Cleburne workingmans Tournament

Cleburne workingmans Tournament Tuesday night Workingmans Tournaments No membership dues, 100% payback $40.00 entry, includes Big Bass. Over 6lb pot is $10.00 and rolls over if not broken 6:00pm shotgun start 5 fish limit


Good evening,
Looking forward to seeing everybody out fishing tomorrow evening. Unfortunately we have been dropping off boats the past few weeks. We only continue to run the tournament if we maintain a 10 boat avg. I understand covid has had a huge impact on our Tuesday nights. With that being said tomorrow will be our last Tuesday night of the year. Unless we have more than 9 boats. Hope to see everybody out there! Stay safe and tight lines.


Anybody going to fork this Sunday for bass champs?


Who’s all coming out tonight?


I have had a few inquiriesabout this evening. Yes we will be fishing tonight. Shotgun start at 6pm l. Hope to see everybody out tonight. Stay safe will see y’all tonight.


Should be a decent day for fishing. Who’s all planning on fishing tonight?


Looking forward to seeing everybody out tonight!


Good morning ladies and gentleman,
It’s currently raining. It should be done by the time we are ready to start fishin! Hope to see everyone out tonight. Have a great day and stay safe.


Good morning ladies and gents,
Since the governor of Texas is lifting the stay at home order officially on Thursday. We will begin fishing our weekly Tuesday night tournaments! Making May 5th or first Tuesday night tournament. Please remember there is no prefishing the day of the tournament. Hope to see everybody out on the water! Stay safe and god bless.


After receiving information that having an organized fishing tournament on lake pat cleburne is in fact against the mayors orders. We will no longer have Tuesday night fishing tournaments. Until the covid 19 restrictions have been lifted or until Mayor Scott Cain contacts us. Until then stay safe and stay isolated. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.


24 March 2020 results

1st Bryan + Chase w/ 9.75
2nd Colby + Nick w/ 7.25
3rd mike Millsap w/ 4.28
4th Arron + Dean w/ 4.28
B.B. Cody + nick w/ 7.25
6+lb pot was not broken again this week. Nick and Cody did not buy into the 6lb pot again. Leaving it available for the next angler. There’s $400 in the 6+lb pot.

I do apologize for the late post. Iv had a few large things on my plate this week. Thank you for understanding and hope to see everybody out today!


Good morning ladies and gents,
We will be having our Tuesday night cleburne working mans tourney. We will also be practicing social distancing. If you have a mask and gloves please wear them. Hand sanitizer will be provided at check in. Only one person at check in at a time please. After checking in you will immediately launch your boat. Please wait for the shotgun start sitting on the lake. Beaching is allowed but please stay in your boat. For weigh in at 8:30 we will call names in random order off the check in list. This will prevent any close an unnecessary contact. I understand all of this is a little over the top. We are trying our best to be able to keep this going every Tuesday night. Please let me know if you have any other ideas that may help this event be on the safer side of things. Thank you for your time and have a great rest your day. Hope to see everybody out tonight!


Supposed to have great weather tomorrow! Hope to see everyone out fishing!


17 March 2020 results!

We had a great turn out with potentially bad weather. 13 boats showed up to fish this Tuesday!

1st was Ky and EK w/ 10.43
2nd was Marti and dean w/ 10.35
B.B. Cody and nick w/ 6.43

6+ lb pot was not broken this week leaving $230 waiting for someone with a big fish. Yes Cody and nick caught a 6.43 but they were not in the 6+ lb pot leaving it available for the next angler. Give a round of applause to nick and Cody for being so nice and leaving that money for someone else. Hope to see everybody out next Tuesday! Until then stay safe and enjoy your social isolation!


As long as there are 10 boats willing to fish tonight..... we will run the weekly tournament. Looks as if we already have 7 committed so I’m 95% sure we will run it even if it is raining. See y’all tonight and stay safe!

If y’all are over 90% sure you’re making it this evening please post on here. Everyone is always thinking that nobody is going to show. See y’all tonight ladies and gentleman!


Results of 3-10-2020
14 boats entered yesterday
1st place was Dan with 7.98
2nd place was Marty and dean w/ 4.30
Big bass was caught by Dan 3.17
No 6+ lb bass was caught leaving $120 in the pot for next week! Excited to get this year rolling! Hope to see more boats out next week! Thank you to everybody who showed up and fished!


Good afternoon,
Looking forward to seeing everybody tonight! We will be at the boat ramp behind the golf course. All love wells will be checked prior to the shotgun start at 6. Hope all is well! See y’all tonight and good luck!


Good morning ladies and gents,
Just wanted to give everybody a heads up for March 10th! March 10th will be our first Tuesday night working mans tournament. As always it will be held at lake pat cleburne. Shotgun start at 6pm and end at 9 pm. Please remember that you have to be in line with your fish by 9pm. This is a 5 fish tournament. Dead fish will not be weighed. Min length will be 14 inches. Can be fished solo or team. Prices are per a boat. $40 entry fee, $10 big bass (optional) and $10 6+ lb pot (optional)! The 6+ lb pot will roll over to the next week if not broken. We have seen this pot roll over $1000 before. Hope everyone had a great off season! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the ramp!


Lake Whitney 10-19-19 results

Bryan and Taylor won with 17.55 lb
Dinnis and hunter took 2nd w/ 15.83
Benny and Shelly took 3rd w/ 15.53
Big bass was won w/ 7.47 by Tyler
There were 3 fished weighed in over 7lbs
Thank you to everybody that came out and participated!
Also if anybody has any info about the damage done to the boat in the parking lot please let me know. The boat was scratched by someone pulling out of the parking lot.


Alright ladies and gentleman lake Whitney won the poll!!! We shall put in at cedar creek park boat ramp on Saturday the 19th! Safe light till 3pm. No dead fish will be weighed! Weigh in will open at 2:50pm at exactly 3:05 the last team/ person in the weigh in line will be the last person weighed. Prices are per a boat not per a person. $60 entry $20 big bass. 5 fish limit 14” min. 100% payout! This is an OPEN tournament and all are welcome!


October 19th 7am shotgun start to 1pm. 5 fish limit, 14” min, no dead fish will be weighed, be in line no later than 12:59pm. Livewell will be checked before launch, no live bait. 100% payout, 1 spot for every 5 boats, ie 9 boats= 1 spot 10 boats= 2 spots. You can fish solo or team. Prices are per a boat. $60 entry fee, $10 B.B. optional. Had to make an amend to the date as I was informed I will be out of town the 12th. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Putting feelers our for a Saturday tournament on October 12th. Who would be interested in something like this? Safe light to 1pm? $60 buy in, $10 B.B?


Last tourney of the year will be August 20th. Only two weeks left of our Tuesday night tournaments.


Who’s all making it out today?


Who’s all making it out today to fish? Come enjoy one of the last below 100+ days here in Texas! Looking forward to seeing everybody out there!


Good evening,

Results from 6-25-19

1st mark + John w/ 11.51
2nd Marti + Arron w/ 9.47
B.B. Bryan + Nick w/ 5.9

Congrats gentleman
6+ was not broken leaving $110 in the pot.
Hope to see everybody out next week!


Good evening,

Results from 6-18-19

1st KY + Lyod w/ 16.45
2nd Jackie + mason w/ 13.00
B.B. and 6+ Phillip w/ 8.21

Congrats everybody!


Good morning,
Results 6-11-19

1st Arron w/ 10.56
2nd Bryan + Chris w/ 10.03
3rd Cory + Garrett w/ 8.47
B.B. Mark Williams w/ 5.72

Congrats gentleman!

6+ pot is at $120 after this week! Hope to see everybody out this Tuesday the 18th! Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there as well!


Good morning,
Results from 6-4-19

1st Phillip + Ethan w/ 18.21
2nd Arron + Marti w/ 15.13
3rd Jim Edwards w/ 10.41
B.B. + 6lb+ pot was Phillip + Ethan w/ 7.64

Congrats gentleman sorry for the late post.


6-8-19 Saturday morning fishing tournament. 5:45am- 10am, 5 fish, team or solo. $40 entry $10 big bass. Please comment on this post if you’re planning on making it!


Would anybody be interested in a tourney on Saturday? Safe light till 10am? Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in doing. I have to be at work by noon that’s why the cut off would be 10am.


Good morning,
We had a great day of fishing last Tuesday. The 6+ pot was not broken again this week making it a total of 4 weeks of not being broken. Leaving 320 in the pot!

Results from 5-28-19

1st Marti & Arron w/ 12.23
2nd Nick & Doug w/ 12.06
B.B. Mike & Cal w/ 5.12

Congrats gentleman! Hope to see everybody this next Tuesday!


Looks like decent weather for our Tuesday fishing tournament l!!! Who’s all planning on making it out this week?


Good morning,
Results from 5-21-19

We only had 12 boats this Tuesday. It was windy at first but it died off quickly and made for an amazing day of fishing.

1st Mike and Cal w/ 13.95
2nd Marti and Arron w/ 13.03
B.B. for the first time ever was a tie @5.39
Between Bryan & Chris/ Scott & Clay
6+ pot was not broken again for the 3rd time leaving $240 in the pot!

Congrats gentleman and hope to see everybody out next week.


Looking like it’s going to be great fishing weather today.....

Show of hands who’s all going to make it this evening?


Good evening,
5-14-19 results
We had 13 boats this evening and a few new faces! Thank you everybody who came out!
1st pickle and Alex w/ 14.61
2nd nick and Doug w/ 10.92
B.B. pickle and Alex w/ 4.43
6+ was not broken again this week! Leaving $180 in the pot! Not bad for 1 fish!

The weather was great today! Little wind with stained water! Those of y’all that missed out hope to see y’all next week! Thank you again for everybody coming out every week and making this an enjoyable event. Weigh in will be at 9pm next week. So a little more time to fish.


Lake Pat
Cleburne, TX


(817) 773-5235


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Is there anyone on this page that knows how to get a hold of the guy that runs the Alvarado tournament? Needing to know how this tournament will go and where it’s going to be at. The guys got rained out last week and were wondering how the money is going to go this week. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated
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Anyone fishing tonight and need a partner my boat is in the shop
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Is the tournament still on for today looks like the weather is going to be decent?
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