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54 International WWA Entertainment is a company specializing in multimedia related events, live and computer generated. Its primary production is 54international.

'54international' © logo Richard Eshoo - 2013 reg. Writers Guild of America, 2013 ©54international – March 2013 – Richard Eshoo (vers. 05.22.13) The Premise. 54international has a few primary goals, which are to create a traveling art/dance/human installation, reintroducing/recreating the flamboyance and amazement of the ‘disco’ era, unlike some of its predecessors, 54i has a simple philosophy: “We are 1 People…Human.”, joining communities that think in like.54i will also call out to the artistic community, allowing them to think ‘outside the box’, creating and bringing both digital visual media as well as live, public performance to the event, giving their works an opportunity to be seen on a global scale. Live performers will have the opportunity/ability to perform live or via SKYPE, giving 54i the ability to broadcast persons and events live at any given time Worldwide at a single location. All broadcasts will be recorded and simulcast via our dedicated, secured website. 54i will introduce onto their website ‘live feed’ event a marquee text banner at the bottom of the screen acting as a fundraising mechanism for individual or multiple non-profit organizations worldwide to fundraise. The fundraising request for any/each organization per person while logged on will be a $1.00 US (persons will also have the option of donating more if they like), making ‘giving’ Planet-wide an affordable ways of giving that everyone can feel and be a part of, as well as an affordable way of budgeting donations for a cause or causes that one can be quite passionate about. The aforementioned pretty much gives 54i an advantage in fundraising by having the entire Planet at our disposal, listening to a history of incredible music, witnessing incredible visuals, ‘live’, talented performers to seeing loved ones ‘live’ from over-the-pond seeing one another dancing in the streets. Give a little, get a lot! A great night out for just a buck! Outreach: 759,000,000 Estimated viewership: 1,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 Worldwide* *Contingent upon wifi coverage and server storage in any given fixed geographical location. 54international was inspired by and would like to thank… ‘Chelsea’ (Steven)* ‘Montana Moon’ (Paul Brent)* Agatha Pomeranski Alex Gusman Ana & Dane McNair Anderson Cooper Andrew Reyes Arleen’ (Kenny Poe)* Aunt Alice Eccleston-Scott Aunt Bea Eshoo Austin Ray Barry Scott Bea Arthur* Bette Davis* Betty White Bob Heick Bob Daggett* Bob Stevens Brian Klavano Bud Abbott* Carter Potter Charles Pollier* Cher Christopher MacDonald Chuckie Jones Cole Gusman Cyril Goltier, M.D. Daniel Davis Daniel Eshoo* Daniel Eshoo, Jr. Danny Bozarth David Bowie David Katz* David Sump* Dawn French Desi Arnaz* Dick Kawecki Dick Saunders* Dirk Shafer* Donald Trump Donna Summers* Doug Mattis Erin Eshoo Watts* Estelle Getty* Facebook Frank ‘Cooter’ Duca Gali S. Kronenberg Gary Eisenberg Gary Lee Disney* Gay Monopoly [the ‘original’] George Carlin* Greta Garbo* Harvey Milk* Ike* & Helen* Eshoo Instagram Irene Soderberg Jack Ricks Jeffrey ‘Yetta Nussbaum’ Bloom Jeffrey Lysette* Jeffrey Marcus Jennifer Saunders Jerry* & Esther Hicks Jim ‘Marilyn’ Lindgren* Jimmy Herbert* Jim Petsky Joan Rivers* Joanna Lumley Jo* & Fred* Cousins Joe Monroe John Waters Jonathan Pon* Jules Gaskowitz Kenny Matthews* Kimba Eshoo Lance Loud* Lou Costello* Lucille Ball* Madonna Margaret Cho Mark Johnson* Martin Massman Matt Redman Michael Daniels* Michael DaSilva Michael Eshoo Michael Gotlieb, M.D. Michael Hoffer* Donald Colhour Michael King Michael Russo Michael Vucalitch* Michal Baryshnikov Mick Jagger Mitch Hightower Nancy Cole Sawaya* Nick ‘Helyn’ Andriole Paul Sercia* Phil & Helen Goldhammer Phillip Musikanth, M.D. & Kerry Flowers PROBE* Randy Zumwalt Ray Sanchez* Rand Weissman-Curtwright* Revolver [the ‘original’]* Rick Stover* Rob & Rebekah Gusman Robert G. Eshoo Robert Page* Robert Schrock Robin Cousins Ronald Goldhammer Rosie O’Donnell Rudolf Nureyev* Rue McClanahan* Sammy Eshoo Scott Butcher* Seymore Young, M.D. Simon Arthur-Smith Skip Wheeler SKYPE Sonny Bono* Sophie & Barry Meiselman Sound Spectrum Steven ‘Neighbor Steven’ Weber The Cockettes The Cycle Sluts* Thor Arnold Timothy & April Eshoo Tom Denton* Tom Johnson* Twitter Walter Hansen* Wendy Williams Woody Miller YouTube Yvette Alexander *Rest in peace.

Mission: 54international's goal's: To create a live, dance/art event, also acting as a fundraising mechanism for non-profits, the arts, local services and service organizations, broadcasting live, giving those the ability to fund-raise on Worldwide, helping to bring our World together. "We are one people: Human."

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Knitting, owning fifteen cats, reading the newspaper on a rocking chair, staying indoors — these are just some of the many things associated with being old. But for the Posh Club, the word “old” doesn’t even exist. The group started with siblings Simon Casson and Annie Bowden, who wanted to ...

Good Money

Good Money

Join us in DTLA as we Party for Purpose to demand Big Banks stop funding rainforest destruction. Live music, food trucks, art cars...


Los Angeles, CA

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Monday 13:30 - 18:00
Monday 07:00 - 12:00
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