I live at Maison de Norvège

I live at Maison de Norvège This is a group for everyone living at Maison de Norvège in Paris. Here you will find information from the house committee and you will be able to get information out to the residents.

This is the house committee:
Gál Zsombor - 06 69 72 53 59 - room 301

Sustainability responsible
Elisabeth Martens Falck-Pedersen - 06 40 57 13 38 - room 420

Quentin Herbaut - room 116

Rana El Maghraby - 06 69 21 10 28 - room 314

Communication responsible
Kamilla Rust - 06 18 06 04 11 - room 103

Corinne Bachelet - 06 42 53 05 24 - room 213

Shivdeep Gaagat - 06 73 71 86 64 - room 203

Feel free to contact anyone of us if you have questions.

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I live at Maison de Norvège's cover photo

I live at Maison de Norvège's cover photo

Concert ce soir à 21.00. Viens! :)

Concert ce soir à 21.00. Viens! :)

Concert Monday May 16th.

Concert Monday May 16th.

Concert Monday May 16th.


Good morning folks!
Tonight is the Party at the Norwegian house. The house committee has bought some beer and wine for you to buy, but you can of course bring you own drinks too.
The money we make will be used to buy common things everyone can use - like footballs, volleyballs, board games, etc. It is 1 euro pr unit.
Hope to see you tonight! :D

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Brunch from 11pm-13pm folks! Yummy :)

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Timeline Photos


Earth Hour 2011 tomorrow. “ Let us use 60 minutes of darkness to help the world see the light.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon


Thank you for buying waffles today!! 117 € were collected for the Red Cross :)


Please buy Vaffels!!! today in the reception. Around 1pm-2pm. Welcome! :)


Hey all!
We have now gotten hold of some games and sport items which you can borrow from Kamilla in room 103.

- Trivial Pursuit
- Conessor

- Table tennis rackets and balls
- Badminton rackets and balls
- A football (with no air in it)

When you borrow an item you put your name on a list and then you are responsible for the item until it is delivered back.

- House committee -


Remember the Seminar on the culture of the Sámi people of Norway tonight at 19:00. There will be traditional Sámi joinking (singing) and traditional Sámi food.
Welcome! :)


Hi all!

We are arranging events now as soon as possible :) The reason it's taking so long is that each event has to be approved by the administration and there are some paperwork to fill out.

A calender of planned events should be up sometime this week downstairs in the reception.

Feel free to arrange "kitchen-events" as much as you like, but if any residents complain about noise, please respect that :)

Jazz concert with Groupe Pallarxo tonight at 19h30 in the common room!

Jazz concert with Groupe Pallarxo tonight at 19h30 in the common room!

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Timeline Photos


Someone left their black jacket/sweater in the common room. We left it by the fireplace, so if it's yours you can collect it there.
Thanks for coming tonight! Hope to see you on the next event as well :)

See you tonight! :)

See you tonight! :)


7N, Bld Jourdan


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