Team Rod Hutchinson - WCC Campaign 2019

Team Rod Hutchinson - WCC Campaign 2019 Team page supporting, following and recording the road to The World Carp Classic 2019 to be held at Lac de Madine in France


This page will now be changing from following the MTC campaign to following that of the Rod Hutchinson UK team preparations and experiences in the 2019 World Carp Classic at Lac du Madine.


****News just in from swim 3 Mark & Simon's peg***

Right hand rod was away it's fishing at 300 + meters. Got in the boat in a good chop. Got fish up covered in weed went to grab the net & pop went the hook đŸ˜§đŸ€ą


***Update on Simon & Mark***
Final preparations are in place as the duo make there way to swim 3 this morning with the tournament starting at 6pm this evening.


The World Carp Masters 2017 has begun!
Today sees the fun events under way. The Worlds Toughest Carp Anglers sees Hennie from Team SA Carp Masters Toughing it out in the 'weight lifting' event, this involves lifting Raptor air deck for over 10 minutes 😧đŸ’ȘđŸ’ȘđŸ’Ș


Pisiculture Bachelier




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