Kelly School of Traditional Irish Dance

Kelly School of Traditional Irish Dance The Kelly School of Traditional Irish dance has been bringing Irish Dance and culture to hundreds of South Bay children for over 35 years. The school was originally started by Joan Kelly, who has handed down the celtic traditions and teachings to her twin daughters Claire and Carol.

Together, the Kelly family continues to bring irish culture and tradition to children of the south bay in a warm family atmosphere. The school is under the direction of Claire Kelly Maxwell, TCRG, Joan Kelly, TCRG, and Carol Kelly Pirsztuk, TCRG. The Kelly School performs at events throughout the South Bay and Los Angeles. Our students have been successful at the local, national and world level competitions. We have had ceili teams represented at the North American Championships and the World Championships and each year we have soloists qualify for the World Championships.

Mission: The Kelly School of Traditional Irish Dance believe irish dance gives their students the qualities needed for success in life both on and off the dance floor. Life lessons are learned, confidence and poise are gained, concentration, coordination and discipline are developed and most importantly life-long friendships are made.

Operating as usual

Thank you Claddagh for running a fantastic and safe feis.   Your volunteers were gracious and kind.   Congratulations to...

Thank you Claddagh for running a fantastic and safe feis. Your volunteers were gracious and kind. Congratulations to all my dancers. I love seeing your smiling faces.

Western U.S. Region Irish Dance

Western U.S. Region Irish Dance

Western United States Regional Council, Inc.
November 25, 2020

Dear Western Region Dancers,
The Executive Board of the Western US Region recently met to discuss the feasibility of hosting a qualifying Oireachtas in January 2021.
After thoroughly discussing current and pending COVID-19 restrictions within our region, the board voted unanimously to cancel the Oireachtas for this year.
Several factors were taken into consideration when making this decision, including:
• Facilitating fair and equal competition for all dancers in our region; including those residing in areas where the closure of non-essential businesses has forced dance studios to stay shuttered and travel restrictions are in place.
• The health and safety of our dancers, families, and teachers, as infection rates continue to rise; and health and governmental authorities warn of worsening conditions in the next few months.
• General Rule 8(b) in the World syllabus, which states, “Recognition as a Qualifying event for Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2021 may not be given to a Regional Oireachtas (at) which: Attendance at the Oireachtas is restricted, resulting in all dancers in a Region being unable to attend due to COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed by the local or national Health Authority of the area,”

This was not a decision that we came to lightly. We are aware and share the pain you are all suffering under this pandemic.
While it is understood that some areas of the region are doing better than others in regards to restrictions, infection rates and hospital capacities, we have an obligation to consider the circumstances of every dancer and teacher in the Western U.S. Region.
Please note that all dancers who qualified in 2019 will retain their qualification for the 2021 World Championships; and we are exploring the possibility of an online Regional Championships (non-qualifying) via the Video Feis platform, recently approved by CLRG for beta-testing by regional councils.
If you have made a hotel reservation, that one-night deposit is fully refundable.
We hope to be able to see everyone in the near future, when we get to the other side of this pandemic.
In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy and have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.
- The Western US Region Executive Board

Unfortunately the Oireachtas has been canceled this year.   Let’s look to the future and have hope for next year!!

Unfortunately the Oireachtas has been canceled this year. Let’s look to the future and have hope for next year!!

Las Vegas Championships

Las Vegas Championships

♠️ Today is the late registration deadline ♠️
Join us in Las Vegas, November 21st and 22nd for the Las Vegas championships!
Register at
We can’t wait to see you all!

Rose Academy of Irish Dance

Rose Academy of Irish Dance



CLRG Irish Dancing Commission

CLRG Irish Dancing Commission

Please see the attached for important announcement regarding our two 2021 CLRG flagship events.

We recognize and celebrate your commitment to Irish Dancing and your love of the art form.

We are doing all we can to provide you with alternative ways to enjoy Irish Dancing and to #IrishDanceTogether - please watch for more news in the upcoming weeks.

We are ALL looking forward to the day we can all rejoin in person to dance together.

#irishdancetogether #clrg #oireachtasnews

Great day at the CIDA feis.  Congratulations Delany, Ella and Myka and Lily.   Thank you for a fantastic feis CIDA!

Great day at the CIDA feis. Congratulations Delany, Ella and Myka and Lily. Thank you for a fantastic feis CIDA!

Love seeing them smile.  Halloween fun!

Love seeing them smile. Halloween fun!


Monday’s class brought us the dancing T-Rex Love you Abby!!!

Happy Fall!   Make sure you wear your costumes to class on Wednesday and Thursday. Special treats will be waiting!

Happy Fall! Make sure you wear your costumes to class on Wednesday and Thursday. Special treats will be waiting!

Western U.S. Region Irish Dance

Western U.S. Region Irish Dance


Being held on January 16th,17th & 18th, 2021.

Dancers age will be taken as of January 1st, 2020.



22& O

Questions and comments should be directed to your T.C.R.G.

Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia

Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia

Oíche Shamhna buíochas la @saotharlann 🍂

CIDA Championships

CIDA Championships

Don’t forget to make your payment on feisworx Today to avoid late fees ☘️

CIDA Championships

CIDA Championships

Pre order your T-shirt today on feisworx.
Entires now open #unitedthroughdance #InThisTogether

CLRG Irish Dancing Commission

CLRG Irish Dancing Commission

Letter from CLRG chairperson Francis Curley, October 9th 2020

Maguire Academy of Arizona Feiseanna Page

Maguire Academy of Arizona Feiseanna Page

Dancers will be required to print out their own number cards from FeisWorx (will not be available until next week).

Maguire Academy of Arizona Feiseanna Page

Maguire Academy of Arizona Feiseanna Page

Schedules will be posted soon - just a few pointers on how things will run. More details will follow in the future.
FOR GRADES - Small groups of 20 or less will be brought into the ballroom. People will be cleared from the ballroom often to keep groups small. IF you are in the next group of competitions you will be able to stay in ballroom, otherwise you will need to leave and come back with your next group. For dances grouped together, if you are only in the first dance, you may leave when you are done dancing..
FOR CHAMPS - To keep things moving the soft and hard shoe will be run like a 32 bar special. Dancers are one at a time, there will not be any pauses in the music; after you have completed, you will bow and leave the stage. Sets will be similar, music will start as the dancer is walking on stage.

CIDA Championships

Great Feis!

OCT 31ST / NOV 1ST 2020

Great Feis!!!  Get your rooms early!

Great Feis!!! Get your rooms early!

🎄It’s the Most Wonderful Feis of the Year! 🌵

We are THRILLED to announce that we will be able to host our annual double Christmas feis!

One last chance to compete before the Oireachtas in the beautiful California desert.

We are working with the Renaissance to keep up-to-date on COVID-19 regulations and ensure a safe event for all. We will communicate information as available.

Registration open at with payment at a later date.

CIDA Championships

Upcoming feis!

Please note when you register you will not be charged till a later date.
Thank you


Stories like this reaffirm why the arts especially dance is needed in our society. Joy, happiness, pride, acceptance, love, accomplishment = Dance! Everyone is welcome in the Kelly School!

Great advice how to straighten your leges.

Great advice how to straighten your leges.

Are your hips sinking? Is your back rounding? Is your back leg bent? Are your heels dropping?

Here's what you need to know!

Dancers, front clicks are a huge part of our performance but the focus needs to be on improving BOTH legs and just not how high you can get the front one.

The leg at the bottom is the grounded leg, this is your tree roots into the ground. It must be extremely strong in order for you to keep completely straight AND to keep your hips and heels off the ground.

The reason why the back leg bends is a subconscious trick that allows your front leg to go higher. This creates a false impression that you have more flexibility than what you really do. You must not aim to get the front leg high at all costs, but instead, it only goes as high as it can whilst the back leg is straight.

The second reason is that dancers will always favour flexibility training over strength, and therefore many will spend time on exercises such as the splits to improve flexibility on the front leg but spend little time on the strength of the hips to support your body weight and hold perfect posture on the back leg.

We get marked on BOTH of these things, which is why one of our biggest rules at RNH is that if you want to stretch you must ALSO strengthen.

In this example photo, a dancer looking like image A must stretch their hip flexors, but equally must strengthen their glutes, upper back, and lower back (posterior chain) to add support when raising the front leg above the head.

This post aims to highlight the issue and provide you with a way to fix it. If you stretch your tight areas AND strengthen your weak ones, you can soon go from image 1 to image 2!

Think flexible hips, strong glutes, and great posture 💪🔥

Happy International Irish Dance Day!

Happy International Irish Dance Day!

Maguire Academy of Irish Dance, Tucson, Arizona

Maguire Academy of Irish Dance, Tucson, Arizona

Full syllabus for the Maguire Halloween Feis and registration will open after the holiday weekend!

International Irish Dance Day

International Irish Dance Day

As part of International Irish Dance Day 2020, you are invited to take part in the “Great Global Step About” scheduled for September 17 at 17:00 (5 pm) local time.

Wherever you are at 5:00 pm - at home, in the studio, or on the go - post a video, share a picture or go live with Irish dance pride!

Get creative, wear your country / city / dance school colours, dance anything Irish and celebrate!

Be sure to tag IIDD on Instagram and Facebook and let's flood the internet with Irish dance!
#internationalirishdanceday #irishdance #iidd2020



A “Giganteus” cast is announced for Riverdance: The Animated Adventure.
Lilly Singh, Brendan Gleeson and Aisling Bea join Pierce Brosnan for the feature film which is inspired by the International Stage Show Riverdance and features Bill Whelan’s Grammy Award-winning score.
The film follows an Irish boy named Keegan and a Spanish girl named Moya as they journey into the mythical world of the Megaloceros Giganteus who teach them to appreciate Riverdance as a celebration of life. This is an animated adventure of sight, sound and dance as you’ve never before experienced!
Riverdance: The Animated Adventure is is in post-production and will be delivered later this year. Don't miss a beat - follow Riverdance Movie

Cleary Irish Dance

Sorry to announce. Let’s support when they find a venue!

We have deliberately waited until the very last moment, in the hopes of better news, to make the announcement that we are unable to secure permits at this time to host the 28th Annual St. Ambrose Feis in LA County on October 3rd and 4th.

After listening to our SoCal teaching colleagues, we actively sought a new outdoor venue and although we received verbal confirmations two weeks ago, we were advised Tuesday that they can no longer offer the venue as the final permit did not materialize.

At this time, we are still optimistic in our efforts to secure an alternative outdoor venue and are therefore postponing the St. Ambrose 28th Annual Feis until further notice.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and support.

Western U.S. Region Irish Dance

Important Oireachtas information

Dear Western Region Parents and Dancers,

In light of the ongoing challenges within our region - including travel restrictions, disparities in opportunity, and fluctuating case numbers – the Western Region teachers have agreed to reschedule the 2020 Oireachtas for January 16-18, 2021. Our venue, the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, will now open our reservation block on November 9th, 9am PST. We feel the ever-evolving situation within our region may resolve itself further by that time and perhaps allow for a qualifying event to be held.
We will of course keep you updated as further information is available. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please direct them to your teachers so they can relay them to the Western Region Executive board.


The Western Region Executive Board

Kelly School offers outside lessons Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday.  Accepting beginners.  Contact 582-833-0471.

Kelly School offers outside lessons Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday. Accepting beginners. Contact 582-833-0471.



CLRG Irish Dancing Commission

Fun set to learn!

🍀 We are back in Ireland today with former Senior Ladies World Champion, Zoe Griffin and her own 32 bar Choreography for Cornphíopa Le Chéile 🍀

🌟 Interesting fact of the day🌟

🍀At the Munster Oireachtas there is a ‘traditional championship competition’ where dancers over 14 dance a traditional hornpipe and traditional set of ‘The King of the Fairies’ to compete for the Cormac O’ Caoimh Cup and dancers 10-14 dance their choice of traditional set and traditional hornpipe for the Una ni Ruairc Cup. There is also a competition for under 10 dancers who compete for the Sheila O’Connor Rea Cup and they perform their reel and traditional set 🍀

🌟Keep your eyes peeled on this page for a very entertaining rendition of King of the Fairies which was very kindly sent to us and will be posted very soon 🎶


the Kelly School Summer Camp has been Canceled this year.
Can't wait to see our campers next year.

Exciting News!
Starting this month the Kelly School is offering outside Beginner - Prizewinner classes on Tuesday, Wednesday are Thursday.
As well as zoom classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


513 Main St
El Segundo, CA


(562) 833-0471


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Found this jem of Carol Pirsztuk and Claire Kelly doing a two hand.