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Atlanta Game Fest Atlanta Game Fest 36 is October 21-24, 2021, Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta Boardgaming events The Atlanta Game Fest is a chance for boardgame fans from across the Southeast to gather for four days of fun and games.

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The website for AGF 37 is updated including the link for room reservations.
Atlanta Game Fest

The website for AGF 37 is updated including the link for room reservations.

Board game event in Atlanta, GA


Atlanta Game Fest 37 will be at the Marriott Alpharetta, March 31- April 3, 2022. I will update the website as soon as I get the room reservation link. Be warned the room rate is jumping to $109. (The event membership price remains unchanged).

The policies concerning a vaccination requirement and mask requirements (main game room and during the flea market) from AGF 36 will remain in place for AGF 37. I'll have a list of everyone whose vaccination status I have already confirmed so it should not be needed again.

The plan is to do two events next year and three in 2023. AGF 38 will be in October, 2022. I won't have exact dates for that for a while, most likely.


I was wondering, now that we are about 10 days out, anybody come down with con crud? (I did not).


My apologies for not removing old items from the schedule at the website. What can I say, it's been a year and I got rusty and didn't notice. I will start adding things back into the schedule, but for this first one with so many unknowns I wanted to just keep things simple.

I'll post the list in a day or two, I need to remove the names of folks who were on the list but never picked up a badge, but I'd like to have an accurate list of who showed me their vaccine info so I only need that from new folks at Game Fest 37 (that's fun to say, I've been saying 36 for at least a year now). I know there were folks who came in and we made them a badge but I checked their V status (when I handed you the nametag I checked) so I'd like to add them as well.


Thanks to everyone for making this a very special Game Fest. I appreciate the efforts of everyone navigating this "new normal." It's a great group and you make the effort of doing the event very worthwhile. The joy of gathering together to game again was palpable. I was especially pleased to see how many generous folks brought games for play.

I'll announce the next date (late March/early April) as soon as the contract is signed. I also will create a list of folks who showed their vaccination cards this time so it won't be necessary to show them to me again next time (new folks will have to do so). My guess is we will maintain the same requirements in terms of being vaccinated and masks in the room with the games and during the flea market through 2022 at least.


The flea market at Atlanta Game Fest today.


Had a very productive meeting with the hotel yesterday. I am hopeful we will be able to stay here. The plan is to do two events in 2022 (late March/early April and October) and three in 2023. As soon as the contract is signed I'll announce the exact date. The exact date of the October event will come later. I know it is helpful to know as far in advance to plan, but in our new reality the hotel wants to wait to commit to the exact date in case a big corporate or wedding client rolls in -- but we are assured a weekend in October.

It is great to get to see and game with folks again.


We will be in Salons E-H, Azalea/Dogwood, and the Executive Boardroom. There will also be tables set up the the hallway outside of E-H.

Masks will be required in the main room (where the games are kept) and during the flea market. Optional elsewhere.


Last call for a pre-printed name badge for Game Fest.


I know we are still a week away, but I'm flying out Monday so if you want a pre-printed badge I'll need your name by Sunday at the latest. Here's who I have. The "+" means I have the vaccination proof.

Adelle (CabbageKing)
Randy Alton
Jeanette Allen
Tony Au
Jay Avni
Bart Barthelemy
Susan Barthelemy
Ward Batty
Maria Batty
Richard Bethany
Amy Betts
Ursula Bishof
Daniel Brown
Malachi Brown +
Sean Butler
Stven Carlberg
Joe Chambers
Bryan Chambers
Stephen Cheatwood
Jim Cobb
Erin Cook
Gavin Cramblet
David Corbin
Brian Donelson
Jessica Doyle
Sheena Doyle
Janet Doyle
Shaunnon Drake
Marc Ebelhar
John Erler
Emily, Henry, Kaitlyn, Abby +
Ian Failing
Laney Farmer
Shane Farmer
Mark Farris
Gary Franczyk
Adelle Frank
Jessica Frederick
David Frederick
Robert Friedman
Bethany Fuller
Gary, Cindy, Meredith, Devon, Johnny
Joseph Gelblat
Myles Gibbs
Zack Glouser
Jill Hadden
Casandra Hadley +
Alex Halow
Andrea Halow
Jack Halow
Steve Halow
Maggie Hammond
Patton Hammond
Casandra Hadley
Alex Harkey
Sara Higgins
Woody Harris
Suzi Harris
Brandon Harris
Leon Hendee
Sara Higgins
Amanda Higgins
Michael Hines +
Chad Huneycutt
Brandy Huneycutt
Ally Huneycutt
Brian Hunter
Gwyn Ice
Jesse Jacobson
Derek Jackson
Erika Jodice
Laurie Jones
Travis Jones
Jilly Jones
Stephen Karasevich
Will Kenyon
Nick King
Kim Kinsey
Cynthia Landon
Mike Leneski
Jack Lindsay
Wil Mauk
Ryan Mauldin
Sarah Mauldin
Robin McDade
Randi McDade
Adalynne McDade
Natalia McDade
John McDonald +
Sabrina McDonald +
Lyn McKimmey
Suz McKimmey
Monica, Steve, Logan, Evan
Jeff Obermark
George Oh
Steve O'Grady
Karen O'Grady
Brian Peace
Ginger Peace
Will Raiman
Jessica Renard
Sean Reynolds
Michael Rittle
Ambuj Sahae
Philip Sasse
David Satterfield
Mark Sautman
Michael Schwerdtfeger
Anna Schaer
Michelle Smith
Traci Smith
Sonia Simmons
Brandon Stoker +
Jonathan Storm
Mike Sullivan
John Tamplin
Terry Taylor +
John Tipsin
Corinne Tanner
David Tatu
Robyn Tatu
Lisa Travis
Jose Vallecillo
David Vollberg
Nicholas von Litolff
Linda Voronetsky
Hannah Watwood
Joel Weeks
Vince Westin
Dorothea Westin
Beca Westin
Kristen Westin
David Weston
Michael Weston
Yancey Larochelle-Williams
Adam Whitney
Patrick Wilz
Wendy Wilz
worst game ever?
Mike Yakubek
Chris Zagrodny
Zakki +
Amanda Zimmer
Melissa Zimmerman

As always let me know about additions and/or corrections, thanks.


There will be a Flea Market on Saturday. I never know exactly where in advance but we won't pack everyone into a small room. Hopefully we can use the hall and spread out as much as possible. That's the plan. I will also request people wear a mask during the flea market. That seems prudent.


In about a week I will do the usual list of who is attending. I've heard from 2-3 folks who do not wish to be on the list, so I just made them a badge and didn't add their names to the list. If you do not want your name to appear on the list, DM me and I will remove it and just make you a badge. Thanks.


Small update. We will have ballrooms E&F as well as the Azalea/Dogwood and the Private Dining Room (room behind the restaurant). I've asked them to put tables out in the hall next to rooms where available. I'm splitting E and F into two rooms. The games will be kept in E. Masks will be required in room E but will be optional elsewhere.

I hope folks will still feel comfortable bringing games for play. I believe that the last two years have taught us that surfaces are not how the virus is spread. But the event has no permanent game library. In the past folks tended to bring too many games so it may not be an issue. As always, games on the shelves on the table are available for play, but you can move stuff under the tables if they are just being stored for that time. Your call, of course.

We are at about 140 right now and I'll cap memberships at 200. You can bring either a copy of the vaccination proof, a photo of the card or you can send me the info in advance. I'll post the usual list early next week.


I just heard that Todd Wood passed away from Covid.

Just announced.
International Gamers Awards

Just announced.

The International Gamers Awards were founded in 1999 for the express purpose of recognizing outstanding games, their designers, and the companies which publish them. The awards have gained widespread acclaim and have helped bring these outstanding games to the public’s attention.

Just a reminder that the cut-off to get a room at the group rate is 9/29/2021. I'm not sure I can get that extended, so ...
Book Your Group Rate | Marriott International

Just a reminder that the cut-off to get a room at the group rate is 9/29/2021. I'm not sure I can get that extended, so if you want a room... You can always cancel it later.

Cancellation Policy: 72 Hours by 6pm 3 Days before Arrival to Avoid 1 Night Room & Tax Billed to the Credit Card on File. Guests may call 1-800-228-9290 for Reservations.

Join the Atlanta Board Gamers Slack Group community on Slack!

We are up to 120 memberships. Since I'm capping it at 200, this will be a smaller than usual gathering so some extra efforts at coordination might be useful in terms of getting up games. A slack channel was set up back in 2020 and that be a useful tool for the October event.


Here is my thinking on masks at the next Game Fest. Obviously everyone in attendance will be vaccinated, that said, I don't see a downside to asking folks to wear masks when they are in the main room where the games will be kept. I am planning on dividing the main space up more, so we will probably have a room about half the normal space with the games for play and some tables and that is the room where I will ask that everyone wears a mask.

Beyond that, I figure I will have masks be optional. I have a meetup group here in California and since we started meeting in person again, most folks do not wear masks but a few do and it has worked out fine.

So the plan is to have 200 or fewer (we are at about 130 or so right now), tables spread out, more and smaller rooms and tables out in the hall and that little lobby area if possible (I never know what the space configuration will be until the event starts).


I just heard that long-time Game Fest alum and a great guy Mike Yakubek has passed away. I'm passing along our sadness and condolences.


Reposting this from Michael Schwerdtfeger. Does anyone run a Math Trade or Virtual Flea Market for the event on the BGG site?


In addition to the requirement that members have proof of vaccination, the attendance at the October event will be limited to 200 (we normally get around 350) and the space will be utilized to distance the gaming groups so we are not all together in one big room.

We will also be able to use the additional space to try to set up the flea market in such a way that we are not all packing into one room. We can spread the tables out over some combination of available space including that large hallway.


I am spending about 20-30 hours a week trying to get a new hotel and have neither the time or energy to debate this between now and October so here is the policy for the October Game Fest:

Proof of vaccination is a requirement to attend. If you have purchased a membership and are not planning to be vaccinated by October, your membership will be refunded. Be prepared to show your proof when picking up your badge. Thank you.


There's been a change of ownership at the Alpharetta Marriott and my guess is October will be our last event there. I won't bother with the details but they strung me along, unnecessarily in my opinion, since February and now I'm looking for a venue only a few months out.

I mention this mostly in case anyone has any association with, knowledge of or ideas about a new location. I'm currently spending several hours a day researching and reaching out to hotels. I submitted an RFP to the Atlanta Convention & Visitors' Bureau and have folks at the Marriott corporation also contacting potential hotels on my behalf.

But it never hurts to explore all options so this is me doing that.

They sent me the link to make hotel room reservations for the October Atlanta Game Fest so I am passing that along, it i...
Book Your Group Rate | Marriott International

They sent me the link to make hotel room reservations for the October Atlanta Game Fest so I am passing that along, it is also at the site, of course.

Cancellation Policy: 72 Hours by 6pm 3 Days before Arrival to Avoid 1 Night Room & Tax Billed to the Credit Card on File. Guests may call 1-800-228-9290 for Reservations.


It is official that there will not be a Game Fest in June. By late October things will be back to whatever the new normal is going to be and while I've really missed doing the events and seeing everyone, early June just feels Too Soon.


I spoke with the hotel today. It probably does not need saying but I can't imagine a scenario where we could safely game next February. Assuming a vaccine in the spring I would put the chances of the next Game Fest at 50%-50% for the June event and 80%-20% for October 2021. But that is a pure guess.

The nature of gaming and the fact that folks bring games for others to play means we need to wait until people are comfortable doing those things safely. The good news is I have contracts signed through next October and am speaking to the hotel about scheduling February 2022. I am confident that we will someday be able to safely gather again.


What game takes the most turns to complete? They run stats so I know Russian Railroads players can take between 35-65 turns (you can get extra workers each round). I would also put Keyflower up there, as it has a ton of micro-turns (you can bid or move pawns that are outbid or play on the available tiles and your and your opponents' ties). What game would you put in this category?


The October Game Fest is officially cancelled. The next one scheduled is February 11-14, 2021. My guess at this point is that is also unlikely, but that isn't a decision that has to be made until after the new year. I'm far more hopeful about the June 2021 event. We have contracts signed with the hotel through October 2021, so as soon as it is safe again we can proceed.


Top 5 games I wish I could play online but can't (that I know of):

Power Grid
Century Spice Road
Quacks of Quedlinburg

What are yours?


I just saw my stats at BGA and I've played over 1,500 games there. I've played there off and on for years but obviously have been playing a lot more lately. I've rekindled my appreciation for several chestnuts, Can't Stop, Stone Age, Carcassonne (pure, no expansions, I'm THAT old school) Tzolkin. I'm still trying to get decent at Russian Railroads and Roll Through the Galaxy. I also enjoy some fillers there. I play a lot of Yams, a Yatzee variant. I also have come to enjoy Coloretto again. I also enjoy Color Pop and For Sale. 7 Wonders I play because it is easy to get up a game but I don't seem to improve very much. I also discovered that a couple of games I remember not liking in person I still dislike online.

What are you enjoying these days?


I'm setting up games at Yucata for the following, Chakra, Fearsome Floors, Just 4 Fun Colours, Hacienda, Glen More, Macao and Transatlantic. Look for them under public invitations. Hope you can join me :-).


I don't have many games that I rate "10 out of 1-10s" but here are three (out of maybe 8-10 total)

Carcassonne (yeah, I'm old school)
Power Grid

What are some of yours?


I am starting several games at Open invitations but I wanted to give you first crack at joining me. Attika, Egizia, Firenze, Just 4 Fun, La Granja, Nauticus, Rajas of the Ganges, Snowdonia, Russian Railroads (America map, extra Engineers) and Yspahan. It is always more fun playing with friends.


5750 Windward Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA


Boardgame fans from across the Southeast gather for four days of fun and games. Hundreds of the world's best boardgames are available for play, as well as friendly folks who can help with the rules. Events include Demo Alley and a Flea Market.


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Atlanta Game Fest

The Atlanta Game Fest is a chance for boardgame fans from across the Southeast to gather for four days of fun and games. There will be hundreds of the world's best boardgames available for play, as well as friendly folks who can help with the rules. Memberships for all five days are $55 each, $100 per couple, and $120 per family. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. You can also pay for your membership at the door.

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While I'm bringing some games, I am also bringing my Car Wars 6th edition set that I just got in. I was wondering if there was anyone who would like to play a game while at the con?
Don't forget about the Virtual Flea Market. Especially, don't forget about page 7...the most important page...the one where I'm selling stuff...that you should buy...cuz lord knows I need my shelf space back. :)
I created a "Want to Play" GeekList on BGG if anyone is wants to add any games. Since this AGF is smaller, it should be easier to meet others. Also, join the Slack channel if interested in real time/group communications during the convention.
Now that I have my badge, does anyone run a math trade or virtual flea market on BGG for the event?
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Hi y'all. I've been working on a board game and wanted to see if anyone would comment on it. I've programmed an online version so that people can see what the game is like. Mind giving feedback?
If anyone finds a small purple cube from Wingspan, one disappeared from our copy this weekend.
Had a great time this weekend. Lots of friendly people. A big thank you to Ward for all of the hard work he puts in.
We're driving in tonight. When is the earliest we can get into the room to put out games?
Does anyone have a set of 35 purple 10mm cubes? I'm prepping a copy of the Oath Print-N-Play for Gamefest.
Jill Hadden....I sent you a message
Who loves board games?! Did you know you can play board games for four days at Atlanta Game Fest? Runs Jan. 30 - Feb. 2!