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The Downtown Playground The Downtown Playgrond is a place for creative artistic people to be free on who they are. D.T.P.G. MISSION STATEMENT: DTPG was founded by RRicardo Garcia in 2012, in the heart of the warehouse district of downtown Los Angeles.

It was created as a way to unite artists from all walks of life. The idea is to foster a space where artists can gather, meet and converse with other like-minded people, where artists can feel free and be treated with respect and dignity, a place where the artist is important and acknowledged for what he or she is doing in their art. As a painter himself, Garcia was out to show gratitude and appreciation for what artists have done and contributed to society. A place where people can be free from their daily routine with no judgement, worries and fear of expressing themselves. A place where anyone can let go of their fears and tap into their creative expression without boundaries. An all-inclusive urban sanctuary for the artist and others alike.

Operating as usual


I know alot of my musician friends are also going through some tough challenges.

I want to ask you guys a question? What ideas do you guys have for a innovative way for people to support the music and musicians?


Roaming the streets in Barcelona when I encountered a protest going on, cheers!

Painting I did a few years back, cheers! #art #dtla #losangeles #artcollector #artbuyers #artbuyer #artcollectors #galle...

Painting I did a few years back, cheers!
#art #dtla #losangeles #artcollector #artbuyers #artbuyer #artcollectors #gallery #artgallery #museum #contemporaryart #modernart #instaart #instagallery


I wanted to thank everyone that came out on Saturday to support The Downtown Playground and all of the Artist as well, the momentum continues to increase and I'm totally grateful and appreciative on whats occurring. I especially want to thank all of the amazing talented Artist that were part of this, Emmeric Konrad, Tatti Artstudio, Roberto Vázquez, Tony Peluce, Mike Lopez, Israel Martinez Art, Jacque Delgado, William Reyes and George Sarah with the string ensemble which were amazing! and to everyone else, I might not have mention thank you guys! I look forward to seeing you all at our next event next month at The Downtown Playground. Oh! and f**k Trump, cheers!

Plese, support a fellow friend and musician lets help out whatever we can greatly appreciate thank you.

Plese, support a fellow friend and musician lets help out whatever we can greatly appreciate thank you.

Dear L.A.Drones! friends, as most of you already know, one year and half ago MR.Pablo was diagnosed with a high state of Chronic Periodontitis, which means a bacteria eats the bones and finally the teeth fell down. apparently is a genetic diseases because two of his other brothers had it too... We have been paying the surgeries and deep cleanings during all this time with our own money, but SADLY few weeks ago we´ve found out that he´s almost at the same state as 1 year ago, so they told him, that they would need to do the surgeries all over again. He quit cigarettes a year ago and he's been strictly cleaning every day, but still he did not improve as he should. He's psychologically devastated because he can't play more shows with his band L.A.Drones! for the moment because it hurts him a lot to play sax or to sing. He can't work either too much because stress is also a big enemy of this illness (his gums) so he needs to rest as much as possible. He´s by nature a very nervous person, the people who know him they know.
This $4000 that we ask for its just a minimum of the whole amount that we should pay, because he is going to need surgeries again, deep cleaning during all his life every 3 months and to replace some of his teeth, we really hope not all of them. If you want to help him just donate whatever you can, even $1 is a big deal for him.
Thank You so much in advance, He just wants to be able to do music again as soon as possible.

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Mind Monogram

Mind Monogram

Friends! We're excited to announce that we will be performing at this Year's Panamanian International Film Festival (@pifflosangeles )in DTLA this Saturday 11/4 we will also be performing later that night at The United Colors L.A. Group Art Exhibition. Catch us at one or both!

Just wanted to congratulate my good friends "L.A. Drones for winning the The Deli Magazine contest, cheers! from The Dow...

Just wanted to congratulate my good friends "L.A. Drones for winning the The Deli Magazine contest, cheers! from The Downtown Playground.

L.A.Drones! ON LA.The Deli !
Listen New Tracks!
Thank UUUUUUUUU ALL! LOV U!! #2freemasteringsprize #giveup #horizontedesucesos #thenameofthisbandisladronesalbum2016


BREAKING NEWS: The Downtown Playground will be having events again in a new location. We are getting ready for something more funtastic! To all the bands that were part or want to be part of the playground please inbox me for consideration we are getting our roster ready so hope to hear from you ;) hope you are having a funtastic day! Cheers! DTPG.

My friend Joe Wright, an amazing poet has just released his latest poetry book. Please support his art by going into Ama...
10 West: A Collection of Art & Poetry by Joe Wright

My friend Joe Wright, an amazing poet has just released his latest poetry book. Please support his art by going into Amazon and grabbing a copy for yourself. Its only the cost of 3 beers in most bars! Cheers!


10 West: Stunning Collection of “Full Spectrum” Art & Poetry Creates New Crisis in Words, Exposing Los Angeles’ Powerful New Language. There is no archetype for what I do. There are so many America's & Los Angeles is the city at the end of the world. I use the signs of our cu...


With all this Presidential talk going on. I have decided to write a letter to a potential President on an idea that I have to address certain challenges that i believe can be a solution. So I decided to share it also with you, also please tell me what do you think? hope you are having a great day, cheers! RRicardo..
Potential President,
I would like to propose an idea to you that might be of interest to you and your campaign. This idea will revolutionize government and the way it has been structured in today's modern society. Government given back to the people based on technology, what a concept right?
My name is Ricardo Garcia a native Angeleno, painter/multi media artist. I am just a simple man not an expert in politics or anything of that source. I am however a creative thinker, a person who has taken interest in our political system, and how it operates.
I have been thinking about issues that are most dear to our country and society. My idea is basically the same as a crowd funding site (such as A very similar campaign platform, but instead of trying to raise money for some one's idea or project, this campaign will be to fix our government financial debt issues, and possible adding a personal tax deductible page or button to donate for contributing to eliminating our debt.
In a sense "Our" Campaign will be to eliminate debt from what taxes are suppose to do to our city or district, (each city will have its own form of structured campaign platform.) Once you sign into the site (using a secured and verified log in), you will see how much credit you will be given based on the amount of taxes you paid. Then you choose the issues you want addressed as a priority.
For example: If I paid say 600.00$ dollars in state or local taxes, I get to choose where that credit will go and not to exceed the amount you paid or what was deducted. (Schools, roads,etc..) The key is to put the taxes in your community or your district, so that accountability and structure is more accurately implemented and managed, even Micro-managed.
Everything will be transparent to the tax payers, government and our "trusted politicians". What this means is that the American people will be more interested in participation and being involved, so they know where their hard earned taxes go. Giving back the power of decision to the people, independent from these trusted officials, so they decide where our funds should go. Eliminate vested interests and corruption that have no concern of the American people's well being.
Just like any crowd funding site, there may be some technical issues, but for the overall site, it is better to try something new than to leave things as they are. With today’s technology and how advanced things are, structure and accuracy are at their highest level. It will be very difficult for their to be room for error, so it’s not necessarily a trial or an experiment.
We can now avoid fraud, corruption, favoritism, and all these things that could be of a threat. This type of site could and will change, even revolutionize everything about how we structure and do things. Where now the power will be back to the people the way it was intended to.
How will we pay for it? There is many options, one might be keep it the way we currently are doing thing or another option is just like a Kickstarter campaign, a crowd funding site will normally ask for 5-9% fees (that is already included in the person's tax credit. It does not mean you have to charge that percentage. It could also be a set deduction) If so based on a percentage, it will take care of employees and all overhead. The remaining balance that is left over will be possibly go to the least funded projects, again it is just an idea, I have faith that trusted staff can figure it out with out my help.
Keep in mind this is just a rough idea. It is not an accurate way of doing it, but I am confident that with a great team of professionals to consult with, a suitable model for this project could be developed. I am confident it will be a great success!



Looking forward to this event! Hope to see you there as well we'll ;) cheers!

Ricardo Garcia's one man show at prohibition gallery June 20th, 2015.


BREAKING NEWS: I just confirmed my biggest show of the year at Prohibition Gallery in Culver City, in their biggest Art Walk as well. It will be Solo show in June. I will also be doing a mural at the outside wall of the gallery. Keep you guys posted on further info. Cheers!

NK RIOT- LP DISCO 83 - (Official Music Video)

Hey peeps! Check out this awesome NK Riot video that was also shot here at the Playground ;) enjoy and congrats to NK, cheers!

Official music video for NK-RIOT "LP DISCO " , from Self Titled Ep "NKRIOT" Director & Editor: Ben Trandem Assistant Director: Lance Hendrickson Camera Opera...


Hey everyone! We are moving the after party to "Tony's Saloon" 2017 East 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021, we hope you will meet us there and say hello, thank you for your support, take care. RRicardo.


We just started our YouTube page! We are really excited to what the New Year will bring to The Downtown Playground and meeting new friends and bringing in more great Artist to share our vision, we look forward seeing you here and for you being part of it all. We also welcome Jadiv Marc (Producer at The Downtown Playground) for joining our family!.. Thank you for all for your support, we appreciate you, cheers!

The Downtown Playgrond is a place for creative artistic people to be free on who they are. THE DOWNTOWN PLAYGROUND MISSION STATEMENT: A place where anyone ca...


Killer show last night with The Blackouts and Club Banshee. Thanks everyone for coming out and we hope you enjoyed your time at The Playground. We have another great show happening on Halloween.. hope to see you there.


I want to thank everyone who came out to our show, it was such a great success and so much fun. I also wanted to thank all the artist and musicians for being part of this show and The Downtown Playground. We have much love and appreciation for you guys, cheers!Ricardo


Looking forward for Joe to do his awesome poetry, again make sure you R.S.V.P cheers!

"Virtual Climax Recording" by NK RIOT

NK Riot will be performing here with his innovating sound creations, we are privileged to have him here as well,we are looking forward to seeing you here and showing support. Remember to R.S.V.P ;) cheers!

Song: "Virtual Climax Recording" Artist: NK RIOT Director: Mary Ignatova DP: Sean Park, Dmitriy Eugene


The “NEXT” show & performance event is much-anticipated by followers and collectors of Los Angeles’ new, dynamic art movement, and presents new works by Garcia and select emerging artists.
"It's important to bring painters, poets and composers together," says Garcia. "It creates an interdisciplinary dialog and an interactive art space for everyone. Artists and audience participate, free to express & create."

“NEXT” proudly presents:

Exhibit: Ricardo Garcia, Ty Cummings
Video Art: Grey Hash
Poetry Reading: Joe Wright “Tempt”
Live Art Creation: Ngene Mwaura, Shaku Kowai, Henrik Yde

Live Music: George Sarah, NK-Riot, L.A Drones

Composer-multi-instrumentalist George Sarah, a Los Angeles music scene mainstay since 1985, has achieved critical acclaim for his unique chamber music compositions for electronics & string trio performing at art institutions like the Getty and the Gerhard Richter show at San Francisco MOMA.

We will be having FREE drinks from 7:30 to 9 p.m.
There is a 5.00$ cover to support our musicians.

Special thanks to our supportive sponsors:

HINT water
MONACO Vodka (Atomic-Brands)

George Sarah Live Concert with String Quartet and Special Guests.

An incredible live collaboration with both painters and musicians, creating together. Its an art experience you would not want to miss. We are happy to have George Sarah be part of our experience here at The Downtown Playground Hope to see you here, cheers! Ricardo.

George Sarah with string quartet and guests David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets), Robert Williams (Captain Beefheart, The Stranglers), Azam Ali (Niyaz), Moniq...


1720 E 14th St
Los Angeles, CA


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