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Our monthly meeting & spaghetti dinner were a success last evening. Thank you to all of the members who baked, board members who cooked & served, Bobby Wilcox for making the delicious sauce, & the Buffalo Touch for providing the evening's entertainment! We love our Buffalo Polka Booster family!

Prepping food for the meeting this evening.....come hungrrry!!!!!!

Prepping food for the meeting this evening.....come hungrrry!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Thursday & enjoying the sounds of John Gora!

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Thursday & enjoying the sounds of John Gora!

Polka Boosters's cover photo

Polka Boosters's cover photo


Buffalo Polka Booster meeting this Thursday February 21,2013 at 8:00. Come out & enjoy an evening of great friends, music, and dancing!!!


Please remember that the Buffalo Polka Booster Picnic is this Sunday from 2-7p.m. at George Lamm Post. This is an organization who supports Buffalo polka music and local bands all year....now come out and show your support for this club!!! Admission is $20.00 for members and $25.00 for non-members. Price includes music, food, pop and beer!


Remember Polka Booster Meeting tomorrow.....be there by 7:30!!!!!!!!!!

All of my Wheeling , Pittsburgh, and in between friends....Like this page!!!!!
Dyngus Day Pittsburgh

All of my Wheeling , Pittsburgh, and in between friends....Like this page!!!!!

Get the latest information on Dyngus parties in and around Pittsburgh & Western PA.

Ok, lets hear your best caption for this picture.

Ok, lets hear your best caption for this picture.


A great big "Thank You" goes out to Chris Tanski, board members, club members and eveyone that participated to make the 41st Polka Boosters picnic a success!

Dyngus Day 2011 Kick Off

Dyngus Day 2011 Kick Off

Dave "Scrubby" Seweryniak, Mark Trzepacz and the Piatkowski Brothers perform at Pvt. Leonard Post in Cheektowaga


Lets go Sabres!


32 Days until Dyngus Day!!!!


69 Days until Dyngus Day!!!!

We had a great time last night at the Polka Boosters meeting. City Side played and sounded great. Dont forget, The Buffa...

We had a great time last night at the Polka Boosters meeting. City Side played and sounded great.

Dont forget, The Buffalo Touch is playing this Sunday at the Sportsman Tavern starting at 4pm. Stop by and support your local polka musicians.


As reported by Polka Jammer Network:

It is with great sadness to announce that Nellie Guzevich, the matriarch of the Polka Family, passed away around 5:30am Eastern Time this morning after a brief illness.
She was 73 years old.

Funeral arrangements are pending. Please keep her family in your prayers.


A video from the Celebration of Life for Jerry Darlak last night. It was an amazing time. Sorry about the poor quality as I took the video with my phone.

Lenny Gomulka - Witchdoctor

A great Lenny video here.


I found something a little special at the end of " The Witchdoctor Polka" by Lenny...Jean Wagner toasting Lenny because at the time this was his USPA retirement performance. Jean Was the USPA President from 1989-2002. Sadly she passed away during back surgery in August of 2002. She is greatly...


Only 7 months and 25 days until Dyngus Day 2011.


(Featuring Jerry Darlak & the "Touch", "Concertina All Stars",
"Bedrock Boys", "Quality Sound", "Rare Vintage", "City Side", "Knewz"
and "New Direction" Band with "Scrubby") - 1:00PM - Lamm Manor Picnic
Grove, 962 Wehrle Drive, Williamsville - $18/Member; $20/Guest - Chris
Tanski (892-7977)


Remember Polka Boosters Meeting Tonight!!
Same time --same place!!!
8:00 pm with the Knewz---guaranteed to be a great time!!!

Remember to call/email and reserve your tickets for the Polka Booster Picnic!
Sunday August 8th
Tickets $18.00/members and $20.00/non-members.

Chris Tanski 716-892-7977 or Ron Moscoe 716-773-6387


Depew, NY

Opening Hours

Thursday 20:00 - 22:30


  • Walkins


  • Drinks


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You'll love today's Center Stage polka show at 4 pm et, 3 pm ct! Join me & listen to an hour of fantastic polka music!
You'll love today's Center Stage polka show at 4 pm et, 3 pm ct! Join me & listen to an hour of fantastic polka music!
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In honor of our late friend Jimmy "Shorts" Grochala, everyone is asked to wear shorts to the Clinton Bar & Grill for the Mother's Day polka party there. Get the word out!
WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE !!. Did anyone else catch this on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher on 04-24-18 ?? Bill Maher was doing a skit about how bad of an attorney Michael Cohan is. Maher said Cohan even had billboards out there to prove it and this was one of the billboards Maher’s intellectual staff came up with: **JEWISH NAME **ITALIAN ATTITUDE **POLISH STRATEGY !!! What the *F*?? Is Bill Maher taking lessons from Anderson Cooper?? This is not only degrading to Polish Ethnicity but offensive, not just to Poles, but to mankind at large. By using “Polish Strategy” in this context, insinuates a stereotype that Poles are Stupid, Dumb, Feebleminded. The only thing that makes me a dumb P***k, is watching this idiot and that ends today. I’ve been looking for contact information for Maher, but all I find is FaceBook and Twitter, none of which do I see where you can supply feedback, thus I found a contact for HBO who televises, “Real Time With Bill Maher”. If you feel strongly about this, PLEASE provide feedback about HBO programming, as I did, to [email protected]. Polish people should amass and vent their opposition about this parody. Bottom line, HBO & Bill Maher owe us (The Polish) an apology for this slanderous remark. I'm PROUD TO BE POLISH
POLKA REUNION TIME AT ST. ANNE'S SAUSAGE FEST! It is time for all those 'polka' people ... musicians, wives, families ... dancers and polka lovers ... to come together on Sat, Sep 23 for a reunion! You have PLENTY of time to plan to be there! ==> Do the shopping on Friday night! ==> Visit your parents/kids on Sunday! ==> PLAN to be there SATURDAY EVENING from 6-11 PM! Call your friends ... IT IS FREE ... (well, the beer & food will cost you) ... and there is PLENTY of room in the THREE joined tents! Let's see how many people we can gather for a FUN and FRIENDSHIP night prior to the busy time of the holidays and winter! Let's PARTY! https://www.facebook.com/thekielbasakings/posts/1696450440366109 https://www.facebook.com/events/349996028789514
Polka music on Pandora Radio is continuing to become a reality - Sunshine Diversified Ent. has now had 23 albums "accepted" by the online radio service, with some 16 albums already "live"! In addition to GRAMMY nominated, influential band Toledo Polkamotion now being available, the following bands are also currently "live" & ready to reach new audiences (as Pandora has ~70 million listeners!): - Toledo Polkamotion (3 albums live); - Jerry Darlak & the Touch (5 albums live, 1 more "accepted" & waiting to be listed); - John Gora & Gorale (2 albums live, 2 more waiting to be listed); - Walter Ostanek (3 albums live, 2 more waiting to be listed); - The Dynatones (2 albums listed); - Dennis Polisky & the Maestro's Men (1 album listed); - Frank Yankovic (1 album listed); - The Buffalo Touch (1 album listed). Here's a song from one of those albums now reaching millions of people across the world... Song: Country Roads Polka Band: Toledo Polkamotion Album: Blackjack
Come join us, the @theKielbasaKings, and the Detroit Tigers to celebrate Polish-American Night at Comerica Park this Friday, May 19 from around 5:30-6:40 pm. We will be at Gate B (the southwest corner, near Grand Circus Park, near Cheli's Chili Bar). Good music, good friends and the eventual winners of the 2017 World Series ... the Detroit Tigers! We will be inside the gate so you will have to purchase game tickets, but there will be a ceremony on the field prior to the game with dance troupes and dignitaries. Hope to see you at Polish-American Night @ Comerica Park!
Come join us, the @NewGenerationPolkaBand, at the St. Stephen Polish Festival in New Boston, a little bit southwest of DTW airport. We will be playing from 12 noon to 3:30. The festival is FREE and you have no excuse to miss this 1st public gig for the band in 2017 An interesting description of the band is on the link below: "Roger Wodkowski became the leader in 1914 to bring the "Big Band" sound to the masses." Well, I think they are off by a few decades and scores! Polkas, waltzes, obereks, big band, ballads & some pop is our repertoire for the afternoon. Hope to see you ... come buy the band a beer!