Oakboro Cruise-In

Oakboro Cruise-In Largest cruise-in held in a North Carolina downtown. Come the 4th Friday of each month. You may come early but respect business parking. The event runs from 5-9:30 PM, rain or shine.

We would love to see you. email for more info for vendors, etc. Always held the 4th Friday of the month, Mach through October, from 5PM until dark.

Operating as usual

Yes, Cruise-in is THIS FRIDAY! No, we do not cancel for rain. 40% chance of showers, as of now. Stay tuned to your local...

Yes, Cruise-in is THIS FRIDAY! No, we do not cancel for rain. 40% chance of showers, as of now. Stay tuned to your local weather!

Of course we like to promote our local restaurants, but last month, we had 2 food vendors set up on the street. "On Time Snacks" was there and sold me what was the BEST funnel cake I have ever had! Amazing! Yes, they cater events, so if you need someone... Also there was "Hot Diggity Dog", selling hotdogs and other snacks. I did not get to eat there last month, but Friday night, if they are there again, I will be partaking of the fares from them!

One last huge shout out to "the Gamblers Band", that sets up every Friday that we have a Cruise-in, at no charge. They are for hire, so if you need some entertainment at an event, plese pick up a card this Friday and consider hiring them for your next event. Hey, why not hire the food truck and snack truck as well!

And lastly, I've put a few pictures below from the last Cruise-in. Hope you enjoy and Ihope you see your ride, or even you in one of them.

Be safe. See you Friday!


Wow! Just got here. HUGE turnout! Thank you ALL!


Cruise-in is TONIGHT! It is going to be GREAT! Cars, trucks, and hopefully, YOU!


The Cruise-in is the 4th Friday of the month, from March through October. The remaining dates for 2021 are:

May 28th.
June 25th
July 23rd
August 27th
September 24th
October 22nd.

I will keep posting updates, invites, reminders, etc. but since this is by far the most messaged question, T thought I would save some Cruisers (and me) the trouble of figuring it out. Hope to see you in Oakboro on May 28th! Oh yeah. 5PM until 9PM.


Friday. Good weather. Beautiful cars. Great people. Oakboro Cruise-in. See ya there!


Friday Night Cruise-in is ON!!!!

We can't wait to see all of you and all of your cars, trucks, cycles, customs, etc. Even if you don't have one or can't bring it this Friday, we'd love to see you anyhow!

A few "house keeping" things for everyone. Please share this post so word gets out.

1. We are GUSTS of the town of Oakboro. Please be respectful of property, business, speed limits, etc. We want to welcomed back every month.
2. IF you have an issue and NEED law enforcement, medic, etc. please dial 911 and be as specific as possible. They will be present this Friday and every Friday and dispatch will get in touch with them asap. WE APPRECIATE OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS!
3. Parking. Park on the street FIRST. Do not take the parking from local business before they close. This is especially important for Uwharrie Bank. They close at 6PM. If you have business there, park and take care of it. If you do not, please do not park there until 6PM and (sorry for the all CAPS here) DO NOT EVER BLOCK THE ATM.
4. The local restaurants would LOVE to serve you on Friday! Please support them. There are 4 in town and one coffee/ice cream shop. We offer traditional American, Pizza, Pizza and Subs, Mexican, and if you go to the grocery store area, a chain sandwich shop.
5. This is a "Cruise-In" and NOT a "Car Show". We want everyone to come, bring their vehicles and have fun. If you are one that "freaks out" when someone gets to close to your "Pride and Joy" or even, heaven forbid, touches your ride...
6. Sponsors! Yep. We no longer do the "burn out". The insurance for that is very expensive. But YOU loved the Burnouts. Well, we are looking into the possibility of having it ONE Friday this summer, but we need a sponsor to pay for the insurance. Interested? Email me at [email protected]
7. If you want to be a vendor, please contact the Town of Oakboro for the proper permits. I believe there is a small fee to help cover costs of Cruise-in, but it is minimal.
8. We will never "Cancel" the Cruise-in. Rain or shine. If you want to cruise, come on. If the weather is not to your liking and decide not to come out, that is your call.

Pray for good weather, safe travels, and we hope to see you at the Oakboro Cruise-in, held on the 4th Friday of every month, March through October!


First Oakboro Cruise-in is March 26! We look forward to seeing you every 4th Friday!


Hey Cruisers! Been a long time. Hope you all are well. First Cruise-in for 2021 will be in March, the 4th Friday, which is the 26th.

It has been a while since I have posted. Got a message today that struck a cord of just how much the Cruise-in means to many of you (us). This is from Angie Lamont, the niece of Charles McPherson an avid fan and attendee of the Oakboro Cruise-in. Thanks, and stay safe.

My uncle Charles McPherson avidly came to your car shows. He had a few friends that he met up there and we were wanting to let them know he passed. If you could get that message out for us, it would be greatly appreciated. Especially a guy with a small blue mustang 2. Thanks in advance.


YES! Cruise-in THIS Friday! Weather will be GREAT!
Can't wait to see you in Oakboro!


SEP 25 is the NEXT OAKBORO Cruise-in. Keeping it simple. Like, share, follow. Thanks.


Wow! Wow! And WOW!!!!

The turnout this evening was amazing! It is/was so good to see all of you, and to those that we missed, we look forward to seeing you in September!

Mark your calendar now for the 4th Friday in September as this will be the next Oakboro Cruise-in!

Cruise safe and we will see you then!


Please share! Not sure why the word is not getting out or the post reaching everyone!


Lots happening. Sorry for the late post.


Please do not park at the bank until AFTER it closes. Hope to see you there.


READ CLOSELY! (please)

I, the one that does the FB page for the Cruise-in, am in touch with the authorities in Oakboro who are supportive of the Cruise-in tomorrow. I will give it to all of you straight. I quote: "I've received many complaints urging me to stop the Cruise-in from coming tomorrow".

Now, "many" can be anything more than 3, but we all have to remember, we are guests of Oakboro. We are there for an evening, the residents live there and the service people, (police, fire, medic) live AND work AND serve there. The last thing we need is to bring any stress or whatever to their lives.

The rest of the message I got reads, "I'm not sure if you would want to postpone it or just maybe put a warning out about masks, social distancing and whatnot." I'm not sure how you read that, but it sounds like we are still welcome, but if we all wear masks, encourage others to wear them, be smart and distance ourselves, have conversations while standing apart and so on, we are still welcome.

Let me state this another way that I hope is not needed, but just might be. IF we wear masks, distance, be smart and do what the authorities of Oakboro have asked us to do, the town of Oakboro will continue to welcome us in the future. If we do not, and some of the locals who wish us to not gather there get upset, we may not be welcome in the future. The choice is yours. Trying times for us all.

I am NOT getting into a debate on masks or not. I am simply stating it as it is. You know the risks. I do too.


Please share this, be safe, and I hope to see you tomorrow, at a distance...with a mask on.


Let's Cruise! Friday evening, Oakboro.

We ask that if you attend, please be as respectful to everyone as possible. Wear masks if you feel you need to, respect those that are not wearing them. Keep your social distance, and by all means, if you are not feeling well, please wait until you feel better and attend a cruise in at a later date.

Law enforcement will be present (as always)and I personally ask that you speak to them and thank them for the job that they do to keep us ALL safe.

God Bless America and enjoy the Oakboro Cruise-in! It is good to be back!


Cruisers. Please take a few moments to read this entire post.

I and the entire Oakboro community want to welcome all of you BACK with open arms, open streets, good times and everything that goes into making the Oakboro Cruise-in the BEST CRUISE-IN in the South East! (OK, I'm a touch biased, but if it is NOT the best, we are top 5!)

That being said. we are ON FOR JULY, and not June. Why? Well, as some of you know, the Oakboro 4th of July is just about the biggest July 4th celebration in the entire state, and it was cancelled this year, right down to the parade. The only thing happening this year are the fireworks on the night of the 4th. As you are now experiencing some emotions that may not be comfortable because we can not gather, please consider the 4th of July celebrants, vendors, entertainers, and most of all, the fire fighters, and how they must have felt. I know, two totally different gatherings, but not that different, and we would cruise BEFORE the 4th Celebration.
There have been all sorts of hard and hurt feelings over this, and I completely understand.
I have it on very good authority that we can cruise in July, no problems (unless something else happens in this crazy year that is 2020). I also want to extend the invite for you to come out on the cruise in night, enjoy a meal in town, maybe linger with some friend for a few extra minutes after the meal, soak in the evening, count your blessings and get ready for July. If you want to send me a picture of your car, truck, bike, etc. as we wait for July Cruising, email it to [email protected] and I'll post them here!

If the worst thing that happens to us is the Cruise-In has been cancelled, we are all truly blessed.

Stay safe all.


June 26, 2020. We are planning to cruise that night. Stay tuned for updates!


Hey Cruisers! We trust all of you are well and will STAY that way.

Our prayers go out to all of you, no matter how your lives have been or will be impacted by the virus, and we pray that you are safe and protected. I was with several "medical" people (Dr. 2 nurses) this evening and they were straight up and honest. This "thing" has not even started in the US yet. I, like so many others, was shocked to hear it as I have been in denial, thinking it is overblown, etc. Not the case.

With that being said, there will be no Oakboro Cruise-in for the month of March. If you and some friends or just you and your family want to ride out, get a meal to go from one of the restaurants, they would surely appreciate it, but here will be no organized official cruise-in this month.

We will keep you updated on the April Cruise-in as this thing plays out.

Stay safe, healthy, be smart, listen to the experts and survive this thing so we can all line the streets of Oakboro once again and make more memories with each other at the next Oakboro Cruise-in.


UPDATE and CONFIRM last nights post. 1st Oakboro Cruise-in, March 27. Please share.


Wow! What a winter! The weather was not (or has not been bad...so far) but so much has happened for me personally. Things are getting lined out now, so hopefully the "new normal" will treat me better.

The time change will be on March 8th, which is not that far away. That means the first Oakboro Cruise-in of the 2020 year will be on Friday, March 27th.

There have been a few changes in town and the biggest is the new traffic pattern on the lower end of town. The stop light by the hardware and Pennys Pizza has been moved to the intersection below the gas station, which WAS Citgo but is now Exxon. It can be a little confusing at first, but take your time and be careful. It will actually make town and the Cruise-in safer for all.

I hope to be back to posting often and keeping you all up to date. As always, feel free to send pictures to [email protected].

Cruise Safe! See you in about a month!


Hey Cruisers! Please see my previous post. NO offers to help...yet. Counting on you!


Hey Cruisers. Please read this and if you are interested, follow the instructions given so as NOT to overwhelm this event.
Woodhaven Court, and assisted living facility in Albemarle N.C. is asking for some car enthusiasts to display their classic cars at a family event on Saturday, September 28th from 6:00 until 7:30 PM with an outdoor movie (Grease) to follow. This is a 50's themed event and period dress would be appreciated, but not required.
If you would like to be a part of this event, please call Woodhaven at 704-983-1777 and tell them you saw the post here and are interested in helping out. My contact there is Blake Schooley.
You can visit the Woodhaven Court page and see a video of the residents getting ready for this event.
As always, Cruise safe and God Bless!


With the rain, I've got some time to catch up on a few things, finally. I got this message from the good people just down 742 from Oakboro about an event they are hosting soon. Thought I'd put it out there for you all to mark on your calendars, if you like.

I've copied and pasted it below.
Uptown Wadesboro Inc is having a festival called Turn Back The Clock where we are planning on having a classic car show and other fun events like movies all featured around the 1950 time period. If anyone would like to show their cars the date is Sept. 21 from 10-2 in Uptown Wadesboro. no fee for entry. please call 704-694-4181. leave a message if no one answers.

Got to spend some time at the Cruise-in before the weather set in. Thanks to all that made the effort and we pray everyo...

Got to spend some time at the Cruise-in before the weather set in. Thanks to all that made the effort and we pray everyone got home safe.

Here are a few pictures that I got to take while the sun was shining. Jerry Crayton is standing in front of his car holding the magazine. Jerry is one of the founders of the Cruise-in here at Oakboro and is responsible for its continued success. An article is going to be written about him and the Cruise-in for the local paper and we hope to get it out to other media outlets as well.

We couldn't do this without all of you. Thanks for coming out.


Looking forward to Friday and the Cruise-in! Praying the storms stay away! Be safe!


The Cruise-in is 1 week away! Stay safe in the heat. Hope to see you on the 26th!


The Cruise in is on tonight, but be warned, the great Oakboro 4th of July celebration also begins tonight. Free concert, carnival, cars and food. Come on out!


This FRIDAY is the Cruise-in! The Hornets Nest Car Club from Charlotte will be there along with a lot of other cruisers, spectators and cool car enthusiasts. Bring lots of water to stay cool and hydrated as it will be on the "warm side" to say the least. Wear your Red, White and Blue to show support and respect for those that never made it home while defending this, the greatest country ever. God Bless America!

On another note, the bank in the middle of town is undergoing a renovation. As of now, the lot is closed and can not be used for parking. We are hoping it will be open on Friday...but that is about all we can do right now. The pains of progress. If it is not open this weekend, hopefully it will be by the June Cruise-in.

As always, travel safe and we hope to see you Friday!


Hey Cruisers! Yes we are still cruising in Oakboro! 4th Friday of the month. Hornets Nest Car Club from Charlotte will be in Oakboro this month (May), along with all of the regular cruisers. Wear you patriotic colors this month and let us honor the sacrifice of those that gave so much so we could have so much on this Memorial Day weekend.

Many apologies for not being more up to date with the page. Our person that generally runs this has "had a tough go of it" for the past several months. Things are looking better for them now and hopefully things will get back to normal soon.


Yes, we will begin the Cruise-in the 4th Friday of the month, beginning THIS month, March. Life has been crazy for a while and I apologize for not posting. We hope to see you there! Much more to come. Stay tuned.

Got to go through Oakboro a few minutes ago, stopped at the NAPA to pick up a couple of things and saw this truck sittin...

Got to go through Oakboro a few minutes ago, stopped at the NAPA to pick up a couple of things and saw this truck sitting out front. I had not seen it before, so I went and talked to the owner. 17 years in the making, finished it Memorial Day weekend, and here it is. He did it himself and he has every right to be proud of it. 1955 Chevy 3100, straight six 235 with the push button starter and big back glass. It was easy to see the pride on his face and hear it in his voice. THIS is what the hobby is about. Your vehicle like you want it, and simply enjoy it. I cheated and got his wife in the picture as well. I'm willing to bet it wouldn't have gotten done without her involvement.

Thanks for making the drive up from Wingate!

The Oakboro Cruise-in. Good times. Great people. Awesome vehicles. Stay safe cruisers.


We trust the Hurricane has left all of you safe and well. Please keep those in the eastern part of both NC and SC in your prayers as the waters continue to rise. If you are able, lend a hand in any way you can, and don't be afraid to ask if you need a hand. Many people are willing to help, they just don't know how or who needs it.

WEll...the weather looks iffy for Friday, but we will be there. With the exception of a few local roads that are easily detoured, all roads are open. We got a lot of rain, but thankfully the wind never picked up or we would have been in bad shape. Very fortunate and blessed. We all are.

We are looking forward to seeing you all here Friday. Good friends, good times, beautiful cars. Oakboro Cruise-in.


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Oakboro, NC

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Friday 17:00 - 22:00


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Some photos from last night's cruise-in
What a great success at cruise in tonight! Unbelievable many beautiful cars and great people. Photos to share:
Do food trucks show up for this event?
when is the first cruise-in for '21?
Is November & December still on ???
We are 9 days away and looking forward to another great event!! Again this year all proceeds will go to support a local Veteran and his family! So if your not headed to the beach, cruise on over and help us, help this Veteran who has done so much for our Freedoms!!!
When is the first cruise in 2020?
Cruise in still going on today?
https://www.facebook.com/events/843700989419886/ Don't forget to bring your canned goods for families in need this Christmas! Visit Santa, Mrs Claus, and the GRINCH!!!!! Vendors, downtown dining, and music! Great evening of downtown family fun! PLEASE SHARE!
This Friday?