Vegas Unplugged Music Festival

Vegas Unplugged Music Festival Vegas Unplugged is a cultural festival of acoustic music, food and wine!

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Djangovegas Music Festival

Djangovegas Music Festival

18 More Days!!!

The Hot Club of Las Vegas
The Hot Club of Las Vegas

The Hot Club of Las Vegas

We need help to finish the new "Hamajang!" cd! All tracks are recorded and it's time for the icing- mixing, mastering, graphics, distribution etc. Check out our GoFundMe page below- See the new cd cover art and read our cd story.... Thank you!!



The Hot Club of Las Vegas

The Hot Club of Las Vegas

This is gonna be fun!! Thursday March 10th!! The Hot Club of Las Vegas performs with Harmonious Wail at the Baobab Stage!

Mundo-Fly'n Hawaiian Music
Mundo-Fly'n Hawaiian Music

Mundo-Fly'n Hawaiian Music

Here's a Guitar World NAMM show vid I did for Washburn Guitars/ U.S. Music Corp. Great lineup for 2016! Don't know if you can tell since I'm wearing a lav mic but it's so loud! I couldn't hear myself play but check it out I played some gypsy jazz, Hawaiian slack key (in standard) and even some The Beatles!

Washburn Guitars Holiday Greeting 2015

Washburn Guitars Holiday Greeting 2015

Our 2015 holiday greeting from a group of Washburn artists. Happy Holidays to you all from your friends at Washburn Guitars!

Happy Birthday Steve Vai

Happy Birthday Steve Vai

Today is Steve Vai's 55th birthday, having been born on June 6, 1960. The virtuosic Mr. Vai is one of a kind, and we’re proud to have him as a member of the NGM Board Of Advisors. In celebration, here’s a walk down memory lane, with Steve’s appearance as demonic guitarist Jack Butler in the movie “Crossroads.” This is the cuttin’ duel from the end of the film. Happy Birthday, Mr. Vai.

How awesome is this?!?!

How awesome is this?!?!

Treasure Of The Week

Also one of my favorite pieces....

Just a few weeks before his passing, I asked Stevie Ray Vaughan
to give me a quick guitar lesson backstage.
He said "Sure What Song" ?
I answered "Lenny"

His response was " I can do better than show you, how about something that will last forever ? "

He grabbed a notepad and drew the complete guitar transcription
with chord changes and finger positions !!

A Classic Piece of History

The Rock Collector

The Working Guitarist, Episode 22 - Changing Strings

The Working Guitarist, Episode 22 - Changing Strings

In episode 22, your host, Mundo Juillerat invites special guest, John Taggart , current guitar tech for Fleetwood Mac, to explain the technique of winding st...

Awesome. Hack away!!!
How Eddie Van Halen Hacks a Guitar

Awesome. Hack away!!!

The guitar god is also an inventor and patent holder who has spent the better part of 35 years in this shop, rebuilding guitars and amps, searching for his signature sound

Washburn Guitars

Washburn Guitars

#TBT Remember the Washburn Culprit? This one's from 1998. Do you own one? Let's see it!

Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie

Man, Joe always makes it look easy

The Artist Relations Room at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA was set ablaze when Joe Satriani visited and cranked out a few songs. Fingers cooled, he sat ...

Thank you for the music and memories.R.I.P. Mr. King

Thank you for the music and memories.
R.I.P. Mr. King

B.B. King has just died late Thursday, according to his attorney. The 89-year old guitar icon had been in poor health for quite a while and was recently admitted to hospice care. The NGM awarded him our "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2012, and his contribution to the legacy of the guitar is among the most notable of any guitarist in any genre. More news as we get it. RIP, Blues Boy.

The countdown is on for the release of Water Born Episode 4. Until 5-17-2015 when it's released, here is a Behind The Sc...
Unleashing The Final BTS Of Water Born Episode 4…Hold On!!!

The countdown is on for the release of Water Born Episode 4. Until 5-17-2015 when it's released, here is a Behind The Scenes look at will be an awe inspiring adventure with Chuck Patterson Athlete, Damien LeRoy and the Water Born team. Bring it on!!!
#GoPro #WaterBorn #Travel #Adventure #Hawaii #SUP #Kiteboarding #Surfing #lifeisgood #winelover #recipeoftheday #maui #Fitness #Sports #Amazing 

// You want to create content and you have tons of ideas. You have your GoPro Hero camera but just not quite sure what settings to use. Flowing through you i

Go Carlos

Go Carlos

«La cosa più importante che si può possedere è un cuore aperto. L'arma più potente che si può diventare è uno strumento di pace» (Carlos Santana)

Washburn Guitars

Washburn Guitars

What are you listening to right now?
No matter your choice of instrument or style of music, we've got you covered.

You gotta hear Robert Johnson perform Cross Road Blues.What an awesome sound.

You gotta hear Robert Johnson perform Cross Road Blues.
What an awesome sound.

May 8th marks the 104th Anniversary of the birth of guitarist Robert Johnson in 1911. The 1930s recordings of Johnson's tortured vocals and his masterful guitar playing gave rise to a blues renaissance and created rock and roll. His influence on countless guitarists – Hendrix, Clapton, and Richards all hailed his playing – continues to this day. For someone who died at only age 27, Johnson's legacy has arguably affected every guitarist in his wake in some way or another.

Very little that is fact is known about Robert: how many times he was married, if he was murdered, how he actually died, and whether anything akin to selling his soul at the Crossroads ever took place. It's all part of the legend, and for guitarists none of that matters. The legend is all in his playing. Here it is, in the form of “Cross Road Blues.” RIP, and happy birthday, Mr. Johnson.

Here's a brilliant 360° view of Morten's journey from around the world in GoPro fashion. Awesome trip!#GoPro #Travel #wo...
Around The World With GoPro In A 360° View

Here's a brilliant 360° view of Morten's journey from around the world in GoPro fashion. Awesome trip!
#GoPro #Travel #worldwide #Adventure #Fitness #Foodie #France #Spain #India #Dubai #Brazil #Denmark #SaintMartin #traveller #romance #Beautiful #selfie 

// So do you have a diary? How about a video diary? Still wondering what a video diary is... Then check out this amazing video story that Morten has put toge

Happy Birthday Ace.

Happy Birthday Ace.

Paul "Ace" Frehley is 64 years old on April 27, having been born in 1951. Ace is one of the most admired, and disparaged, guitarists of the past 30 years. From the moment he strapped on a Les Paul and applied silver glitter paint to his face, Ace was destined to get noticed. His playing was influenced by British Invasion guitarists, and he rarely varied his setup of a Les Paul through a large stack–usually Marshalls. There is no doubting his influence on a generation that bought the KISS "Alive" album. Here's an extended Ace solo from 1977, live in Tokyo. Happy birthday, Mr. Frehley.

Happy Birthday to Glen and Peter!!!

Happy Birthday to Glen and Peter!!!

Two renowned guitarists share a birthday on April 22. Glen Campbell turns 79 (born in 1936), while Peter Frampton celebrates his 65th (born in 1950). Campbell is best known among guitarists for playing on countless studio sessions in the 60s, including a number of Beach Boys records, as well as being “Mr. 12 String” during his solo career, while Frampton achieved fame as a member of Humble Pie and then as a solo artist. Here’s Glen performing “Guitar Man” live with Jerry Reed. Happy birthday, gentlemen.


Historic Fifth Street School
Las Vegas, NV


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