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I have found a cool potential venue (warehouseish), but.. Do people actually want to go to a ++music party anymore these days?


Well guys, that was so badass, so smooth... It was literally all out friends and friends of friends. The only DJ's that were NOT direct friends of ours were Melanie Moore and Sammy Bliss on the line up. That worked out so well because the DJ's themselves act as promoters and this kept the vibe really tight knit. Sammy and Mel's crowd have like minded followers (lovers of pocket underground and the woogie stage from LIB)...

So that's why the vibes were OFF the hook.. One of the hundred little tricks it takes to keep the vibes of a party feeling like you're at home! :D


Wanna volunteer? Here's a couple places we could use some help.

1. The Bar area:

We could use some help here. We have a few so far, such as Dash, Joseph, Ona, Chris. If anyone else wants to help out for an hour or two, that would be awesome.

2. Passive Clean Up Crew:

EVERYBODY can do this! If you see trash on the floor, whether it be at 10pm or midnight or whenever.. please pick it up and put it in the trash! That way, when the party is over, we don't have to do TOO much!

If anyone wants to stay a little longer, grab a trash bag, and clean up, that will make me (and the venue owner) a happy camper.

3. The door. We have enough help here.

4. Spinning fire. If you want to spin fire, you must be very experienced for everyone's safety. Please bring some gas as well to contribute to the dipping station.

About Us

About Us

What does dou­ble­plus­mu­sic mean? From Orwell’s 1984 novel, “newspeak” is a fic­tional lan­guage where plus­good means great and dou­ble­plus­good means EXCELLENT. So dou­ble­plus­mu­sic, is a way of say­ing great music in...


How does Saturday July 21, 2012 work with everyone?

(July 14 is comic-con, July 28 is Slinky and Indigo Vortex)... So the 21st seems like a winner. Yes?


-Party cat.

Funky Tech House by Edgar Poe :D
Edgar Poe - My Technical World by EdgarPoe

Funky Tech House by Edgar Poe :D

"Edgar Poe - My Technical World" by EdgarPoe. One of my Old Tech House Sets... Travel Music...Funky Techy Hosted on

If you haven't already, join the ++mailing list to get final VVII info by email as well.
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If you haven't already, join the ++mailing list to get final VVII info by email as well.

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