Team Elite Ops

Team Elite Ops We are an airsoft team Stationed in SOCal Capt. & 2 Lts. Currently sponsored by EVIKE.COM (I State the Team is NOT sponsored ,but three of the Members from the Team Are) Follow us on Instagram @TeamEliteOps & Subscribe to us on


Today We Will Be at HSP Center , Celebrating our members Big Pappas Birthday !!

See Us There !


Two Fellow Airsofters At Tac City North unfortunantely forgot the consept of Airsoft and tried to pick an Actual fight between each other !

All Bad ! Call your hits and dont over fire , Settled. Now your Banned


We Have Good news !
Co Captain Diablo Is Now Active and He is Now on the Team Again ! Congrats Co Capt. Diablo


Tac City North Today !
Co Captain Chino & Captain Flaco !

Come say Hi 15:00


Were Looking For More fellow Airsofters , NOW Recruiting ! PM Captain Flaco For More Details.


Captain Flaco Is At Tac City North !


Follow Us On Instagram @TeamEliteOps !

Thank you , & Please give us a Shout Out (:


Like To Wish the Best Birthday to One Of our members !!

Deputy Famoustar !

From: Team Elite Ops
Find us at tac city on Monday.


What Ever Happened To Our Fans and Our Community ?

: Capt. flaco


Who Has Been Wanting to Airsoft ? Because we havent gone ina while ! We Shall go soon (:
-Captain Flaco


Find Us At Tac City today !


Yea Buddy !
Guess what ?
Captain has made the Team , Team Cards to be handing out at events or to Fans !
They will arrive before the month ends ! Stay tuned to see/receive some.
-Captain Flaco


The ONLY reason why we HAVENT made the video we said we were going to make is because , the so called Fat Drake is being a pu*** and not wanting to do it.


I just wanted to Update you guys on whats been going on with my team , But as of right now im working on getting us team shirts. And were also waiting on Fat Drake for us to do the video.
-Captain Flaco


Proud to say we have BOTH the Kwa Mod 1 & The Kwa Mod 2 in our team.


We have reached 150 likes !
Thank you to All Our Fans , Subscribe to us on Youtube & Be ready to watch the video of Us Shooting Fat Drake (if he doesnt rank out)


Check Out Diablo`s Montage ! All NEW Video.


Today Our Member 'Big Pappa' got shot below his right eye , while wearing face protection (Good thing he is NOT in any bad condition) Remember people , Safety first then Team Work.
Other than that it was a progressive day & NEW video coming soon..

Shout out to Jesus Chong.


Find Us At Tac City Today !
Say Wattsup To Us , & Big shout Out to our drafter Jesus Chong , he left to Denver but IS STILL part of our team ! Hell be playing with us in spring break at Hsp center.


NEW VIDEO up & running !

NEW Video up in a bit, Check it out!
TeamEliteOps's channel

NEW Video up in a bit, Check it out!

This is some footage we got at Tac City celebrating 2013! And if you are wondering whose Flaco, he's El Bebe but he changed his name to Flaco.


Progresive day today at Tac City, with Famoustar & Buddah
Also with 2 recruits for the team. New video coming soon!!
-Captain Flaco


El Bebe Died & Damian Dominguez has changed his name to FLACO.


Rosemead, CA


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