Berlin Live TV

Leelo live at [ofen] bar last night.
Thanks to Chris Hobcroft of Berlin Live TV for filming it

Leelo live at Ofen Bar Part 2 #berlinlivetv Leelo Murumägi

Lovely pic by Kate Seabrook Photographer

Lovely pic by Kate Seabrook Photographer

Thanks for your enthusiasm and the kind words, Chris.Glad to say "I was there on the day of your birthday" :)
I WAS THERE: Ofen Bar — 9 February 2017

Thanks for your enthusiasm and the kind words, Chris.
Glad to say "I was there on the day of your birthday" :)

It was the kind of night that people who were there will be talking about for years to come.

[ofen] BAR beautiful people

[ofen] BAR beautiful people




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Ofen Concerts has spread live music in Berlin since 2014. All started at Ofen Bar in Neukölln and went on with Ofen Concerts in Berlin. Right now the music is on the RadioDario Berlin-Rome YouTube channel, check it out! www.youtube.com/RadioDarioBerlinRome

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Hey there! Rahel n' Rose just sent you a message regarding playing at ofen mic tonight. please check our videos from yesterday's performance at Prachtwerk Berlin: www.facebook.com/rahelnrose Thanks!
Kafod from Chile in Berlin. Hallo Darío, look what I found :) Have a good day!!!
hi i will be visiting on thursday 29 wanted to ask if i could play in your open mic that night thanks in advance Rodrigo here's the link to my music: