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Ballroom Bliss Dance Studio At Ballroom Bliss Dance Studio we aspire to fill you with a love of ballroom dance! We offer lessons, workshops, and dance parties for pre-teens to adults!

Whether you're looking for a fun night out or private lessons Ballroom Bliss Dance studio is the place for you! Teaching a variety of smooth and rhythm dances our teachers want you to love dancing as much as we do. Some types of dances provided included waltz, rumba, fox trot, cha-cha, and tango. For any questions please call us at 440-371-0053


Hi Friends and Dancers, I had been teaching the last 8 years at a studio near by and also taught at my dance studio, Ballroom Bliss Dance Studio. Unfortunately I was not able to keep that location and have been looking for a new place to hold dances and classes. Nothing seemed to work until recently. Plans are going well for me to have space for soon. I will post when when I can once again teach and of course within the guidelines of the cdc. Thanks so much friends and dancers for staying with and following me. Love to all! 💕💃🙋‍♀️ Happiness is dancing. :-))


Hi Dancers,

We are no longer at the South Amherst site. We are looking for studio space to rent so if anyone knows of something, please let us know. Thank You.🙂

The studio also is looking for dancers interested in teaching/dancing. We are looking specifically looking for male teachers. If you have a friendly disposition, work wll with others, have the time to devote to learning and wish to dance, please private message with best way to contact you and we will be back with you as soon as possible. Happy Happy Dancing..🕺💃


Hi Dancers... Finally after a long time not having my own studio and working at other studio's, i will have new place and many things to tell you, Stay dancing and watch for upcoming news. I'm excited!!!


Hi Friends, I know, its been way longer then i said and thought before i would again have my studio, Keep visiting this sight, In about a month and a half, we may have our little studio. I hope you never miss a chance to dance, dance while you are waiting.


Hi friends of Ballroom Bliss Dance Studio.

I know I have not done much with this fb site, the reason is i had hoped by now to again have my own studio. Currently I am working in another studio and teaching at various places, mostl group classes.

I am still teaching and still loving dance, If anyone hears of somewhere that they think might fit the need. please let me know.

Thanks so much,
Love you all


Somehow the second part of this must have gotten deleted. I do not have time right now to rewrite all that i would like to share, but the agency has given him tickets to sell, called "give aways", The prizes are awesome and many.. a 55" 3D LED t.v. apple ipad, kindle, Nikon Digital Camera, Macy's, The Gap. The Limited, American Express, gift cards.. $75.00 gift cards.. The prizes are definitely worth it, but the cause is even worth it more.. for my son anyway.. I hope you can feel our entheusiasm and a little lucky to purchase one or as many as you like "give away' tickets for a chance to win. The tickets are $5.00 a piece..Many winners and the give aways will make you smile. Thank you in advance for any support in helping him get to New York!! I know your kindness will be a blessing to you as well. Take Care, and whatever else you do, be sure to keep dancing!!



Hi Ballroom Dancers!! I know I have not been on this fb page much, but it is b/c i have not found another studio, I am still using a friends studio in Elyria to teach and also the Splash Zone as well various sites for now.

I have a exciting "bulletin" to share or shall i really say request to ask anyone that maybe interested. I cannot give all the personal information, but i can say this much, I have a son that was very very shy, never talked till after he graduated, The medical term is Selective Mutism, he began talking after he graduated and had his first outside job other then paper route and those things. Several years ago he was approached to do modeling (he is tall and has great cheek bones) but he (we) didn't pursue it b/c you need to be groomed (take classes, which translates money) We did not have the funds for him .. time passed.. and he has had the opportunity again, This time he paid his own way in taking some modeling classes and has graduated. After graduating and receiving a certificate, he was asked if he would like to go to New York to meet with agents from all over, I cannot tell you the thrill and how exciting this is for him as well as for me. Of course no one is born a model and no one is born a actress or actor, so in order to get promoted he has to take classes special for what they want him for and the total trip, hotel, getting him model ready, photo's is $5000.00. The agency has given him "give away" tickets, which i call raffle tickets to sell to earn money so he can get to New York.


Hi Friends and Dancers, well, Finally Finally, I may have a new site, if barganing works i will have a new dance place in mid March. I will keep you updated, for now though, I am still teaching at the Splash Zone in Oberlin and the Elyria Studio, You can still contact me at 440 371 0053 for appointments and details. Miss those that I have not seen since having to close the former studio. I hope to see everyone again!! Stay connected and keep dancing!!


Brides remember, I also teach how to dance in your bridal gown. It is not the same as dancing in a regular non flowing bridal dress. There is a special way to dance with the groom and the father of the bride when you are wearing a gown with a train even if it is pinned up, you still have to be careful. I would love to show brides to be, the perfect way to dance on your wedding day in your bridal gown so you can capture that special moment to cherish forever. Please call enough ahead of time to allow for at least 10 to 12 lessons. You can't learn this in one or two visits. Learning to dance takes time and is not different then learning a instrument. It takes time. Some brides and the groom only want to know how to dance for their wedding and the wedding dance and nothing more. If this is you and your goal is only that, you still need to plan on at least 12 lessons to be able to do this well, and look show stopping good in your pictures. I will show you when to pose for the camera of each figure that makes the perfect picture for your wedding album and memories you will have forever of your very special day. Please give yourself enough time to learn with out that time crunch and panic of not feeling confident when you walk out on the floor.
Don't forget, Call ahead and make your appointment now.


I am still teaching. You can call the Splash Zone in Oberliln and get in the for next 8 week session. You can also call 440 371 0053 for private or group lessons. I teach in various places until I am once again settled in my own space. Private Lessons are still 55.00 for a complete hour. Group lessons vary depending on where I have them and the count, Group lessons normally are 10.00 for the hour but can vary a dollar or two usually down to 8.00 depending on my rental costs to hold the lesson and if I am able to run a special or not.


Dear Dancers and Friends, I apologize for not updating much for Ballroom Bliss Dance Studio/ The reason is I thought for sure by now I would have a new place to rent. I was unable to keep the studio in South Amherst and in August I had a new sight but there was a problem with the building so I opted out. I just don't seem to be able to find something in the area that would work for a good place to dance as well as be affordable. But trust me I am definitely working and working diligently at this. I have others helping me as well. Hold tight, I believe I will find something soon. Thank you for your support and your patience.


Hi ballroom dancers, I still have not found a site for my studio, though I promise you I am looking hard. In the meanwhile, I will be teaching group lessons at SplashZone beginning Oct first. Group lessons are the perfect way to introduce yourself to ballroom without paying the high cost of private lessons. You learn posture, poise, position, frame, arm styling, partner dancing and the basic figures to 6 of the most popular ballroom dances. Once you have a basic fundamental to ballroom dancing then I suggest private lessons. Private lessons are great for beginners too, but it is more expensive to learn just the basics. I always suggest group lessons for the new dancer then once you have the basics or fundamentals moving to private lessons will further you and advance much more quickly. I am also teaching in the Elyria studio for those still wishing to continue with private lessons, however if you are new, check out the group lessons to see if you like dancing, meet other dancers, other couples too, and learn the basics first without paying the higher prices for learning the beginning fundamentals and beginning figures. After that private lessons are a must for the serious dancer.!! Love the dancer in you!!

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Hi Friends, I am back from CA. and I want my dancing friends to know I am in the process of locating a new site for Ballroom Bliss, and will let you know as soon as I find something. If anyone out there knows a place of interest, please let me know that also. I will check out every suggestion. Thanks for patronizing Ballroom Bliss, and keep dancing on.. To dance is to set yourself free.


Hi Friends, I have sad news. tears... the building I rent from on the corner of 113 in the Jazzercise building is being sold to Martial Arts. I am told I have the option to sub-rent from them, but I have not heard from them yet and I don't know that it would work anyway except to have the 4th Sunday of the month parties, More then likely they will have prime time from 4 to 8ish and that was a slight problem for me before not being able to utilize the prime hours for private and lessons. While it is not written in stone yet, I would say I no longer will have Ballroom Bliss or I should say in that building. I am looking now to relocate, For those still wanting private lessons, I am still teaching in the Elyria studio and am still occasionally willing to teach at the students house, depending on the given situation, No worries though Ballroom Bliss is still strong, it just is looking for new housing, and temporarily we will be teaching at different sites, and yes we can also go to your place of employment if cleared by the owner or manager.

Take Care Dancers, and never stop dancing. Remember put all fears behind you; never run from them. Face your fears head on and rise above them! Stay calm and keep dancing!!!


Hi Dancers, Ballroom Bliss is back for dancing, we did not have parties for March and April, (though continued with lessons) but we are having a dance this May, this weekend, Sunday the 24th from 7 to 10pm. Jazzercise, sadly will be moving out so I am going to try to carry the ball alone, it won't be easy, so if anyone in the near by area, Amherst, So Amherst, Lorain, Elyria, and beyond like nearby dancing please come this weekend and contact me about group and private lessons, we want to keep the doors open and we can't do it without you. I never seen anyone dance with a frown, come be a part of the party, one time and your family. Love to all, Dance like every one is watching!!


Hi Dancers this month we will Not have our fourth Sunday of the month dance. We apologize for the inconvenience but hope you will have fun dancing somewhere. We will post our next scheduled dance, so be watching for the post. Take care everyone and have a beautiful day!


Hi Dancers, we had much fun at our group class Friday evening. Each class is dependent of its own so you are welcomed anytime during this 10 week period. As always we appreciate you letting us know prior to class if you plan on being with us. We hope you do.


Group lessons are $10.00 per class or $70.00 when dancers prepay or commit to a series of ten. If you pay as you learn, for every tenth class you receive one private lesson free. We are happy to offer one full hour for both private and group lessons. Please call us at 440 371 0053 to begin your dance journey and to become the dancer you always wanted to be,. We look forward to working with you!


We prefer but do not require payment at the start. You may pay as you learn and every fourth lesson would reflect your savings of $15.00 making the fourth lesson $40.00


Ballroom Bliss teaches a full hour for group lessons, (private group lessons) and couple or individual private lessons (one on one)
Our rates are as follows
Private Lessons $55.00 per hour for couple or single person
If you commit to four lessons you save $15.00
One lesson $55. Two lessons $110, Three lessons $165.00 but the fourth is $205.00 and the cycle repeats. Save $15.00 every fourth lesson.
Fifth Lesson $260 but Eigth Lesson $410. Savings of $30.00...
Twelfth Lesson $615.00 savings of $45.00


Group lessons are ten dollars per person, if you commit to a series of 10 they are only 7.00. We are starting a new series beginning Friday, March 13th at 8 pm. We ask you call ahead so we know you are coming. Also please note we love to have private group lessons. private group lessons are for family members or friends that have an event coming up and want to look their best and be able to dance with others at the event. We know how it is. Many times we attend a wedding, special family function, class reunion or office event. We take private lessons learn to dance really well and then get to our exciting event and find we have no one to dance with because we are the only ones that can. Yes, that was me. Wanting to dance but no one to dance with.
Private group lessons solve the problem. You take them together, learn together, enjoy a family or friends discount and have the privacy of just people you are comfortable with and with whom you will be dancing with. Please call and ask about our speciality, private group lesson. You can start the private group lessons with as little as four and expand up to ten. Best way to go, call now BEFORE your wedding or class reunion. Learning to dance takes time and is one of the best mental releases and enjoyable forms of exercise. It is all good!!!


Hi Dancers, our hours are by appointment. Sometimes we will do sessions for a period of time then break and repeat. Please call me for details and information.


Brides to be, be watching for our special coming up on learning to dance with grace and ease in your bridal gown. Gentlemen this is for you too, to show off your bride while looking great yourself and how dance her in her beautiful gown! Our goal is to give you picture perfect memories for the day you will most be remembered! Your wedding day,


Hi Dancers, I would like to encourage you if your office is having a Christmas or New Year party and you would like to be able to dance with your special partner or with everyone, sign up now for dance class. We will accommodate you with either private lessons or your own private group classe/lessons. The benefit of your own private group class is you will have someone at your level to dance with for your special event or party. We love to hear from you, Call us at 440 371 0053. Get ready for some excitement and a bit of spark into your life. See you on the dance floor!

Ballroom Bliss Dance Studio

Ballroom Bliss Dance Studio

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Ballroom Bliss Dance Studio's cover photo

Hi Dancers!!  It is finally here our Grand Opening. Sunday, September 28th beginning with pot luck and a opening Swing l...

Hi Dancers!! It is finally here our Grand Opening. Sunday, September 28th beginning with pot luck and a opening Swing lesson will be our fourth Sunday of the month dance at Ballroom Bliss. Be among the first 20 people to join our celebration and receive a gift bag compliments of Ballroom Bliss. We are looking forward to seeing so bring a friend, your dancing shoes and join the fun!! see you there.


102 W Main St
Amherst, OH


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