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FMD Adult Lounge & Club FMD is Second Life™'s hottest premiere adult lounge, hosting weekend events with top prizes from the best brands in Second Life™. Paste this link into your viewer to join the group secondlife:///app/group/a8833824-8adb-61fc-cc7d-ba904d6ef08f/about

Operating as usual


Hello everyone,

My name is Bellalethal.alpha, I recently purchased FMD 2 weeks ago from the previous owner " a friend of mine" niccolo.ellisson for a substantial amount of money. He wanted to Sale FMD and I purchased it.

I am sorry if there is any confusion I was under the impression that all the staff members etc. were going to be notified by the previous owner... for that was not realistically my responsibility. To be courteous I did however send multiple notices over the past week or so... to inform everyone that there were going to be multiple changes to FMD and how the staff operates.

I sent out notices for people to contact me that were still actively interested in sponsoring, djing, hosting, dancing, escorting etc.... But very little people returned the favor to let me know.

I made the decision to clean house so to speak, so that THOSE who are interested in a position at FMD can come meet me personally, and fill out an application. this way,
1. I know who you are.
2. I know what your position will be.
3. Days and Hours of availability
4. Scheduling
5. And the simple fact that I want to know who you are and build those relationships with each person.
6. I am also keeping track and book keeping

I do sincerely apologize if anyone got overly offended. Like I said, I assumed everyone was informed 2 weeks ago by the previous owner, after I purchased FMD. And again I did try to make an effort to reach out to people via messages and in group message / chat.. and got back very few responses. So sadly I had to make the decision to start fresh.

I would be more than happy to provide applications for those who would be interested in filling in multiple positions that I have available. If you were with the previous owner and are still actively interested in working with FMD, I would love to meet you and see what position your interested in.

The old FMD no longer exists, it was completely taken down and is being re done, in the style I have chosen, it is looking remarkably good! I am so far very proud of the work me and my best friend have done to FMD thus far. I can't wait to share it with all of you and have a great time.

I want to bring FMD back to life and make this a great experience for everyone. Trust that I am making positive decisions so that FMD will run organized with the least amount of drama possible.

Like I said, those who are interested in a position with FMD, I will be making applications shortly. Contact me Bellalethal.alpha if interested in a position with either our
1. FMD main club
2. FMD Male & Female Stripping & Escort Services
3. Hosting
4. DJS
5. Live Entertainment

There will NOT be tons of mods, I am MOD and my sister Pari Peppermint will be the mods for now! Its as simple as that.

I really do hope that I can meet some of you and do an interview. Unfortunately, you were not all informed of the changes, or that FMD had even been sold. That is not my fault, but now I am setting the record straight.

Thank you


Good Morning from the west coast, I just wanted to keep everyone updated on the progress as so many have group notices disabled. FMD has been built and is ready to go. This month I will be hiring new staff. Dancers Host Djs. and so on. I have some really exciting things I am bringing to FMD and have made some drastic cuts in Management Dj's and so on. I am really putting my heart into this and I hope all will be excited for the Grand Opening on March 12th ( Friday ). we already have an awesome DJ lineup and some really amazing Sponsors, Sponsoring the event. Stay Tuned !.


In just a week I will be temporarily closing FMD to make way for the total Remodel.
During this time the SIM will not be reachable..

The opening date will be March, 12, 2021.

Thank you for all your support!


well, it's nice to be able to say the new FMD build is close to being done. but a long ways before it's all set up perfectly. By far this is my best skybox build I have ever done. I am super excited to show everyone who has supported FMD throughout the years!
Grand Opening I'm shooting for the 12th of March that lands on a Friday.


Hello everyone, I just wanted to let each and everyone know that I am the new owner of FMD. I have some really awesome plans ahead, and I hope that each one of you will give me a chance to show you what I am going to bring to the table. I do need you to continue having patience while FMD undergoes a renovation. "Again," my vision is to bring back the footprint FMD has made in the years I have known about it and supported it. this is a huge passion for me, and I'm looking forward to what the future will hold. Thank you for your understanding!

FMD will be temporarily closed for renovations as of Feb 8th and will open back up around Mark 9th.
Thank you again for all your support!




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