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Southwest Ohio Homeschool Music Academy Provide an engaging and positive experience with band and/or string program as well as choir and general music located in the countryside YMCA


Candy orders are due this coming Tuesday, November 19


If you took pictures or videos of today please share them.


Clayton's Candies
I hope you are selling candies. Orders will be ready December 10 at our dress rehearsal. This is a 3 in 1 fundraiser. We make $ for our group, Clayton's Dr bills get paid, and other families who need assistance paying for their Dr bills for CHD get help. What a way to help families


If you ordered ear plugs....please bring $17.50 per pair on Monday. We are hoping to get these in before the Christmas concert. Please make checks payable to Southwest Ohio Homeschool Band


Monday November 11

Arrive: at 10am down stairs to help set up. Warmups will follow set up.

Play from 11:15-11:45

Clean up after

What to wear: Jeans (NO holes or leggings), patriotic shirt ( red, white, or blue polo, a patriotic t-shirt) **if the picture on the t-shirt is not patriotic, please do not wear it, tennis shoes are fine. If you are a boy scout or girl scout and would like to wear your uniform, that is fine too.

After clean up, starting at noon they will be doing a service to honor the veterans and their families. You are welcome to stay if you would like. I have never been to it so I am not sure what they do.

Tuesday November 12- NO CLASS
Take this time to practice and get ready for the following week and our up coming Christmas Concert.

I am so proud of all the hard work you have been putting in this semester. We have never tried to pull off two different concerts in one semester. Your hard work and dedication to this program are what make my job so much fun.

See you Monday


Field trip reminder
Tomorrow is the fantastic free Friday at Miami University Middletown. If you signed up for this field trip, please meet Natasha at 9:45 at Dave Finkelman Auditorium. I am hoping to walk in as a group. If you are running late, no worries just ask an usher where to find the Southwest Ohio Homeschool Music Academy seating and they will direct you to our area. See you tomorrow


T-shirt orders are due by the end of the month. If you need a shirt, please get the order form and money to me asap


For those of you who ordered ear plugs, Babette will be in class on Tuesday to fit everyone. If you are a parent ordering for yourself, you need to be fitted too.


FYI....I am canceling class tomorrow. Colin is sick and I am not feeling great either. Plus I hit a deer Sunday evening on my home from working at the Renaissance Festival. I am very sore. Practice and I will see you next week.

If you need a T-shirt ordered, please turn those in by the end of October.

Also remember that we are playing on Monday, November 11 for the Veterans Day celebration at Countryside YMCA.


Reminder........parent and student meeting

Tuesday 9/10
Beginning strings 9-10
Intermediate/advance band and strings 11-12
Beginning band 1:30-2:30

Thursday 9/12
Choir 12-1


Hello everyone,
It is that time of year again. **Warning long email, sorry**

In years past, we have held a parent meeting at the end of August. Often times, families don't or can't make it to the meeting. I then end up missing information about students and am forever trying to track down parents. The board and I have decided to try something new this year. The first week of class is September 10th. We are going to hold mini parent/student meetings during class time. They will each last 1 hour. If you have multiple students in different classes, I am asking that you come to each of the meetings. The parent part will be the same, however, we are going to do ice breakers for the new students meeting the returning students, we are signing out music folders, and for beginning classes we will be going to basic care of instruments and how to hold their instruments.

The schedule for this meeting is as follows:
September 10 (Tuesday)
Beginning Strings meeting is from 9-10
Intermediate/ Advanced band and strings meeting is from 11-12
Beginning band meeting is from 1:30-2:30

September 12 (Thursday)
Choir meeting is from 12-1

The following week and the remainder of the school year classes will run as follows:

Beginning Strings 9-10 in craft room
Intermediate/Advanced strings 10:30-12:15 in lower studio
Intermediate/Advanced Band 11:15-1:00 in lower studio
Beginning Band 1:30-2:30 in lower studio

Choir 12-1:30 in craft room

If you are a returning member you will notice that there are some time changes. However, there is NO fee change. Fees will remain the same as last year.

We are trying something else new this year, We are adding "concerts" to our list. There will be a total of 5. But before anyone gets nervous, let me explain. We, as a board and director, are trying to see how we can give back to our community. Every spring our group recognizes our past and present military. We are going to be part of the program on Veterans day this year at the YMCA. What does this mean? We, all band and strings classes, will be performing at the beginning of the Veterans Day ceremony that the YMCA holds every year. We will be playing the music that will lead up to the ceremony. We will not be having class on the very next Tuesday so families don't have to make extra trips to the YMCA that week. I know some of you drive a good distance to get to our program. Both of our dress rehearsals will be concerts this time. The December dress rehearsal will be for the preschool kids and the May dress rehearsal will be for the Stolle Center people. We will then have our normal 2 concerts, one in December and one in May. There will be a slight location change to the May concert as we will go to Mason Christian Village, which a nursing home, and take our music to the residents who can't get out to go to things like this. Of course, your family and friends who normally come to the concerts are ALWAYS welcome. That doesn't change. We are living in a society that is so self centered and I hope this helps your students realize that it is great to give back.

Student Council
This is mainly for students who are in high school but we will allow junior high kids help as well. We have been working on a list of jobs for the students to do. They help make copies of music, plan cookie time, and put music away just to name a few. We are working on logging hours spent so they can count this as community service. There will be more information at the parent/student meeting.

I am sure I have missed something along the way and if I have I am sorry. I have some exciting music picked for the upcoming school year. If for some reason, you are not going to be part of our program this year please let me know so I don't send unwanted emails. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


New changes for the new school year.

The 2019-2020 school year the schedule will run like this:

Tuesday classes

Beginning strings 9 to 10
Intermediate/ advanced string ensemble will be from 10:30 to 12:15
Intermediate / advanced band ensemble will be from 11:15 to 1
Beginning band will be from 1:30 to 2:30

Thursday class

Choir will run from 12 to 1:30

We are extending times for the intermediate / advanced ensemble as well as choir. There is no fee increase because mrs. Neal decided that her days are shortened therefore less work to be done. We are hoping that extending x will allow for more work to be accomplished and concerts to be even more amazing than they already are.

Lunch sign up:
Spring Rehearsal Potluck

Lunch sign up:

The music academy will provide deli meat slices, cheese, un-tossed salad, and salad dressings as well as the paper products and cutlery. Natasha is bringing slider buns in case someone wants to make sandwiches. We will keep our meat, cheese, and salad buffet items separate to be as allergen-friendly...


Spring concert is coming soon!

Dress rehearsal:

Tuesday, May 14, 10 am
Luncheon immediately following


Thursday, May 16, 7 pm
Students arrive 6 pm

Sorry about the very short notice for cancelling choir. However Peppermint Patty and Pig Pen made it into the world heal...

Sorry about the very short notice for cancelling choir. However Peppermint Patty and Pig Pen made it into the world healthy. See you next week.


No choir goat is in labor

Please look at these two pictures... upcoming infoUpdate: concert dress is blue t-shirts with jeans (no holes) and tenni...

Please look at these two pictures... upcoming info
Update: concert dress is blue t-shirts with jeans (no holes) and tennis shoes. Causal concert dress


No choir today. I have a family emergency. See you next week


We will not be having classes the week of April 1-5, due to spring break.


Are your students struggling with Greatest showman? This is how my kids are practicing without me micro managing them. They pull it up on YouTube and play with the demo. See if it helps your kids like it is helping mine


NO choir Thursday Jan 31. Stay home and warm


FYI.....we do have class today. The delay does not affect us. See you soon


What an amazing concert last night. Students Thank you so much for all your hard work. Parents thank you for bringing them to class week after week. I will see you in January.


Just a reminder that if you are available to help Mrs Neal set up at 1 at the Y your help would be greatly appreciated


Attention all CHOIR kids:
To make up for the missed class in the middle of November, we WILL be having choir on THURSDAY DECEMBER 13 during normal class time. I know this is different from the norm. Please make all efforts to be there.

smittydandk@netzero.netNov 28, 2018, 4:18 PM (2 days ago) to smittydandkI hope you are all excited about this year's mus...
Christmas Rehearsal Taco and Salad Bar

[email protected]
Nov 28, 2018, 4:18 PM (2 days ago)
to smittydandk

I hope you are all excited about this year's music concert! Please see the list below for reminders about where to be, when to be there, what to bring, and what to wear.

The physical setup for the concert provides several opportunities for helping out, and your help will be most appreciated!

Dress Rehearsal, followed immediately by Lunch

***If you are willing to help bring percussion pieces upstairs from the band area at 9:00, your help would be greatly appreciated.***
When: Tuesday, December 11th at 10:00 AM
Where: Countryside YMCA; the rehearsal will be on the main level in the performance room (past the cafe); lunch is in the kitchen near where class regularly meets
Bring: Instrument(s), music stand, music, practice timesheets, your best attitude, and food for the taco bar
Lunch sign up:

Concert, followed immediately by Cookie Time

***If you are willing to set up chairs for the concert at 1:00 PM, that would be appreciated.***
When: Friday, December 14th at 6:00 PM (concert begins at 7:00, but students need to be at the Y by 6:00)
Where: Countryside YMCA in the main level performance room (past the cafe), Cookie Time will be located in the lobby outside the performance room
Wear (Concert Attire): Your SW Ohio Homeschool Music Academy shirt, black pants or skirts, and black shoes
Bring: Instrument(s), music stand, music, and a dessert for cookie time

*To sign up for a cookie time performance slot, please see Silas Smith during band or choir practices anytime between now and the concert.*

Students may sign up individually or in ensembles to perform additional music during Cookie Time. Cookie Time provides an opportunity for students and their guests to mingle in the lobby.


You and your concert goers will have an opportunity to support our organization at the same time you support families in Haiti. One of our parents is coordinating an ornament sale for The Apparent Project. Check out the work that this organization accomplishes, and please consider making this fundraiser a part of your seasonal shopping.

Items will be available for sale both at rehearsal and at the concert.

Thank you!

Kelly Smith

We are having a taco and taco salad bar once again this year.  Label your food with your name in case people with dietary restrictions have a question for you. HALF of the families in the group have a member with a dietary restriction, so this is super important.  If at all possible, please label ...


Lebanon city schools closed today due to weather. You know what that classes today. Enjoy your break today and next week. See you all after Thanksgiving. ~Natasha


Last call for t-shirts and hoodies. If you are in need of a shirt to order for concert or want to purchase a hoodie with our logo, please let Ms. Natasha know by the end of the week. We have to have time for them to be made. Make checks payable to Southwest Ohio Homeschool Band


Did you forget that classes started today? Forget to sign up? Haven't made up your mind if you want to join? It isn't too late. Sign up and join us next week.


Is anyone in need of a loaner violin size 3/4? If so let Ms. Natasha know. Asap


Mark your calendar...August 28...10 am parent meeting at Countryside YMCA


We are adding 3 NEW pieces for band and strings. One is a Christmas Sing A Long with the choir. The other 2........Greatest Showman and Les Miserables......Going to be a fun school year if you ask me!!! Ready to join us?????


Want to know what songs we are doing this year for choir? How about a little Queen and Twisted Sister? Sounds like a lot of fun......right? On the list for choir this year for the Christmas concert is Sing we now of Christmas, White winter hymnal, and a Christmas Sing Along with the band and strings. For Spring Concert......Thousand Years, Queen medley, and I Wanna Rock. We are going to have fun this year!!!


Mark your calendar..... August 28th at 10am. Information meeting at YMCA. Come see what we have planned for the school year, meet our newest board member, meet our new art and education director, get the complete school year calendar in your hands. Please invite your friends who might be interested in joining our group. If you have any questions please let me know. ~Natasha~


Hey everyone,

I have an opportunity for us to make some decent money for our groups. In August in Mason there is the ATP tennis tournament across the street from Kings Island. I spoke with Rusty Tillman who organizes the clean up crews for the event. On August 14 from 5-11pm he has 2 shifts available for a minimum of 20 people to work and make $900. If we can get 40 people we can take both shifts and $1800. Yes you heard that correctly $1800. On August 15th from 5-11 pm he has 2 shifts available group 1 is 15 people minimum for $675 and group 2 is 10 people minimum for $450. If we can get 25 people we could make $1125. August 17th from 5-11 on and August 18th from 5-11 there is a shift available for a minimum of 10 people each day making $450.

That is a lot of money to be made. For the Homeschool group, we are in need to a new bass clarinet case and nice music stands. For both Homeschool group and Lebanon Youth Symphony we are in need of music. This is an easy way to make some money for the group without having to do a bunch of fundraising. I hate to go door to door trying to sell people stuff. This event is for ages 11 and up. We also need adult help. Mr. Tillman likes to have 1 adult to every 5-8 kids.

As you know, I try NOT to raise the rates on anything very often. However, with less money coming in from Kroger plus card and Amazon smile, we need some way to make money for items needed without raising the prices, THIS IS JUST THAT!

I have to let Mr. Tillman know something Monday morning July 16th. I must have enough people to sign up. I would love to be able to do the August 14th shift. More money!!! Please let me asap if you can make it. ONLY commit if you can be there please!!!!



What an amazing concert last night. Thank you all for all your hard work. Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated money towards our new snare drum. You gave what we needed plus some. Thank you for investing in our kids. See you in August for our parent meeting and 9/11 and 9/13 for our fall kick off.


Don't forget to bring cookies to share at cookie time tomorrow night.


If anyone is available from 1 to 2 to help set up for the concert tomorrow night please meet me at the YMCA


Just a reminder dress rehearsal tomorrow. Please feel free to wear your PJ's. Don't forget to bring a dish to share for our lunch potluck


Hey Parents (Grandparents)

I have no clue where the school year has gone. It seems like yesterday we were just starting this school year. This email is a few reminders as we are only 2 WEEKS from concert.

1. Dress rehearsal is set for Tuesday May 8 from 10-12 and lunch from 12-1. This is MANDATORY for ALL students. Your students will miss a ton of information given that day to make Thursday evening run smooth.

2. Dress rehearsal is PJ day. If your student would like to wear their pj's to dress rehearsal they may. They must be able to sing and play in them however.

3. Dress rehearsal lunch. The theme is pot luck. Each of your students brought home tent that are to be used to label the dish your are bringing and if it fits any of our students who have food restrictions. We do have some with food allergies and some that are vegan as well as vegetarian. We do have some that can not have dairy as well as gluten. If you don't have a food tent, see me. I have more. Please go to the page to sign up on the sign up genius so we know what we are having. Desserts are encouraged as well.

4. Dress for concert is your students blue shirts that were purchased at the beginning of the year. Please locate it if you don't know where it is at. I will have the 2 that were ordered during 2nd semester at the dress rehearsal. Your students need to wear black pants and dark socks and shoes. I prefer to have them in dress pants but if they don't have any and they have black jeans, that is fine to. All shirts MUST be tucked in. Ladies are NOT permitted to wear leggings unless they are under a skirt.

5. ALL students need to be at the YMCA at 6pm on May 10 for warm ups and tuning. The concert will start at 7 sharp.

6. I need help setting up for the concert during the day on Thursday from 1-2. If you are available to help set up that would be amazing. The more people, the faster the work load.

7. After the concert, I am asking that all parents help put chairs back on the racks and to help move equipment back downstairs. This includes your students black binders that were issued at the start of the 2nd semester with music in it. Please have all personal items taken out of the binders prior to the concert. I will reuse the binders next school year.

8. We need all parents to bring cookies for cookie time. Some of our students will be playing music for your entertainment.

9. Lastly, we are in need of a new snare drum. The one that was found at the YMCA laying around in a closet has come to take its last breath. It was on a wing and a prayer to start with. I have found us a nice one with a case to protect it for $150. If anyone is willing to make a donation of any size, please see myself or Tamara Marino. If anyone has one that is in playing condition and your are willing to donate it to the group, please let me know as well.

I don't think I forgot anything. I could very well be wrong too...LOL. As always, if anyone of you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email, the page, or by phone 513-850-1072.



1699 Deerfield Rd
Lebanon, OH


(513) 932-1424


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