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Don’t forget to sign up for this very important clinic! We have a limited number of spots for the morning session 8-12 a...

Don’t forget to sign up for this very important clinic! We have a limited number of spots for the morning session 8-12 and afternoon 1-5. The clinic will be both Saturday and Sunday during the session you choose.

For those that have done the level 1 LandSafe we are offering Level 2 on Friday and Saturday evening!!!

Coolest trick ever!

Coolest trick ever!

I learned a pretty neat trick recently! Don’t have a slinky? You can take a stocking, stretch it over the braids, wrap a rubber band over the braid and the stocking, and voila braids are protected! How neat is that!?

Area V Adult Riders

Area V Adult Riders

Congratulations to Area V’s top placing Adult Rider member in the Novice Championship division Brittney Caflisch riding When Stars Align! The pair also happened to actually win the whole division!

Brittney gets to customize a special top embroidered with her new title courtesy of Area V Adult Riders.


Our next show is just over a week away, October 3rd!!!

River Falls Kentucky Derby Party!!! I’d have to say we all clean up pretty nicely!!!

River Falls Kentucky Derby Party!!! I’d have to say we all clean up pretty nicely!!!


Starting to look for a full time barn manager! Ideally need to be available Monday - Friday but willing to work with a different schedule. Duties would involve feeding, cleaning stalls, keeping the barn organized, watering arena and caring for horses! Pay will reflect experience, availability and work hard!

🤩 Don’t miss out of this awesome opportunity! Only 20 spots in the full clinicFor anyone, especially those coming in fro...

🤩 Don’t miss out of this awesome opportunity! Only 20 spots in the full clinic

For anyone, especially those coming in from out of town, that would like to pair the clinic with some lessons on our simulator this would be the best time!

Link for the “full” clinic


For tomorrow... PLEASE do not drive on grass! Park on the gravel. We will have a small warmup inside before each division


ISO a stall cleaner and possibly other chores if they would like extra hours. PM me!


Jumper show this Saturday the 15th!!!

Pacific Saddlery

Pacific Saddlery

Trot or Canter?


Alright y’all responded.....next show AUGUST 15th!!!! 8am start! We will start with pile of poles on the ground.


Who all would be interested in a jumper show Aug15th?!

Bits And Bays

Bits And Bays



This weekend will be our first show back since March. A few changes for this show due to CoVid

• there will not be any food served at the concession. We will have some drinks options

• the entry form and class list will be outside the office on a table. Please have your forms completely filled out before coming in.

•only 2 people in the office at a time please

• please practice safe social distancing of 6 feet

• if possible please limit number of family or friends coming to this show

We look forward to seeing y’all this Saturday! Show will start with ground poles at 8:00!


Don’t forget our next jumper show is NEXT Saturday the 27th!!!! I’ll post more information on Monday or message with any questions:)!!


Exciting News....next River Falls Jumper Show JUNE 27th!!!! I’ll be sending out more information within the next couple days

This right here my friends!!! 🤣😍😂

This right here my friends!!! 🤣😍😂

A Muddy Mayhem guide: The Eventer

This is The Eventer. They may look complicated but they are actually very simple to understand. They are fuelled by adrenaline and alcohol.

The Eventer pays £100's to get up at 3am and drive to a field in the arse end of Surrey. The Eventer then does a 5 min dressage test, a 2 minute showjumping round and a 5 minute Cross country round. Those 12 minutes are spent trying to avoid death and getting Eliminated. Anything other than death or elimination is a good day.

Dressage Test - This is the first part and least likely to cause death. The Eventer is not scared by the dressage, they just want it done with minimum embarrassment and the smallest penalty score.
Showjumping - This stage can cause huge stress for The Eventer. This is because the fences fall down with the potential to change a good score into something a cricket team would be proper chuffed with. The chances of getting eliminated are also massively increased. Worse than that the proximity of the burger wagons to the ring means that cricket score/elimination will be seen by everyone.
Cross Country - This is the phase The Eventer loves the most. It's also the bit that makes them a touch terrified. Sometimes The Eventer thinks about the insanity of galloping at fixed fences on half a ton of horse and it makes them laugh at the stupidity of it all.....and then do a little fear sick in their mouth.

This is The Start Box. This is a little fenced area The Eventer rides into before going Cross Country. It involves a person counting down from 10 at them and The Eventer's bum hole twitching in fear.

Elimination - There are many ways of getting Eliminated. Some of them make sense, other ways are invented by The Eventer. Every Eventer has a story of a totally ridiculous reason they managed to get Eliminated. It is an Eventer badge of honour and they are probably prouder of their ridiculous reason for getting Eliminated than they are of their double clear at Chatsworth.

The Eventer spends a lot of time on BDWP website. BDWP stands for Big Dent in Wallet or Purse. This site is where The Eventer hands over their wage packet to be able to enter events. It is also where The Eventer spends hours stalking the results of every other Eventer they know.

The Eventer has seen International Velvet eleventy billion times.

Sometimes The Eventer goes to an event where there is a party. The Eventer will lose all self control. The Eventer will ignore the fact they have an 8am dressage test the next day, will drink like Oliver Reed at a stag do and dance on a table until 3am. The Eventer f**king loves a party.

The Eventer may tell you they didn't have the best day on paper. This means The Eventer doesn't want to talk about their f**king disaster of a day. The Eventer wants you to hand them gin.

If The Eventer tells you they won an event don't ask them how much prize money they won. This question will make The Eventer laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Even though they won the event that cost them £100's to enter and competing at puts strain on every aspect of their personal life, the prize was a dandy brush and a rosette.

The Eventer has lots of photos of them eventing. In each one they are pulling a funny face but they don't care about that because their horse looks good. The Eventer could've bought a yacht with the money they have spent on photos.

Sometime The Eventer tries out a different equestrian sport because they want to stay out of the mud. They turn up wearing slightly grubby tweed and being friendly to their fellow competitors. This proper freaks out the real Dressage Divas and Showjumpers.

Legend has it one day an Eventer counted up how much money they spend on Eventing. This Eventer was a fool. They are still crying now whilst swigging neat gin from the bottle.

The Holy Grail of Eventing is to go to Badminton. Some Eventers are Demi-gods who will ride at the 4* event. Some Eventers are very awesome and will ride in the Grassroots competition and the rest of The Eventers will go wearing *that* yellow coat and a fur headband, drink lots of Pimms, hammer their credit card and then stalk Ben Hobday.

The Eventer might seem like a strange creature, but really they aren't. They have never forgotten what it was like to watch their childhood heroes gallop around the best competitions in the world and be desperate to be just like them. Whether they manage to get around Burghley or a BE80 The Eventer is brilliant, amazing, brave and every so slightly bonkers!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Horse Show Mom’s! We couldn’t do it without you!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Horse Show Mom’s! We couldn’t do it without you!!!

Tamarack Hill Farm

Tamarack Hill Farm

Until I learned the following mnemonic device (memory trick), I could never remember the difference between Renvers (Haunches OUT), and Travers (Haunches IN)

You drink Tea (T for Travers) IN a Teahouse.

You don't sit OUT in the Rain (R for Renvers)

Or make up your own----

We need your feedback!

Hey for those that this effects please take the time to fill out the survey! They are working on rescheduling the Holly Hill HT and need some feedback. For me personally three weekends in a row would be hard on our ponies.

Dear Members, We hope you are weathering your state’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order in good spirits and that you are staying healthy. It seems that many states are easing their restrictions, and there’s only another month in USEF and USEA’s current suspension of competition. We can’t wait to s...


How RaRa turns out her horse 🤣

Today’s two projects!!

Today’s two projects!!

Just so everyone knows how great my hair looks while I build jumps 🤣😂😂 #wildhairdontcare #hencewhyidontdoselfies

Just so everyone knows how great my hair looks while I build jumps 🤣😂😂 #wildhairdontcare #hencewhyidontdoselfies

Playing!!!! #crosscountryjumps #workinprogress

Playing!!!! #crosscountryjumps #workinprogress

Sneak preview of part of the cross country courses! 😍😍

Sneak preview of part of the cross country courses! 😍😍

Still a work in progress but we should have cross country courses for intro, starter, beginner novice and novice by this...

Still a work in progress but we should have cross country courses for intro, starter, beginner novice and novice by this summer!!!

Competitor Tent
Competitor Tent

Competitor Tent

Competitor Tent is teaming up with a panel of amazing judges to create the virtual charity show series, “The Stay-at-Home Dressage Series benefiting the Equestrian Aid Foundation”. This series will allow riders to not only compete from home during this current pause in the competition calendar, but will also make a difference in a time when many of us feel helpless to affect the current crisis. Competitor Tent hopes to help riders continue to work toward their goals and compete safely during these difficult times.

Find out more about dates, entry information and The Equestrian Aid Foundation here:

Pasture fence down and mowed and ready for new cross country jumps!!! 😍

Pasture fence down and mowed and ready for new cross country jumps!!! 😍


To follow along side USEF/USEA and the cancellation/postponing of events until after May 3rd River Falls will be postponing the May 2nd show. I am working on finding new dates.

Dressage Source

Dressage Source

What acronym did you use to remember the Dressage Arena's Letters?

Good morning! ☀️

Good morning! ☀️


Taking a poll of who all would be interested in a jumper show April 11th? Our next one after that is scheduled for May 2nd!

Heels Down Mag
Heels Down Mag

Heels Down Mag



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River Falls Community! MobileVeterinary Practice is excited to announce our addition of the Sound Smart Regenerative Laser Therapy. We would be happy to schedule a day of treatments at the barn! Treatment sessions are approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the area of focus. Here's a video of what veterinarians have to say about using Smart RLT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZU-R8qe97bU
Carlsbad Horsemans Association (CHA) 2018 Show Schedule April 7 - Hunter/Jumper April 21 - Western May 5 - Hunter/Jumper May 20 - Western Ocotber 6-7 - Linnie Davis Memorial (6th - Hunter/Jumper; 7th - Western) Show premiums and entries forms will be out soon both on FB and email
Horse For Sale: Solid Jordan is a 17 hand thoroughbred who is 17 years old. He has an amazing personality to him and will always make you laugh. It has come to a point in my riding career where I would love to begin a new path with a young horse and unfortunately I would be unable to give Jordan the attention that he needs. His first owner was Julie Goodnight known all over the world for her excellence in horsemanship and training, who owned him for two years. Jordan and I have competed in some local shows in hunter jumper over the past two years. He has a great working mind to him and listens well under saddle. He also has experience in eventing. Jordan would be best suited for an individual experienced with horses. He would be a horse that someone would be able to learn a lot from if given the chance. He would be a perfect match for someone who is learning to jump. He also does really well on trails. He has all his current vaccinations, worming, and coggins. I am asking $3,000. You can contact Makayla Gallardo at (720)- 299-2763 or email her at [email protected] if you are interested in scheduling a time to see Jordan. He is currently located at Harmony Horse Equestrian Center, located 14 miles Southwest of Canyon, TX.