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Time To UnMask You have arrived here for a reason and that is to finally reveal your true self to the world. Experience a 30-day Breakthrough program with Joyce and set yourself free and begin living as you truly desire.

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Wellness Within Reach
Wellness Within Reach

Wellness Within Reach

Welcome to Friday!

What have you embodied fully this week?
What have you been present to?
What has awakened within you?

As a Relationship and Embodiment coach and facilitator, I support people to develop a deeper awareness of themselves through their body's wisdom.

Why is this important?

In your relationships, if you are not aware of your body's response to another, there is a disconnect or disassociation. Your body constantly provides you with feedback, direction, and choice that supports your growth, development, and range.

For example, you are having a conversation as to what to have for dinner. Your pattern may be to defer to the other OR ensure you have what you want.

Embodying the sensations that arise, you become aware of what motivators control your behavior and outcome. Did you give your power away? Did you ensure your desires were met?

Even before you open your mouth, your body has sent you signals 17 seconds before. This is the truth of who you are being either as a way of protecting yourself or sustaining a pattern. There could also be the two parts of yourself; one that falls back into old habits and the part that wants to transform.

If you are ready to look deeper within yourself through your body's wisdom and transform into your beautiful, powerful self, schedule a call with me through my website: www.AwakenWellnessWithinReach.com

I have included a video below by my Embodiment teacher, Mark Walsh, explaining what embodiment is. I am also available to discuss embodiment as it applies to you personally or as a part of your offerings.

Embody each and every moment, being present, awake, and empowered.


Wellness Within Reach

Wellness Within Reach

When we crave closeness with our partner it is not all about physical proximity. Intimacy between people has a power of its own.

How free do you feel to show up as yourself in vulnerable moments?

Feb 1 launch of the Self Love Challenge.  Keep watching.  Until then consider the message in the blue square and share p...

Feb 1 launch of the Self Love Challenge. Keep watching. Until then consider the message in the blue square and share privately or in community. Also feel free to post this on your page.

Wellness Within Reach

Wellness Within Reach

Happy weekend out there. The 21 Day Self Love Challenge is closing in.

Here is today's prompt in the center of the graphic.

When my heart feels expansive and open I am thriving.
When my heart feels small, heavy, and closed, I am surviving.
DM me where your heart is today.

This week we focus on the heart energy center. Come with your Human Design chart by going to https://freehumandesignchar...
Holiday Embodiment Self-Care & Your Super Powers: Heart/Resource Center

This week we focus on the heart energy center. Come with your Human Design chart by going to https://freehumandesignchart.com/ We will be discussing what it means to be "Open" and "Defined" plus ways to embody this energy center so that it supports our desire to use our strengths in life, business and relationships.

Wed, Jan 6, 2021, 7:00 PM: If you want to learn more about who you and how to listen to your body, join us for some unique self-care practices and information to help you understand what's happening i


We are about to embark on a new year in another day.

Do you have a plan for your self-love practice?

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful way to nurture your whole body, mind, sou,l and spirit AND there is nothing you need to do but lie down, relax, and let go.

This may be the most challenging practice you do or have ever done.

Join us each Tuesday evening 8:00 cst for an hour of blissfully doing nothing while being guided on a journey inward to your deepest levels of existence.

You can also get your FREE 21 Day Self-Love challenge from my website: Awaken Wellness Within Reach
Go to Programs then Offerings to get your copy. Feel free to share it with others and do the challenge together.

Happy New Year!


Happy Post Thanksgiving.  Like many holidays, they have a way of showing us the parts of ourselves that need healing.  G...

Happy Post Thanksgiving. Like many holidays, they have a way of showing us the parts of ourselves that need healing. Growing up, I created the story that I don't matter. As a young adult, I believed that what mattered to me or what I cared about didn't matter to others. As a mother, I put the family first and ignored my own needs. Now as a single empty nester, I am learning what it means and looks like to love myself and really feel that I matter. The contributions I have made to others, who I am in my relationships, and what matters to me is known and felt by others. How do you show up for yourself and others based on a very old belief that is challenging you to step out of your comfort zone into the life awaiting you? Complimentary 30 min consult when you DM. Take care with self love this holiday season.


Hello TTUM attendees!
Its been over a week since the event and love to have you share what you put in place this week for yourselves. Was there a sense of seeing your life in a new way the following days? What might you have been on the fence about and now diving into? Any thoughts big or small are welcome in this space to support one another and perhaps spark something for another. We are not on this planet alone and living lives unique to ourselves. What we experience has value for others. Please share!

I am also looking to have a Time To UnMask 2 in May. Love to hear a "I'm in!" Keep the momentum flowing with where you are headed.

You can message me to contact any of the speaking if you don't have their information including myself for a discovery session and ways in which we can support you.

Here is the lineup from the event:
Karen Baker
Maria Carbonell
Jonathan England
Joyce Ayers
Becca Cummings
Garima Seth

If you have a need for support in programs you are offering and your business here are the folks behind the scenes:
John Files - marketing
Spencer Conklin -music, tech, computers
Glenn Price - coaching, golf
Mel Love - women's coaching
Suzanne Rollen - art
Brandi Clark Burton - coaching


Joyce created an opportunity at Time To Unmask for people to step into a new experience of themselves, through movement, imagination, and connection with others. She set the tone of possibility for the evening by sharing her past patterns and how they had limited her, as well as how she's shifting into being more authentic and connected, which allows others to do the same. She created a safe, healing space for everyone to connect inwardly and outwardly, and find some new forms of self-expression. ~Becca Cummings


LOST KEYS last night a black remote with a red Toyota tag was lost and may have been placed in your goodie bag. Please have a look and let me know if you find it. Many thanks appreciated.

Whether you were able to make the event last night or not our speakers where incredible with their sharing, guidance, vi...
Earthwaking University | Find Your Life's Purpose | Get Paid for Being You / Earthwaking University

Whether you were able to make the event last night or not our speakers where incredible with their sharing, guidance, vision for what's possible for us, and leadership. Jonathan England of Earthwaking University shared about the 5 Levels we live in and as we grow personally and spiritually we see our lives from the inside out. You can get more of what Jonathan shared by going to Joyce.Earthwaking.com
Loads of freebies and 2 tickets to his Awaken Life Live event April 3-5 at the Fairmont Hotel. Check out the link below to access the tickets and freebies. Love having you folks at the event and those who expressed an interest who could not be with us another TTUM is in the works. Enjoy the day and afterglow from a wonderful evening.

Awesome evening last night for those in attendance and the powerhouse speakers!  You all rocked it out and now rolling s...
[NEW!] Empowering Austin Now Workshop Series XIX: CONSCIOUS MAGIC!

Awesome evening last night for those in attendance and the powerhouse speakers! You all rocked it out and now rolling smoothly through the day today. If you missed last night, know there will be another event in a few months I am already creating.

We had some give aways at the end and one to put out here now for everyone to enjoy. Louis Brantmeyer is having his Empowering Austin Now event tomorrow, Sunday Feb 9th and has 3 tickets to give away today for the FIRST 3 PEOPLE WHO MESSAGE HIM DIRECLTY!
His events are powerful with great content. Be sure to jump on this offer right away.


Are you ready to easily, effortlessly, and powerfully manifest and create more of everything you could possibly want in your life - peace, joy, love, money, et cetera? Are you ready to push the EASY button in life? It's time for Magic. COME THRIVE WITH US at Empowering Austin Now: Conscious Magic! E...

Aaja Nachle - bollywood dance club

Today we are Featuring Garima Seth.

Garima Seth is the founder and choreographer at Aaja Nachle US dance group. She has been teaching advanced bollywood choreography as well as fun bolly workout classes to kids and adults since the last 6 years in the US. She ran an independent dance studio in California and in Texas she runs classes in the Cedar Park and Round Rock area. Her dance group performs at Zilker park, The Domain and many other amazing events all round the year.
Her mission in life is to ignite the passion for dancing in everyone's heart. To her, music and dance is an art, a therapy, and form of healing, and a very fun way to express oneself. So let's explore dance therapy with Garima.
Find her at www.facebook.com/AajaNachleUS
[email protected]

Shimmy and shake and get into shape in Bollywood style!.
Dance classes available for children, adults, and couples. Private classes can also be arranged.


We are days away from this amazing event with powerful speakers, music and dancing. Click the link to register while there is still room. Even though the payment says Paypal, follow the steps to the end and use a credit card if you choose. We look forward to your presence and energy celebrating YOU!

Today we are featuring Karen Baker.Since 1994, Karen has pioneered business coaching, women's communication workshops an...

Today we are featuring Karen Baker.

Since 1994, Karen has pioneered business coaching, women's communication workshops and women's business education in the U.S and Europe.

Karen guides local owners to create exciting action plans for growth in profitability, leadership, customer experience and exit strategy.

Her tough and unreasonable coaching transitions you, as owner, from "Chief cook and bottle-washer" to Executive Owner, presiding over a commercial, profitable enterprise that runs without you.

This allows you, the owner, to focus your attention on areas of greatest enjoyment, creative expression and personal satisfaction. For a complimentary Business Strategy Session, contact Karen at https://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-leba-baker-8367379/

I have had the pleasure of receiving Maria's wisdom and treatments that provided me with energy, purpose and joy in my l...

I have had the pleasure of receiving Maria's wisdom and treatments that provided me with energy, purpose and joy in my life. What you lack can be found within.

Maria Carbonell is a sacred guide back to our spiritual nature and a leader in the divine feminine medicine movement to heal our body, life, relationship and environment.
As an Ayurvedic educator, consultant and soul life coach she believes in a woman's power to heal and transform the pain of the past into a life of meaning and purpose.
Ayurveda saved her from a downward spiral of self-neglect, people pleasing and exhaustion. She's on a mission to awaken the forgotten wisdom of beauty and the power of our radiant soul.
Her Radiant Lifestyle Program starts Spring 2020, details here www.samaayurveda.com

6 years ago I began my journey to seek the next thing in life once I would become an empty nester in a few year. That jo...

6 years ago I began my journey to seek the next thing in life once I would become an empty nester in a few year. That journey began with discovering what is it I am passionate about beyond raising my family, supporting our business and volunteering in the community. After 4 months of soul searching I found the program "Soul Coaching" which helped me discover how resilient I had been living by being disassociated to my feelings and needs. I very much enjoyed serving others while forgetting to serve myself for many years.

Fast forward to today....I have completed my full coaches training, 500 level yoga training, fully certified Thai Yoga Therapy, Reiki Master, Landmark graduate and many, many other trainings. They where all exciting, helped me with my personal grow, expanded my view of myself and the world, built connections and yet I still struggled to put myself first, vulnerably expressing myself, and knowing who I am deep down.

I have finally taken the steps to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone with public motivational speaking, collaborations, and in particular my first official event after being in Austin the past two years. I have received a tremendous amount of support, encouragement and connections through the community in Austin that I wanted to give back by creating my own event to help others on their personal journey.

Supporting others for many years with their events has prepared me to launch my own called "Time To UnMask". Surprised! I am taking this next step in my life to unmask from hiding who I have thought I should be in order to feel loved, accepted and valued. What is in me wants to finally shine brightly and be seen, as scary as that feels, I am going to "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways" as Susan Jeffers wrote. It's TIME to stop holding back, play it safe, and play small. Opportunities are opening up, leaderships roles presenting themselves and my voice wants to speak loud and clear. (at least I hope so come Feb 7th :-)

Check out the link below for more information about the event and to register. Some of you know me with brown hair and others only with while hair. The brown was colored for many years like I was hiding and the white an expression of my freedom to be who I am discovering all I am capable of. Join me Feb 7 to express yourself and discover all you can be and live a full rich live.


Jonathan England - Power of Purpose speaker with Earthwaking University

Jonathan England - Power of Purpose speaker with Earthwaking University

Mel Love - greeter and logistics assistant

Mel Love - greeter and logistics assistant

Our awesome team members Melinda Love will be blessing you with her warmth and vibrant energy as you are welcomed into t...
Home | Waking Women Circle

Our awesome team members Melinda Love will be blessing you with her warmth and vibrant energy as you are welcomed into the space for the evenings events. Here is a power nugget of who she is and has become.

" Mel Love is VP of Earthwaking University, Co-Founder of the Tree of Life, Founder of Waking Women Circle, 3 dimensional transformation leader, Divine Relationships expert, Paradigm Therapist and tenacious fempreneur on a mission to guide women home to their natural divine feminine state.

She believes the True feminine essence is activated, embodied and powerfully expressed only through Sovereign Surrender.

The once comfortably numb, small town dental hygienist has flipped the switch from consumer to creator. Mel Love is an expert in personal transformation, building community, authentic relationships and living on purpose.

Mel’s childhood blueprint was saturated with deeply rooted abundance and self worth deficiencies, in adulthood, she learned to use the “American Dream” to build a cage around herself. When she discovered that the handle was on the inside, she walked out on her 2 decade long relationship and career and jumped into the abyss taking nothing with her. She spent the next few years reinventing herself; rebirthing as the butterfly that the caterpillar had to give its life to become.

“I don’t even know who I am anymore” is the most common phrase that the women that Mel works with express to her. This phrase fuels her passion for leading them home to themselves. The reason women feel they have lost themselves is because they never knew who they were in the first place. She has a unique process and modalities to help her clients expose and unattach from their “heirloom blueprint”, so that they can claim the authentic, abundant, purposeful and fulfilling life that they were created for.

Mel Love is deeply committed to creating a world full of peace, love, joy, purpose and abundance for everyone by empowering mom’s, wives and daughters to lead the way."

Melinda Love, Paradigm Therapist
Vice President, Earthwaking University // Founder, Waking Women Circle
850-691-5389 | [email protected]

"Mel has had a powerful impact on my life in the short time I've known her! She really walks the path and does the work and therefore is a true lighthouse. Being part of Waking Women Circle has been such a blessing and is allowing me to grow my wings! So grateful ... "


Happy Friday y'all!
Time To UnMask has already reached 50 Likes!!!!
I am very grateful to all the "Liked" people. By the end of this week can you help us get to 100+ Likes?
I ask you to share the event on your page and ask others to like it as well.

Time to UnMask is an evening to be free and released from the mask we wear in life that hides our true essence and uniqueness. We are not meant to blend in but rather shine radiantly.

Register today and ask your friends to join you for this very fun, awakening and engaging event. Take in the speakers and activities by participating, engaging or observing. Its your experience and your choice how you would like to make that happen.

We provide the venue at Casa de Luz, the motivational speakers and lively very engaging activities. Register and commit to your evolution by showing up "on the court" and begin a new journey with clarity and action for 2020.


1701 Toomey Rd
Austin, TX


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Time To UnMask

Empowering individuals into action to create the possibility of expressing yourself fully.

Embrace your power and unleash your desire for the future you are after. Hear powerful messages and learn actions to propel you forward. Share yourself through a variety of experiences ranging from inner awareness embodiment practices, to drumming and Bollywood dancing. Join in where you feel compelled. Be an observer, engage a little or be all in. Take this opportunity to stretch yourself beyond your usual patterns with the support of impactful speakers and engaging activities.

This event is offered to those desiring to make a powerful change in their lives, whether you are still on the fence, have been sampling personal development practices and ready for more, or are all in. Join us February 7th to create the future you desire.

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