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Breast Cancer Awareness Inc MISSION STATEMENT Our mission Is to save lives and build confidence by providing awareness of breast cancer through educational programs, Raising funds and events to help those who are unable to pay for there own treatment.
The main mission for this organization is to make a difference in the world by providing up to date information not only about breast cancer, but all types of cancer. I believe that the greatest force for the reduction of breast cancer, and other forms of cancer comes when our community and society is well educated. BCA Inc. will provide life saving information and promote awareness of breast cancer and other types of cancer to women and the less fortunate.


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In your quest to be healthy, you may hear about something that you are told can reduce your risk of cancer -- a new way you haven't heard about before. It sounds like a good idea, and you may want to try it. Before you put your body and money on the line, find out more about it. Click on the topics…

Breast Cancer Information – What is Breast Cancer | CTCA

Breast Cancer Information – What is Breast Cancer | CTCA

Get the facts about what breast cancer is, how it starts and how it spreads. This disease generally starts in the milk-producing ducts and glands and affects 192,370 women and 1,700 men in the U.S. each year.


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Whether you are a survivor of cancer, or have had the misfortune of losing a loved one in the battle of cancer, expressing our stories is one of the many ways others can benefit by your encouraging story and strive to fight another day with the knowledge that they are not alone and they can survive their battle. You can also start to heal yourself and boost your self esteem, knowing that you are making a difference to others with your support. Educational programs for breast cancer & cancer will build awareness and preparedness to fight back. My role as Executive Director of the organization is to work intentionally to develop stronger connections with the networks in our community through efforts that attract attention, develop greater public awareness and encourage others to step forward on behalf of our work. Donations are much needed to continue the start up of cost of Breast Cancer Awareness Inc., BCA Inc. is not only looking for donations in a sense of money, but time and knowledge is welcome as well.


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What's better than buying a cute shirt ?! Knowing that you are helping women battle breast cancer when you purchase it ! Help support our organization by purchasing one of our shirts as we support local women battling breast cancer. We need your help to raise enough money to start a fund at the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute for women under 40 needing mammograms and ultrasounds and to support our local women as they battle this disease. Check out our tshirts on our website we have shirts for all ages and stages in life. Tell your friends and family and know that with each purchase you are helping a women in need and giving them an extra push through their overwhelming journey through treatment. Visit our website to hear more about our story and what we plan to do! #thriveandgrit