Hartwerk ARTIST MANAGEMENT // RECORD LABEL // EVENTS // PODCAST SERIES Hartwerk is a platform established in 2014, bringing you cutting-edge Electronic music, high-profile artists, big events and a smile on your face!

C.J. Hartmann, Heartthrob, Rob Hes, MZ Sunday Luv, Deepchild. CONTACT:

[email protected]


After a long break we're back in the game ! See you soon in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Greece, UK, Georgia and Brazil.


Hartwerk Team wishes Merry Xmas y'all !!


It's about the time!! HARTWERK crew is heading to London in a few hours!! Get ready for an exclusive b2b set between C.J. Hartmann (OFFICIAL) and Heartthrob! There's gonna be some serious Techno going on! ;)


Ladies & Gentlemen!

Introducing Hartwerk. We are working hard to combine high-profile artists and their amazing music in the most outstanding venues across the world. We are currently working on throwing showcases in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. We have also teamed up with some very talented new designers which are currently working on pieces for my World Tour in 2015. Can't forget to mention also a potential collaboration with an online event promotions app! Look out for Hartwerk Showcases in your city. WE PLAN TO BE EVERYWHERE!! ;)

List of artists showcasing with us in the near future:

@C.J. Hartmann // Senso Sounds, Nurvous NYC
@Heartthrob // Minus, ISNISNT
@Rob Hes // SCI-TEC, Bedrock, Herzblut
@Lado // AFU LTD, Remute, Nachtstrom Schallplatten
@Mz Sunday Luv // Get Physical, Rebellion
@Aaron Hedges // District of Corruption

Next year we will be launching Hartwerk Recordings - a record label containing musical tastes similar to that of our mentors which we wouldn't have gotten as far without! Thanks :)


3 weeks to go until our first Showcase @ Egg London! On the menu:

Heartthrob // MINUS, ISNISNT
C.J. Hartmann (OFFICIAL) // Senso Sounds
Dj-Aaron Hedges // District of Corruption, Geno Records

We're looking forward to seeing the B2B battle between Heartthrob and C.J. Hartmann but the final word will belong to Aaron Hedges playing an explosive closing set! Support from Kyle E, Egg London Resident.

See you November 15th! Save the date :)


Hartwerk is a platform established in 2014 by DJ C.J. Hartmann (OFFICIAL) and Natalie Schmacht - Booker, Management, PR, Concierge. We plan to bring you cutting-edge electronic music, quality artists, events that will blow your mind and most importantly, make sure to keep that smile on your face!!


Natalie - [email protected]




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