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Christian Music Foundation Located in Southern California, CMF currently includes a professional performing ensemble called Ensemble Christo, and a youth orchestra. Please email us if you would like to be a part of our monthly newsletter/prayer email.

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Our Kenosis Chamber Choir and Ensemble Christo's Christmas + Reformation Concert! Come and check it out!

Our Kenosis Chamber Choir and Ensemble Christo's Christmas + Reformation Concert! Come and check it out!

Check out our final rehearsal for this Saturday's "Five Solas" concert! Come and celebrate the 500th year of the reformation with us! Martin Luther's reformation story with Choir music, isn't it something what you want to see? All profits are donated to Salvation Army for the underprivileged!
Sat, 12/9, 6pm at Salvation Army Tustin Ranch

Christian Music Foundation's cover photo

Christian Music Foundation's cover photo

Kenosis Chamber Choir and Ensemble Christo will be performing Elliott Bark's new arrangement of A Mighty Fortress is Our...

Kenosis Chamber Choir and Ensemble Christo will be performing Elliott Bark's new arrangement of A Mighty Fortress is Our God and J.S. Bach's Cantata 80, "Feast of Reformation" at Musco Center for the Arts on 6/3 (Sat), 7pm. Come join us!


It's Bach's 331st birthday today. In this great man's words: "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."
He composed over 1,200 works known today, but it is suspected that he wrote much more. In all of his works he wrote "Soli Deo Gloria" which in Latin means "To God alone be the glory."


A live recording of Lawrence Mumford's Santa Cruz Island by Ensemble Christo - Los Angeles and guest musicians from Biola University (conducted by Elliott Bark) with an interview with the composer has been included in a radio show!

Listen to FATW122014 by ClassicsRadio #np on #SoundCloud


Ensemble Christo - Los Angeles will be playing at Beacon Light Mission in Long Beach (a homeless shelter) this Sunday (12/14) at 7pm (525 Broad Avenue, Wilmington, CA 90744)! Please pray that we may bring the Good News to the audience!


Last four weeks of ECLA's rehearsals have been incredible with God's love! This Saturday (10/11) 10:30 AM, ECLA will be performing these nine pieces at Biola University (Crowell Music Building). Please join us with prayer! Also, if you can, come to the concert. It's FREE!

Lawrence Mumford – Santa Cruz Island
Adam Sovkoplas – P.S. It’s A Silverstein Trio
Kenji Kuriyama – Redemption
Donald M Wilson – Fibonacci Sonata
Yoomi Paick – Wintry Moments
Carlos Salazar – Genelation
Glenn Pickett – The Song of Job
Robert Denham – This is Just to Say
Elliott Bark – The Lodestar and Moons


This Sunday, ECLA musicians are starting the rehearsals for its October concert at Biola University! Please pray that the rehearsal will be smooth and that we will feel God's presence all the time!


Ensemble Christo-Los Angeles has been invited to perform at Biola University in one of the featured concerts! Stay tuned!!!

Christian Vision Press (크리스쳔 비젼 신문) reported about our audition!!!

Christian Vision Press (크리스쳔 비젼 신문) reported about our audition!!!§ion=sc1§ion2=



First day of audition ended well! However, we need more students! Please pray for the second audition (this Sunday, 3-5pm)!!!


Tomorrow is our first audition date!!! If you haven't registered, please email us: [email protected].

3-5pm at BIOLA UNIVERSITY (Crowell Hall #124)
Bring two contrasting pieces!

Please pray for the audition!
Love you all!!!


We added another day for audition. So now, 9/15 & 22 3-5pm at BIOLA UNIVERSITY (Crowell Hall #124). Please register by emailing us: [email protected]

When registering, indicate what time you would like to audition between these times. You will receive a conformation email by September 10 indicating the exact time of your audition slot, near the time requested. Please plan on coming at least 5 min. before your confirmed time to assure warm-up time. If this date does not work for you, and you would like to reschedule the audition day, please call or email us at least two days in advance to set up a different time. The anticipated duration of each audition is 5 minutes.



So far, we have sent 162 emails to professors in Los Angeles and Orange Counties to ask them to recommend their students for our audition. Please pray that students will gather to glorify God!!!


CMF is now officially a non-profit, and has a rehearsal site secured with Biola University - praise the Lord!


Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to be a part of our monthly newsletter/prayer email.


Thanks to everyone for liking this page! We are excited to post updates soon, so stay in touch! Please email us if you want to receive the monthly newsletter/prayer email.


216 E. 31st. St.
Los Angeles, CA

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Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to be a part of our monthly newsletter/prayer email.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAT BOONE...JUNE 1, 1934 FRIENDLY PERSUASION Ted Mack and Arthur Godfrey... gave him a chance to sing so with his white bucks and movie star looks... he knew there wasn’t anything... that he couldn’t do if he just tried... so he set about to change... the world of music that he had known... to one he could rearrange... to how he thought it should be... just a little rock and roll... he took what always had been... and gave it just a little soul. With Dot and Republic right there by his side... he sang “Ain’t That A Shame”... and this song became his first number one... and made him a household name. He represents an era... of kinder, softer ways... April Love and Friendly Persuasion... a time of much gentler days. He sang of love and romance... and how he wanted it to be... he told us about Love Letters in the Sand... back in Nashville, Tennessee. With Shirley always there beside him... there was nothing he couldn’t do... then “I Almost Lost My Mind”... became number one hit number two. With State Fair and Chevy Showroom... he proved he could do it all... from songs to movies to television... he simply followed his calling. With “Twixt Twelve and Twenty”... he once again followed his heart... adding writing to all his accomplishments... he had it all planned from the start. But first and always foremost... he would go to any length... to tell the world that it was his faith... that gave him all his strength. Through all his years entertaining... he dreamed of being a preacher... and so...that’s just what he has been... the ultimate singing teacher. He always followed his conscience... from the best of times to the worst... he taught us all by example... that nice guys can finish first. He showed us all how it should be... he taught us all how it could be... if you work at it year after year. But even with all his achievements... the center of his world was his wife... and so Cherry, Lindy, Debby and Laury... were the heart and soul of his life. Tirelessly he worked... but never, ever neglected... the children he so dearly loved and happily raised and protected. But throughout his time entertaining us... the message he really sent... was sometimes lost by us... when we misunderstood what he meant. With chains and metal he sang a song... with Christ still there at his side... but small minds disapproved of it... and felt themselves justified. But as always...he smiled and laughed... sorry that they didn’t somehow see... the lesson he was trying to give us... the way he wished it could be. If people could some way hear the song... that each and every human sings... without looking at the way they’re packaged... someday we could change everything. This world really could be Paradise... if we could only understand... the lessons of a rock and roll Christian... the teachings of a humble man. So thanks for giving so much of yourself... your life was never out of tune... and we stand here to honor you... thank you for just being Pat Boone. co 2002 james bruce joseph sievers