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I am with an amazing team that encourages me to be positive, creative and to be myself. I love this ongoing class. It is truly the best class on Facebook

Why LivCana CBD

Kebie Whitehead, Noelle Upchurch and Krazy Kat Mack speak on why they love LivCana CBD

Joyful Promotions's cover photo

Joyful Promotions's cover photo

Just watched Fans of The Ogallala Cream Can Supper Company on Ntv.  You did a great interview guys.  I have just decided...
Ogallala Cream Can Supper Company - A Unique Cooking Experience - KHGI-TV/KWNB-TV/KHGI-CA-Grand Isla

Just watched Fans of The Ogallala Cream Can Supper Company on Ntv. You did a great interview guys. I have just decided I need the large can for an upcoming wedding! You also promoted GROW Nebraska well! Here is your interview.

The cream can from Ogallala Cream Can Supper Company is a new and unique cooking device based on a cooking method used for generations. It allows you to cook delicious, healthy food without a lot of


I will be at the Grand Island, Conestoga Mall today demonstrating Heavenly Creations Gourmet Products Jalapeno jellies and Razzmatazz at the GROW Nebraska store. I will be there from 1 to 4, stop by and try out some wonderful products!!!


I have demoed at Hy-Vee Grand Island for the last two days. Friday was Heavenly Creations Gourmet Products and saturday we had Herbal Gatherings hot mustards. Both companies have great tasting products and Hyvee carries them at a great price. I want to thank Hyvee, they have wonderful employees and customers!


I am headed to Hy-Vee Grand Island this morning to demonstrate Herbal Gatherings fantastic hot mustard! This is a great time to stop and get a jar for your grilling this weekend, it will give pizazz to your hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks and deviled eggs! Herbal Gatherings and Joyful Promotions are proud members of GROW Nebraska

Our New Chevy Van Barn! « Joyfulpromotions's Blog

New Blog Entry: My New Chevy Van Barn! Joyful Promotions is a proud member of GROW Nebraska

Rain seems to ruin the best of plans. Michelle and her daughter Heather with Happy Goats Grazing planned on having a wonderful spring with lots of baby goats running around. What they got was rain, lots of soaked mammas and babies and Heather broke her ankle!


I will be demonstrating Hy-Vee Grand Island Friday for Heavenly Creations Gourmet Products. If you have never had her wonderful Jalapeno jellies or razzmatazz, you are missing a real treat! Stop by and see us between 4 and 7pm!
Heavenly Creations and Joyful promotions are proud members of GROW Nebraska!

If Google Does it, Shouldn’t We? « Joyfulpromotions's Blog

Google is being really innovative and I believe we can copy their success! New Blog Entry for Joyful Promotions, a proud member of GROW Nebraska

I was researching information on Goat Grazing and came across an interesting article in the Google Blog. Google’s blog, “Mowing with Goats” is an article about how Google hires a goat grazing service to come and clean out land around their facilities. The first article was written in 2009. Th

Now I’m Kidding! « Joyfulpromotions's Blog

Check out Happy Goats Grazing: Successful Start Seminars at Joyful promotions is a proud member GROW Nebraska

On Monday I went to Western Nebraska to get a hands on perspective of Michelle Wendall’s Happy Goats Grazing operation. Michelle winters her goats on her daughter’s property and in the spring they have a couple of months of kidding.

Other Tools at the Farm! « Joyfulpromotions's Blog

New Blog Entry

Thats it, now I am in trouble with my other animals who have been doing a great job for several years. All of our focus has been on the goats who are the new comers to our barnyard!

We are so excited to announce that Happy Goats Grazing LLC owned by Michelle Wendall has added a second seminar which wi...
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We are so excited to announce that Happy Goats Grazing LLC owned by Michelle Wendall has added a second seminar which will be in Scottsbluff, NE. Michelle was encouraged at Marketplace(put on by Center for Rural Affairs) to put together seminars. Michelle has a think outside your pasture attitude check out the new seminar!

Joyful Promotions - Trumbull, NE. Nebraska Entrepreneur's Show


I am taking Herbal Gatherings hot mustard and Heavenly Creations Gourmet Products Razzmatazz Jalapeno Jelly to a new customer tomorrow. They run a really nice place in my area. They will be experimenting with these products to find exciting new dishes to serve. Can't wait to give you the results, I can say that they love GROW Nebraska products!


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