Plötze Berlin Lakeside Venue

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• Greg Smaha - Sunshine

Late Summer Vibes at the Strandbar.

Today we have a cosy live band playing.
Tomorrow our resident will spin some records come around for a drink and a little boogie.

• 1979 LP • Recorded in L.A. and released in France, this album contains great tracks of late 70s Funk, ballads and more energic songs, always with nice arra...





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Plötze Strandbar is a true slice of paradise nestled in Wedding Berlin.

The Location on the beach has a laid-back atmosphere for everyone. It combines the cultural experience of Music through different genres from aspiring and established artists with a friendly beach Location next to the water. The musical concept combines everything you are looking for from live concerts to DJ Sets.

You can lay down at our Beach Loungers or have a little Boogie in the Sun with a cold drink provided from our lovely Bar. Everything can happen, one minute you're lying in the sun relaxing. Suddenly a party comes up and takes you on a journey!

A little bonfire will accompany you in the evening, we start to lit it in the early evening hours to make it nice and cosy for you.

Make yourself a favor and take a break from the hectic Berlin daily routine and come by and have a drink with us!

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