Kingdom Come Festival

Kingdom Come Festival The Kingdom Come Festival is an annual FREE 2-day Christian Rock that takes place at our new home, the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization's "Healing Fields"

It is conveniently located about 8.5 miles east of Kokomo on State Road 26.

The new venue allows us to have FREE primitive camping for the entire weekend making it an absolutely perfect option for youth groups. A FREE weekend of camping, music and ministry!

The new venue allows us to have FREE primitive camping for the entire weekend making it an absolutely perfect option for youth groups. A FREE weekend of camping, music and ministry!

General Manager: Jay Karp, Chris Bousum, Angie Leyda

Operating as usual

Cool article.... thanks TMO!!!!
Kingdom Come Festival Weekend Review – The Metal Onslaught

Cool article.... thanks TMO!!!!

Kingdom Come Festival Weekend Review July 11, 2021 J.R. Rife Live Music Reviews 0 There cannot be a better way to start off the summer of “new beginnings” than Kingdom Come Festival in Greentown, Indiana! It also marks the first outing for our magazine founder Christian Sullivan with Danelle Sul...


After a week of cleaning up KCF and then a week camping, Dave and I finally put the last of the tubs/boxes away. KCF 2021 is officially a wrap for me. It was such an amazing weekend for me, personally. There were issues, of course. The enemy isn't going to just LET something glorify God without trying to jostle us. Didn't work, though. I left the festival feeling so much love and joy... it lingered for days and days. I love KCF... I love all the people who attend and those who volunteer... and I love my Jesus! Tomorrow I will spend some time looking at all the pix, comments, and videos so that I can re-live the awesomeness! Thank you to every single person who made it work and those who attended. And, also to each and every band on Main Stage and Capstone Stage. All of my organizing is nothing without you ministering. (At least I'm pretty sure they don't come out to watch me organize! Although I do have 2 fans, ya know, LOL!) You all have a piece of my heart and my eternal gratitude. I truly hope you felt that from me!!

Now a breather and on to Pit Fest in September!


Some great photos from Everroad Photography from #kcf2021

Some great photos from Everroad Photography from #kcf2021


It takes me a week or longer following a Kingdom Come Festival to sit down and start writing about it. As I have, no doubt mentioned before, I do not have the same experience at the event that others have. The festival is attended by so many, and each of you whether just there to watch, or there to work, all saw the festival through your own eyes and experienced different things. So I take about a week to watch the videos that are posted, to look at the pictures that are posted, and finally to read the comments that are posted….all done in the single hope that I can get a feel for how everyone really felt about Kingdom Come Festival. To see it through YOUR eyes, and not mine. For me, it doesn’t matter how it went to me, it matters what happened out there on the Healing Fields to our attendees and to the bands who are travelling the world to minister.

Kingdom Come Festival is a massive undertaking. The largest bulk of the work is done by a very few people and as the date of the event and excitement builds ab army of volunteers emerge to labor in love with us to make this event so special. KCF is talked about year-round, and planning for next year will begin shortly following our Christmas Outreach event. Then it is full throttle towards KCF in terms of planning, band selections, fund-raising, and all the tasks associated with putting on this huge event.

I am so humbled and honored to be a small spoke in the wheel, and to serve with some of the people that I believe, are truly superheroes. Who needs the Avengers when you got this crew of people to serve with?

Before I get started with this list of names of the people that I KNOW worked on the main stage side of the festival, I want to say a quick thank you to all of those who I did NOT know served. By and large this is the crew of our Capstone Stage. I have heard nothing but great things about the stage, the production, and that some amazing things that transpired in there. I do know this, from what I read there was plenty of rocking and plenty of worship and people had a great time. So to the CREW of the Capstone Stage of KCF2021, I tip my hat to all of you who worked to make it possible, and to make it a very successful accomplishment. You guys are all awesome, and I only wished that I had gotten over there more.

Kingdom Come Festival 2021. Not sure there are other words that can better describe it. Wow. A word that speaks of astonishment. The event itself was great but the story of God’s provision and protection once again shows up and shows off. HE is the reason we all do what we do, and this year we had another dose of “only GOD could have done that.”

Thursday night there was a considerable amount of discussion about Friday’s forecast. It always seems to have a significant chance of rain and normally a 30% chance of storms. Chaotic Resemblance’s first appearance on our stage was in a downpour and so there always seems to be that chance of weather-related problems. One year we moved the whole thing from outdoors to indoors in one day because of torrential rain that would be measured in inches. To safeguard everyone including the Healing Fields themselves we moved inside. The weather always has played a factor.

This year on Thursday night after looking over the forecast with our crew and the always magnificent CSD crew, there was a real dilemma on our hands. A forecast that on one of the phones said, from 3pm-10pm, a 70% chance of severe thunderstorms. They listed small things like tornadic winds, hail, lightning… you know the things you don’t want at an outdoor show. We debated a multitude of options for 30 minutes. Finally, we settled on, this is God’s show and in the past we have faced down these storms and they’ve always gone around us. So we went ahead with leaving everything outside and in place for KCF2021. There would be an option for something not enjoyable if something bad happened, but we were going to take our chances. Brilliant call by Jake and the guys from CSD.

Friday moved along and as expected a giant red-cell thunderstorm was heading our way. I tell the bands we may have to pull the plug on your set if lightning gets close. The clouds darkened, the wind picked up, but then as you watch the radar the RED became YELLOW. The YELLOW became GREEN. The GREEN broke apart and we got about 20 seconds of drizzle. That SAME front got on the other side of us and strengthened into a tornado that touched down near Jay County. Do you see how God watches over us?

The other way that really stands out in how GOD showed up and showed off. Financially. This was the first year we were not heading in with a large deficit to begin with, hoping and believing that we could get even coming out in the end. This year, we went IN very close to the goal and when leaving the event, GOD miraculously (through some amazing humans who followed His prompting) made it possible for us to leave with enough to cover PIT FEST 2021 and our Christmas Outreach, and possibly even for deposits for headliners for KCF2022. How Great is Our God? KCF2021 was yet another example of how GOD provides and protects us.

While Kingdom Come Festival is not the largest festival around, it is still a massive event. Each year dozens of bands and nearly 100 volunteers do what we can to make an event that is something different. We aim to make KCF a unique and intimate show with a warm and inviting family vibe. We hope people leave the festival feeling more loved, more hopeful, and more encouraged than when they arrived. KCF is a huge and daunting task and we could not be more proud of the work done by so many volunteers. It was indeed an humbling honor to serve with you. Whether you helped with trash, served concessions, welcomed guests, unloaded band gear, or worked the grounds. YOU made an event possible that changed lives and welcomed at least 7 people into the family. We also have no idea how many seeds were planted that may take root at a later date, but… it could not have happened without the help of the amazing people who volunteered to sacrifice their time, their treasure, or their talents.

Thursday was a scorching hot day. Arriving the day before the festival around 10:00am to begin to do all of the things that nobody sees. We have people moving tables and chairs, people building the stage extensions. People unloading supplies in hospitality, merchandise, and concessions. We have people posting signs, putting caution tape to secure areas. We have guys cleaning up an area backstage where 29 bands will load and unload their gear. It is a very long day, and I want to thank the following people for coming and laboring on the setting up of the grounds on Thursday at KCF2021. Angie & David Leyda, Tammy & Derek Chalfant, DeeDee & Brian McGowan, Cassie Pavey, Brenda Pavey, and Cara Herron. A special thank you to Cara for going the extra mile (or hundred miles) to make sure that the crew had things to eat and drink all weekend long, including on Thursday. She was a life-saver time and time again. Making sure that the stage crew also was well stocked on food and beverages. She is a saint.

I know I need my next vehicle to be a truck, or at least something with a hitch. It is an arduous task to get all of the things TO KCF that we rent or borrow. Shout out to SUNBELT for their sponsorship and help with all this equipment. We love those guys. But, all the stuff need to be brought out and since I am driving a malibu I am of little use. Thankfully we have some awesome friends and so David Leyda, Scott Miller, Jason Harrison and Matt Hardin… thank you guys for coming in and helping use your trucks and trailers and hitches to bring all the generators, golf carts, light stands, etc… to make KCF possible. You guys are rock stars and we appreciate you all very much.

There are a few recurring themes you will hear. Things that stand out to people at the festival, that I have read in the comments over and over. One of the first ones that stands out, and ONE of the most important ones is the comments we get about how people are warmly greeted. We have an amazing crew of people who sacrifice some of their time to see the shows, in order to serve out at the gate to welcome people and direct them where to park, and to tell bands which way to go. They hand out information on camping and well, they are the warm and friendly greeting that welcomes people and I cannot say enough about them. They are spoken of so highly, and for all of their work, I want to say thank you to: Tammy Chalfant, Jeanette Yoder, DeeDee McGowan, Ed Penaflor, Cassie Pavey, Gage Morris, Mason Morris, Bryn Schlechty, Sheridan Breisch, Brittaney Breisch, Ginny Wallace, Robin Riffle, Anne Conyers, Jennifer Cox, and Susan Markley. This crew is top-notch and sets the atmosphere for all of those who came in for the weekend. Thank you all for your efforts and sacrifices.

What a blessing it is to have Phil Petty in charge of overseeing this each year. Phil has done an incredible job of prepping, preparing, operating, and leading an area that is so often overlooked. The concession stand is far more than just a way to help us make money. It also has to feed a massive audience AND to do it with high quality food and service. From his melon cups to pulled pork nachos, Phil’s done such an outstanding job of keeping things new, fresh, tasty, and he has done a miraculous job in helping with A1M/KCF finances at the end of each weekend. Phil had some amazing people help him in concessions this year, and I am grateful to each of them for their tireless work on a very busy weekend. Starr Petty, Jenn Petty, Nilda Penaflor, Anne Conyers, Don Kettle, Judy Roberson, Brian Chen, Cara Chen, Hannah Drown, Falon Drown, Gabby Weihe, Jose Weihe, Ben Leyda, Noah Keiper, David Leyda, and Jason Harrison. For 2 days that place was hopping and I even slammed down some of those famed, “pulled pork nachos” for the first time. Thank you all for giving of your time to help us with that area and Phil, major kudos to you on yet another job well done.

While the concession stand feeds the huge audience, there is another area of food preparation and service that feeds a huge amount of people as well. It is an area in which A1M/KCF always receives rave reviews for the astonishingly good food, and even better service. Our hospitality workers feed all of the band members and A1M/KCF crew by serving food around the clock for two days to hundreds of people. It is another thankless job to slave in kitchens preparing and serving food, while missing out on almost all of the festival. But these people do it and do it well. They do it with a zest and a passion to serve Christ as well as to take care of, and minister to the bands/crew. It is indeed a humbling honor to know how hard these people work and I cannot thank them enough, not only for what they do, but for the fact that THEIR hard work is a major reason A1M is so highly regarded. To Amy & Brian McNew, Serena Francis, Melaine Hardin, Maison Hardin, Cassie Pavey, Denise Adamson, Ginny Wallace, Cheryl Miller, and Chasity Kidwell, you are all absolutely incredible and did a phenomenal job AGAIN this year. Was told that Hannah Keiper also helped clean up in there… thank you Hannah.

Another crew that has done an incredible job year after year is the group of volunteers who agree to help the bands as merchandise helpers. These ladies, take themselves away from the action to watch over band merchandise tables, make transactions, handle the money and safeguard all of their property. It can be a thankless job, but I want to publicly thank all of them for taking their time to help the bands in this way. To Aimee Keiper, our leader in there, thanks for doing an amazing job, once again. And also thank you to Cassie Pavey, Beth Harrison, Jaylyn Harrison, Michelle Craft, Abby Winkel, Jennifer Cox, Alyssa Reneer, Hannah Drown, and Falon Drown. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

One area that I can speak to above all others is what happens behind the wall with the Stage Crew. This group unloaded and loaded 29 bands worth of gear. This group moved 29 bands ON and OFF stage and helped set things up for the CSD production guys to take over. It is physical work and tough on these guys but they do it with excellence. Andy Patmore was the one who oversaw the work backstage as our Stage Manager once again… He does an outstanding job, year after year. Joining Andy were two guys whose faces should be on the Mount Rushmore of servants, Derek Chalfant and Brian McGowan. These guys came in early and stayed through the whole event. They killed it. Joining Andy, Derek and Brian were these other great guys whose sweat, muscle, and sacrifices are greatly appreciated. Jeremy Hook, Jordan Cohen, Jacob Cohen, Nick W**d, Nate Petty, Jared Weesner, David Leyda, (and even though they are not listed as such, Matt Moore and his drummer, Shane Mittan, also worked back there helping bands on and off stage, and Shane even shared his kit with a few bands. We love and appreciate all of you for helping keep this festival moving. Kudos to my fellow warriors behind the wall. Thanks dudes.

This will be short, because there are not a lot of them, but do not mistake the brevity for lack of enthusiasm and praise for the work they do. CSD (CUSTOM SOUND DESIGNS) is a key sponsor for us and so much more. These guys are family. Jake Drown, Steve Federspiel, and Tyler Torres, you guys are legends. Thank you guys for all you do from Thursday through Sunday to set the sound and lights to make this festival what it is. I will say it until the day I die, one reason KCF is what it is, is in large part, due to the work YOU guys do year in and year out. The absolute BEST IN THE BUSINESS, ‘nuff said.

We are so blessed to have an ongoing relationship with the Guarding God’s Anointed crew. I believe since 2012 we have had this relationship with them and they are also a part of the A1M/KCF family. They help patrol not, just the crowd and the stage, but the entirety of the Veteran’s grounds. It is a huge undertaking and they do it with excellence. Joining the GGA squad in helping keep KCF2021 secure was, Jeff Markley, Scott Reneer, Jeff Riehl, Jim Hallock, Rachel Hallock, and Aaron Keiper. Thanks guys, for looking out for all of us, so we can do what we do. You are extraordinary.

We can not express our gratitude for our medical people in words. When you have thousands in attendance and heat, weather, and normal run of the mill injuries, it take a huge effort to be on standby for anything at any time. Add to that, that they were constantly backstage checking on me and the others to make sure we were okay. They even had to deal with an ambulance issue for one of the people in attendance. So to the team of Brenda Pavey, Dawn Weihe, and Moriah Kostrewa, thank you ladies for taking care of our festival. You are all rockstars in our eyes.

An event where you are allowed to use the grounds, like the Veterans have so graciously allowed us to use, requires that we take care of it. To do so, we have a crew that is small in size that handled the job of checking in on campers and monitoring that everyone had the rules and regulations and signatures. This crew of volunteers was incredible to work with. Julie & Lloyd Deem along with “festival mascot” Abby Deem and Hannah Keiper, rode all over the ground to make sure we were doing our part to honor our Veteran hosts. Thank you so much, you guys were tremendous.

When you have 45 bands on 2 stages, and an army of volunteers all needing to check in, get credentials, sign posters and get their instructions, you have to have an organized and special group of people who are willing to take themselves away from the action to oversee it. Amber Dockery, Chloe Dockery, Tammy Chalfant and Cassie Pavey. You ladies performed flawlessly and everyone seemed to be very impressed with the organization and preparedness you got them ready for.

No chance. That is what I would have if someone told me to go and work in the A1M/Information area. I have always been mesmerized by how many different things they have going on. I have walked by and seen at times dozens of clipboards, t-shirt sales, taking donations, and who knows what all else happens over there? The truth is, I have never had to worry about it because I know it is in the capable hands of Deanna & Chris Bousum, Tiffany Davis, Sarah Mitchelson, Hagan Bousum and Nate Davis. Thank you guys for all you do now and always, and for keeping me away from that area. Haha.

This year Woodland Church of God spearheaded the Prayer Tent. It is amazing to know that, at any moment, a person could go and get prayer from some awesome people. These people are also wiling to pray with someone at the drop of the hat and throw the hat down themselves. They also take themselves away from the action so that they can be more able to hear the prayer requests. Dallas Decker, Anthony Earnhart, Brent Bousum, Roberta Mayes, Carolyn Knight, and Sherri Bright. Thank you all for your willingness to stand in the gap, to listen to and to pray with anyone anywhere. You guys are great and I appreciate each and every one of you.

This post will be more than 5,000 words I am sure, but the truth is, I could spend 10,000 talking about what Matt Moore means to me. He was one of our first friends as Strange Reflection played a show with them, and Matt showed me the heart of a servant. He was fun, lively, caring, compassionate, and insanely talented. He has been flawless as our host, and as long as he wants the job it is his. A couple years ago we got to meet his daughter Sydney who we absorbed as part of our family, and this year we got the honor of hanging out and absorbing his son Colin too. One of my favorite festival moments came from Colin, but you’ll have to read that later. Matt, dude, brother, friend…thank you so much for all you do, hosting, staging, performing, and sharing your kids with us. You sir are a hero to me.

What else can be said about Jeanette Yoder? I have said since she arrived at KCF to take pictures for the 1st time, SHE is one of the people most responsible for the growth of the festival. Her breathtaking photography gave our little event so much credibility as an event. Bands saw her work and it made us all look like we knew what we were doing at putting on a big event. I believed then, now and always that Jeanette’s work is as good as you will ever find and her work has made KCF what it is. The fact she shoots, edits and uploads to our social media in real time, is even more impressive.

There are some people who just act as assistants to some of the crew. These people are there to help when multiple simultaneous situations arise and a core member of the event staff has to deal with more than one thing. These people step in and run errands for others. Thank you to Joe Nelson and Deb, Jessica Calderon, and Hagan Bousum for stepping in to help us out when needed. Let us not forget 2 special runners, Sydney and Colin, (for our host Matt Moore)

Often the lifeblood of any great festival crew is the unsung heroes that don’t really fit into any category. They fill every need, everywhere. To them it doesn’t matter what it is that needs done, they step in to do it. Chas & Brian Kidwell, Ryan Davis, Matt Leyda, and Cara Herron, all stepped up and did whatever needed done.

One of the toughest things to do after being at the festival on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, is to wake up tired and sore on Sunday, head still pounding with the bangover and finding the energy to get up to clean the festival grounds. To take apart the stage, to put the Veterans grounds back in order. Angie & Dave Leyda, Derek & Tammy Chalfant, the incomparable Kris Johns, and Cara Herron all stayed to the end. (side note: I noticed David and Andy working their tails off to tear down at the Capstone Stage as well) and Phil Petty coming back to finish cleaning up concessions…thank you all. It has always been a hallmark of an A1M event to safeguard the hosts property and put it back in working order. WE are so honored and humbled to be allowed to use the Healing Fields that I am eternally grateful to these guys for helping us put it back together for our Veteran friends.

Final Thoughts:
Personally, I leave each of these Kingdom Come Festival events overwhelmed with gratitude. When you look back at these lists of amazing individuals who all came to serve for something greater than themselves, it blows my mind. All of them have sacrificed much, whether it be their time, their talents, their treasure (or in some cases) all three. This list of people is filled with people who made both, a financial donation to the festival AND volunteered to work it as well. We have come so far from that first (self-described) horrendous attempt at a KCF in 2010, and to witness this event grow in both size and reach… well, it could not have happened without the most amazing group of volunteers on the planet.

I reminisce often about how far we’ve come as an organization and as a festival. From 2010 when we had used a guy’s sound system that was less than “festival quality.” In 2011, we had learned immeasurably what it takes, but still had many flaws and failings. 2012 we started to get a grasp on the just how many people it takes to make an event like this possible. Each year, we learned a little more, and now as I look back from where we came, to where we are, I cannot help but feel this sense of awe. Not awed by what WE have done, but rather, by how God used this group of people from all over to serve together, and create an event that is unique and intimate, fun and unforgettable, that loves on people, encourages people, gives hope to people, and most of all, it points directly to GOD.

Earlier I mentioned, God’s provision and protection. I have a skeptical friend, who reacted to my telling him about the weather phenomenon that happened this year. “God or just a random coincidence,” he asked? I said, well… when you do a outdoor festival 12 times, most of which had a forecast calling for storms or severe storms, and you have to keep your eyes on the radar constantly for the safety of the audience…it can’t be coincidence that year after year, storm cells split before they hit where we are. It happened so frequently, normally on days The Protest is set for, that I renamed it “the Protest effect.” No, it is no coincidence. The event glorifies HIM and invites people to HIM, so HE watches over it.

His provision is another way I am blown away, year after year. Take last year and think about this. It takes about $30,000 to put this event on and keep it FREE. COVID hit and all the churches were closed. The economy shut down. People were out of work as businesses closed as well. From a human standpoint, how were we supposed to make $30,000 when all the churches who gave were shut, the businesses that sponsored were closed, and the people who made donations were out of work? Surely that would have been the year we had to stop, right? I mean even the strict public gathering restrictions were like a noose tightening around our neck. There was no way KCF2020 could happen, except... GOD is in control. The money came, sometimes, out of nowhere, but it came, and KCF2020 happened and was the ONLY event of its kind last year, to my knowledge. The only way it happened is because GOD knew where the money was and moved the hearts of people. NO WAY should it have happened if you look at it through human eyes but looking at it through the lens of a believer…God provides a way, where there is no way.

This year, people were fired up and ready. For the first time ever, we were close to the goal when the festival started. Concessions made a huge profit for us, and the T-shirts sold out. The audience was very generous with their love offerings, and while there a couple of people (including one super special one) made sizable donations. Not only did it cover KCF2021, but also PitFest 2021 (coming in September), it will also cover the annual Christmas Outreach event. Do me a favor, never doubt in God.

Traditionally, I take a walk during the Saturday night part of the show, usually during the last 3 bands to play. I go stand behind the person who is furthest from the stage. I do not know why I do it, but I just want to be further than the furthest person and take a look at what God is doing. I love watching a crowd jumping and into a band. I love more when a band hits a worship song and the hands are lifted in praise, while the large crowd’s voice all sings the lyrics. But most of all I like being able to see when a person answers the “call to Christ,” that saw a minimum of 7 people this year answer it. I watched as one girl in a red chair, sitting to the right of the stage (sort of straight out from concessions) heard Travis from Chaotic Resemblance asking people if they would like to know King Jesus. While he could see from stage a few of the hands raised, he could not see hers. But I pointed her out to Sara and Kate, and they knew they had a target to pray with.

As I mentioned, with 29 bands on mainstage over the 2 days, I was not able to get to the Capstone Stage. I was eager to learn how things went there. I am so happy with what I have seen and read. A huge credit to all of those involved, in particular; David and Shawn, for all their work in scheduling and operating that stage and making it a massive success. I have seen pictures & videos, and I have heard stories of people in worship, tears of joy, and about some incredible performances that will not be forgotten. To the Capstone crew of KCF2021, my hats off to all of you for adding something exciting, new, and awesome to KCF.

I say it a lot, the KCF that I see, is NOT the KCF most of you see. The stage crew would be the only ones who see what I do, but I take a week or longer to process the sights and sounds, pictures and videos, and read the comments. I want to know how YOU saw it. When I am back-stage I love looking past the band performing and at the audience. To see people rocking, worshiping, and enjoying every minute is special to me. So it took a while to write this because, even now I am overwhelmed by HOW this all went down. I am overwhelmed by just how many people, from all over the country, and from different churches, all come together to serve for this one event. I am blown away by GOD protection and provision. I am humbled by the generosity of YOU the audience, who year after year, make the financial sacrifice to donate to keep this thing going… YOU guys are the driving force behind this event.

I also would like to mention a few things that are just things special to ME, not necessarily coming from all of us, but from me. I was happy to see the smile back on my brother’s face while working with him back-stage, I cannot tell you how much that meant. I loved getting to hear the testimony of his friend Paul, who is an extraordinary man, and hopefully he will be back. I loved seeing people who always support us, but not always in a physical way. This year, those people were filling roles like in concessions or even doing trash and merchandise runs. It blows me away.
I will never stop talking about our sound guys, the crew from Custom Sound Designs (CSD) are top notch, the best at what they do, and the crew of Tyler, Steve, and Jake. They are not just our sound company, they are not just our friends, they are part of the A1M family. Jake, for example, has worked at KCF as a stage crew member, even the year that they did NOT do sound. He shows up at Pit Fest and helps when needed and even washes cars with us at carwashes. He and his beautiful wife & daughter all serve. They are not just the best in the business at what they do with CSD, they are a valuable and critical part of the lifeblood of A1M. Thank you Jake, Steve, Tyler, and whoever the other guy was who was there for a little bit. I greatly appreciate all of the work you put in to make this festival what It is.

Family Worship Center, my home church, has been so supportive of our ministry and this event since 2011. To see so many of our church members serving in the various spots, from welcoming to concessions, to bringing food to the church for hospitality to the financial donations that they offer, I am blown away by my church and the support that they give us. I loved that Pastor Bradley was able to get a tour of what all happens and how all these pieces have to fit together to be successful. It was his leadership in our lives that really hit home about the “next generation” and I will never forget the line, “Christianity is always ONE generation away from extinction,” He instilled in us a passion to reach the lost and encourage the next generation, so I will forever be grateful to him and FWC for their longstanding support of KCF and A1M.

I also believe in giving credit where credit is due and often look for those who may go unnoticed by most people. Sometimes it is a huge thing and sometimes it is not. But the little things matter to me, almost as much as the big ones. David Deputy and Shane Mittan, these drummers from Winona Avenue and Matt Moore, graciously allowed other bands to use their drum kits, without hesitation and with no questions asked. To you gentlemen, I say a huge thank you. Wanted to also point out that Shane and our host Matt Moore, without hesitation jumped in and assisted as “unofficial” stage crew guys, but they were there to serve and help others, and I was just awed by what they did.

Brian & DeeDee, Derek & Tammy… There just are no words. You McGowans travel a long way for this and then you just roll up your sleeves and get to work. I am always blown away by your hearts, and just saying thank you isn’t enough, but sometimes its all I have. To the Chalfant’s, you guys never cease to amaze me with being here Thursday for setting up through Sunday’s tearing down. You sleep inside a car, and never once do you complain. All of you make sacrifices on so many levels time, talent and treasure to make the event what it is. You guys are all heroes to me.

Cara Herron is the human version of the all-purpose utility tool in the toolbox. She can do a little of everything and she does. Whether it is her hard work and diligence in fundraising, the physical work she does to set up and work car washes and the like, always being one of the first on hand for set-ups and last to leave for tearing down/cleaning up. There is no job she has not been willing to do, but she also took it upon herself to ensure that the crew was fed on Thursday night. Cara, went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the crew back-stage had a cooler with ice and drinks, snacks in our trailer and frequently made runs for food, supplies, and drinks over the weekend. Events like KCF cannot happen without the servanthood of people, and what Cara did to make KCF2021 a huge success, cannot and should not go without mention. Cara is a rockstar and on behalf of myself, the stage crew, and ministry as a whole; thank you Cara, for all you do.

Chris & Deanna (and the gang) you guys do such an amazing job of organizing and handling everything in the A1M information/KCF merchandise area that I have never once had to worry about learning what it is you do. That sounds silly, but it means so much. I know what you do it not simple, but you do it with such proficiency that it seems like a walk in the park. I can’t thank you guys enough for always manning that table with a certain “echelon of professionality” (that was for Chris) Speaking of Chris, I hope many of you get to talk to and hang out with Chris at the festival. He has some mobility issues which kind of limits what he can do physically but you can usually find him in the crowd, as social and awesome as anyone you will find.

There are other people who do things nobody knows about. For example, Brent Bousum has been a huge part of A1M/KCF since the foundation. Sort of like one of the founding fathers. It was he and I laying on the stage as the lights were shut off at Foster Park in 2010, exhausted. Yet he had a long drive home after. Brent has been a long time part of what we do, and when he cannot physically help us because of work or having his son with him, he has ALWAYS been someone who helps financially and these last two years volunteered to be on the Prayer Team. He is the founder of 24/7 Prayer Team on facebook, and I loved that brother Tony gave David a Bible at KCF. Great stuff.

David Leyda, is a guy who only a few of us really know exactly how much of himself he has invested in THIS ministry. He can do, and does do almost everything. From building the stage extensions, to buying the trailer, from technical directing of all things, to merchandise and trash runs, he does it all. He even spent a time making food in concessions this year, because Dave serves anywhere it is needed. Kris Johns, dude, every year, he makes my mind numb. He shows up (sometimes after his work) or on little to no sleep, but he comes in when most are going out. He comes in to do the hardest and most grueling work when everyone is on fumes. Kris, does the physical work of helping us tear down and clean up but… HE is also our graphic designer, HE came up with the logo and concept this year of 20:21, it was genius, his design was amazing and then, well I wont say much but he is a very generous human being. Kris, I am constantly blown away by you.

And my final one as I approach 6,500 words… Ill run out of oxygen long before I run out of things to say about her. This event happens because of 2 things, YOUR generosity/donations, and because of the “force of nature” that is Angie Leyda. Always the organizer, she is the one person in our crew that is involved in every aspect of it. She does the radio/newspaper interviews because she is the only one who knows every bit of what happens. This year I would say she did easily 90% of the work in getting this festival ready and running smoothly. A1M and KCF owes her such a debt of gratitude and I truly believe she should be on the Mount Rushmore of servants. Watching her do what she does, it is inspirational, and humbling to know that she, Angie Leyda, has made such an impact on this planet, someday I hope to be as cool as she is. Thank you Angie for all you do.

Random Highlights of KCF2021 to me include:

Jenna Parr’s playing one of my favorite songs, “My Immortal” and doing an awesome job of it.

The deliberation on Thursday with CSD guys and Dave deciding on options in case of bad weather.

Finally getting to see RELENT.

Watching the storm break up and go around us on the radar.

Witnessing the heart of so many to serve.

Watching guest appearances during band’s sets.

Talking to our Veteran friends who seem to love having us out there.

Knowing at the very least, 7 people answered the call to Christ.

And finally, a super small moment, but one I found touching. As Matt Moore, Sydney and Colin were coming up to say their goodbyes before the long drive north. Matt, gracious as always, was thanking us when it was us who should be thanking him. He is worth so much more than we give him, but he was there on the pew on stage thanking us when his son Colin came up. Matt said, he (Colin) had an absolute blast, and he then turned to Colin, and asked his son for his opinion. It was such a fitting response and sums up my feelings too, when I step back and think of what ALL of YOU helped make happen…. Matt asked Colin, “Colin, so what did you think about KCF?” After a brief deliberation, Colin spoke… his words are what I will leave you with… “Colin, what did you think about KCF?”
“…everything, YES”

Thank you to each and every person who supports this ministry through serving, through financial backing or both… 7 people that we know of are now in the family of Christ and YOU never know how many lives you helped to impact. THANK YOU ALL.

- Matt Moore, Tammy Crabtree Chalfant, Derek Chalfant, Brian McGowan, Jeanette Yoder, Ginny Davis Wallace, Phillip E Petty, Hannah Drown, Noah Keiper, Amy Brock McNew, Brian McNew, Melainie Hardin, Maison Hardin, Cheryl Miller, Chasity Kidwell, Hannah Catherine Keiper, Beth Harrison, Alyssa Reneer, Jeremy Hook, Jake Drown, Steve Federspiel, Moriah Kostrewa, Julie Deem, Amber Kenworthy Dockery, Deanna Rogers Bousum, Joseph Nelson, Jessica Calderon, Ryan Davis, Matt Leyda, Kris Skip Johns, Asche Relesser Chris Bousum Brian Kidwell, Andy Patmore, DeeDee McGowan (More tags to come!)


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Our Story

What started as a small event with 8 bands in 8 hours back in 2010, has exploded into an incredible FREE, 2-day Christian rock event that features 29 bands from all over the country, in a wide variety of styles. It is 2-days of music and ministry with NO charge for admission, NO charge for parking, NO charge for primitive camping. You just bring your tent and money for concessions and band merchandise...

Over the years hundreds of people have given their lives or re-dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ at these events. KCF, is not exactly like every other is slightly more intimate by design. We love that our band members are out and about an so easily accessible. On the stage a band may be able to reach you, but by ministering and praying with you off the stage, they can change your life. It is not uncommon to look around you and see a handful of band members praying. They are praying for the Veterans who host us on their “Healing Fields,” they are praying for attendees who sought them. They pray with the volunteer staff, and heck, they even pray for each other.

KCF has been called a big “family reunion” because we believe that all our bands and fans are in the same body, we are all family. It really is a unique 2-days that I believe is a life changing event for someone every single year.

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Here is our latest Inspiring How UC That interview, with CJ, Maggie, and LuLu English, who make up the incomparable Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh! This interview took place at Kingdom Come Festival 2021! It was such an honor and blessing to meet with them, and they are incredible people! Hope you all like it! Another good band in the Capstone tent! God's Dirt! Loved the singers message and the guitar player wasn't bad either! Both of them! Bred 4 War. These guys bring it! My favorite song of the whole darn festival. I just love his guitar and patience. You can tell he's been doing this a long time. Man what a guitar piece!
The Jericho Harlot is setting up on the Capstone Stage at KCF 2021!! Get here!!!
Bred 4 War and Grave Robber have been having a meme battle on Facebook. Will it culminate at Kingdom Come Festival 2021 (Official) come and see.
Well? I have been in the Kokomo area teaching at a correctional facility for a Christian University and A State Community College system.. Happy to be able to visit the festival in nearby Greentown... I was the first manager for Radio-U in Columbus (who celebrated their 25 anniversary this past March.... I think seeing Disciple would be great! is still reaching the ones who most ministries miss... I could give a history of why the heyday of the mid-80's to about mid-years of the first decade of the 2000's lacks audio/radio outreach to the non-traditional outreach has become, what it is... But, I am glad there is what they do, though the controlling $$$ is from outside the old guard at the labels... That's for another time... I will be glad to attend and see what is happening... "Skipper T. Thomas (Spence) of the early days at Way-Fm, Radio-U, and little low power WYIR downstate in the Evansville area (online)... I am happy that Way has Way-Now hip-hop on for that outreach... I will mingle with all of you this weekend.... (I am an ol' Guaridan, 77;s, and many other band from back in that era... John 10:10 and II Timothy 4:7...
Can anyone attending KCF help our buddy Mike Wolf set up his video gear. This guy does so much for the Christian Hard Music scene and needs some help. Let me know or hit up his page.
Can't wait for Kingdom Come Festival !!! I had seen this group many times before. Love Firefight. They are not there this year....but here's a festival testimony from me. KCF has an effect on everyone in different ways.... I remember listening to this song and the tears wouldn't stop. I was in the first 1.5 years of entrepreneurship and I had battles, demons, and things I had no clue how to fight!! I felt like I had been thrown into the pits of hell and was fighting my way out. Little did I know, how true that really was. I had no clue the fire that God was about to bring me through. Well, things still aren't easy, but there has always been a way. This song speaks TRUTH.....if you are willing to wait, persevere, and keep the always will come. Chase your dream. Always be content also. There is a way....