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And so it begins...

And so it begins...


Thanks everyone for a wonderful Christmas season. Turn out this year was exceptional! We hope you have a wonderful New Years and we will see you all next year as we celebrate our 10th year doing the show. Tonight (Sunday, Dec. 29th) is the last night to catch the show. Happy New Year!


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Last show this year will be on December 29th!


Hey all! Here is another video from our show this year. I'll get out there and record some more soon. Merry Christmas!

Adding the tune to info!

Adding the tune to info!


Here's another one for you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Hunt's Christmas Blast's cover photo

The Hunt's Christmas Blast's cover photo


Here is a sneak peek into our 2019 Christmas show. Remember shows start this Friday, November 22nd. Join us at 630, 730, or 830pm!


In case you can’t make it out today, here is our second song for the 2019 Veterans Day show. Happy Veterans Day to all who have served. Hope you enjoy it!

Armed Forces Medley 2019

Here is the first of two songs for Veterans Day. This is a tribute to all who have served. Come out and join us November 10th and 11th to watch the Veterans Day show with this and one other song. Happy Veterans Day!

The Hunt's Christmas Blast's cover photo

The Hunt's Christmas Blast's cover photo

1/4 of the lights complete!

1/4 of the lights complete!

One of two new “matrix” screens ready to go. These screens will be 8’ x 4’.  Better bring the sunglasses to this show!

One of two new “matrix” screens ready to go. These screens will be 8’ x 4’. Better bring the sunglasses to this show!


What do you get when you combine Jesus, the beach, Chinese food, singing sweaters, lions chasing Santa, Frankenstein, Tiny Tim, Charlie Brown, elephants, snowflakes, stars, and candy canes? The 2019 Hunt's Christmas Blast of course! Join us late November for our new 2019 show. This year we will have 10 out of 13 brand new songs, several additions to the cast, and it will be a 40 minute show. Opening night details will be posted soon...

Is it beginning to look like Christmas or chaos in the making??  Sometimes I wonder.

Is it beginning to look like Christmas or chaos in the making?? Sometimes I wonder.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Our last show for the 2018 season will be tomorrow night (December 27th). We hope you enjoyed the show and I am hoping to have an all new show next year with several new surprises. Happy New Year!


Hey everyone! Lights are on and running nightly! 630, 730, and 830 shows. Hope to see you soon


Thanks to all for coming out and checking out our show this year! There are some things I need to work out with the computer side of things so tomorrow night (December 27th) will be our last show for the year. I hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy New Year! I will keep everyone posted with the 2018 show as I plan on changing a lot of elements and adding many new songs. Thanks again for all of your views and visits!

Song from our Show 2017

Here is one song from our show. This was taken tonight with the snow. Hope you all had fun with the snow and hope to see ya soon! More videos will follow soon...

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


Come see our lights this weekend - might be with some snow to make it extra special!

The Hunt's Christmas Blast

The Hunt's Christmas Blast

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget the shows start tomorrow night beginning at 630pm. Shows will run nightly through December 31st.


Happy Veterans Day! (A little early). We’ve been working hard to get ready for this years Christmas show. We have had a few hiccups with rain and sprains but we are on schedule! In the meantime, if you’re in the area tomorrow evening drive on by and see our tribute to all the Vets out there. We will be playing a one song tribute every 15 minutes from 630pm to 900pm. Here’s the video for all of you that can’t make it.


It is amazing what one year will do in someone’s life. It has been a tough year seeing friends lose jobs after devoting their heart and soul into what they do. It has been a tough year seeing pain and division in our country. It has been a tough year seeing devastation and tragedy throughout our nation and beyond. I would not be honest if I didn’t say that I heavily contemplated not doing a show. It seems trivial based on the events throughout our land, but then I talk to people who ask about the show. I hear the excitement in their voice and see the anticipation in their eyes, and it made me realize that it’s not about the flashing lights or the music. It is about the opportunity to immerse into a time where all your worries and cares may briefly disappear. It is about a time to come together and reflect on what Christmas is all about, reflect on unity, and reflect on love. My show is nothing special but if it can bring joy to others amidst pain and suffering then I am thankful. So, thank you for your support these past years and thank you for the encouragement to continue. We will see you this Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in a unique way. I look forward to offering you all my gift of lights.


Don't forget that Sunday will be the last night that our lights will be on!

New Sign

A big shoutout and thanks to the Baker's for showing me this side of the lights! Thanks for letting me use this and showing me how. Don't forget to come by and check out our shows at 630, 730, and 830 and make sure you visit Baker's Christmas Lights page and go see them in the Amelia Estates! Their shows are at 6, 7, 8, and 9pm.

Miraculum 2016

Here is a video from The Hunt's Christmas Blast. I'll be adding a few more as we get closer to Christmas. Come join us this weekend!

Here is one of our songs from the 2016 Christmas show. This is our longest song of the show and one of our favorites. Enjoy!


In just three days the show begins. Nightly shows will run starting Friday through New Years Day. Shows are 630, 730, and 830 each night. Tell your friends! Here is my show lineup for the 2016 Christmas season.

1. Glorious Night by Sidewalk Prophets
2. Jingle Bells by Michael W. Smith
3. Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time by Owl City
4. Run Run Rudolph by Luke Bryan
5. Dueling Jingle Bells by US Navy Band
6. Merry Christmas by Rend Collective
7. Light of Christmas by Owl City
8. Miraculum by Lincoln Brewster
9. Soldiers Silent Night by Father Ted
10. Heart of Christmas by Matthew West
11. Christmas This Year by Toby Mac
12. Merrily on High by Rend Collective

The Hunt's Christmas Blast's cover photo

The Hunt's Christmas Blast's cover photo


Getting closer to the start of another year of lights. I've completed the song list for the show and we will be presenting a 45 minute show three times a night! Most of the music is new and we have added even more lights. You don't want to miss this year. November 25th is the goal to have the first show light up the sky. I will post updates the closer we get.


I know it is August, but...Opening night is only 76 days away! We are hoping to have some new elements this year that will please the soul. You don't want to miss it this year...


Thanks to all you who came out and saw the show this year! I hope everyone enjoyed the show. Next year we plan on making it bigger and better, so we hope to see you then. Happy New Year to you all and we will see you next Christmas season.


Sure is looking like a nice weekend to get out and watch a show. We have three 45 minute shows nightly and it is free! Come by and tune your radio to 91.3.


11350 Hickorynut CT
Amelia Court House, VA


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Loved your light show!
Amazing! Thank you so much.
This was the best year yet!!! Kids were laughing hard at some of the songs. Loved it! Thank you so much and thanks for keeping the soldier song.
Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your display tonight!
We had an amazing time! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
Tanya D. Monroe
Tom Bodett from Manger 6 was on point.
Watching now...theres a total of 4 cars kept secret in Amelia!
Lori Utz this is it
We just wanted to say thank you! The show this year is incredible and I can’t even imagine the work and love that must go into making it what it is. Our girls loved the songs and the lights! Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Gabriel's first movie😀 So cute💞
Kim Chacey this is the one we found this year ❤️❤️